Westroads Mall (Located inside Retro Shirtz)
10000 California St. Omaha, NE 68114

  1. St. Patrick’s Day Custom T-Shirts

    We’re less than a few weeks from St Patrick’s Day, and we’ve got a ton of cool custom t-shirts to show you. Each of these custom design t-shirts in Omaha is exclusive to our website, and is ready today. And if you don’t like what we have, that’s also not a problem, we can customize a shirt…

  2. Creating the Perfect Custom Shirt

    6 Tips To Creating the Perfect Custom Shirt 1. Brainstorm. Think through your designs and create a few different versions of your artwork. Sometimes the perfect design may come to you right away, but explore all your options and see what works and what doesn’t. Test different ink colors, font types, graphic placement and see…

  3. What Makes A Great Custom Shirt

    4 Tips To Creating A Great Custom Shirt: An abstract message. A creative way to express the message of the company without using a logo. Using logos are cool if they’re a part of the overall design that include other elements, but they shouldn’t be the main focus. How it fits and feels. A custom shirt that is light and…

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Prices are subject to change at any time. For exact pricing call 402-320-3682.