Increase Brand Awareness

For a business trying to make it in the world, marketing to increase brand awareness is vital. The example that is often given, is that even a business giving away free gold will be unsuccessful if no one knows that it exists!

If you’ve done everything right up to this point, then you should have an efficient business model that drives potential buyers to a great product or service. But now that you have your system in place and things are running smoothly, the last piece of the puzzle is to actually get people to your business.

What Are the Top Things I Can Do To Increase Brand Awareness?

How do you go from being a small business that no one has heard of to a household name? Let’s take a look at some strategies that can greatly increase brand awareness.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are items that have your logo printed on them. These can be very effective at getting more eyes on your brand, as those items will be taken into the real world and used. A logo t-shirt for instance will be worn in large groups and other settings where it is likely to receive a lot of attention. While the t-shit might not necessarily grab the eye, people passing by will unconsciously register the logo, and thereby be more likely to pick it out from a crowd in future.


Online, the strategy is often to try and make conversions with advertising. This is very much the focus with most of PPC marketing, which charges advertisers on a per-click basis. If the advertiser can ensure that they earn a certain amount for each visitor, then they can create a set-up so that every click earns them money. But that shouldn’t be the only aim of advertising! Advertising can also be a fantastic way to increase brand awareness by ensuring more and more people see your brand. This way, you can become the defacto solution for your industry – which is a fantastic place to be in. Keep adverts short and punchy, and focus on the heavy branding.

Your Own Materials

If you have a website, then of course it should go without saying that your marketing should take a prominent role in that design. This not only means the logo should be front and center, but also that the color scheme should tie into that logo and the entire ethos of your brand. The same goes for headed letter paper, for invoices, and for anything else. Every interaction is a chance to show your logo!

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