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Custom T-Shirts Printing OmahaPrinting

Custom T-Shirts Printing Omaha

Custom T-Shirts Printing Omaha

We specialize in screen printing, and designing custom t-Shirts in Omaha Nebraska. You can usually have your very own made custom t-shirts today!

The process of creating, printing, and designing custom t-shirts in Omaha typically takes under 15 minutes per print. Saying we print same day is an understatement.

Our high end garment printing process involves custom ink dying your fabric with long-lasting high-quality full-color prints.

Most customers choose to shop around Westroads Mall in Omaha while we print their custom T-Shirts.

We print Custom t-Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

Our store also produces high quality custom canvas prints on hand stretched wooden stretcher boards.

Whether you need a few shirts or thousands, we will treat you with respect and go the extra mile to deliver high quality custom apparel with integrity. Stop by any day of the week or contact us for a great Custom T-Shirts Printing, sweatshirt, or hoodie! Adult unisex, youth, baby, and women’s apparel available.

Submit your own designs or have us design a Custom Shirts or canvas for you, either way, we’ll print you great shirts and canvas at a great price.

Custom T-shirts Printing & Design, apparel and canvas, and is based out of Retro Shirtz at the Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska.

About Omaha Custom T-ShirtsPrinting

About Omaha Custom T-ShirtsAbout Omaha Custom T-Shirts

Omaha Shirts is a custom shirts and Canvas printing business opened in the Spring of 2013 by Omaha natives Andy Robinson and Brad Richling. The original location was situated on the corner of 84th and K Street.

Starting out, we had a great reception. Plus, it was fun too! So within six months we decided to upgrade our t-shirt business to the Westroads Mall.

We opened Retro Shirtz Westroads on November 4th 2013 and set up Omaha Custom T-Shirts as the print shop in the rear of the store. And here we are.

About Omaha Custom T-Shirts Mission

The mission at Omaha Custom Shirts is to wow you. We want every customer to leave our store amazed by our level of customer service, loving their t shirt designs, and ready to wear their custom t-shirts for both personal and business use!

About Omaha Custom T-Shirts Printing

Our shirts business is all about custom printing. That business starts with high-end graphic t-shirt design provided by the best and brightest designers in Omaha. We take that skill set and combine it with high end garment printers, custom ink shirts of the highest quality, and a passion for customer service.

We are so proud to specialize in custom t-shirt printing for our Omaha area. As locals, we take great pride in our work. We guarantee personalized care and treatment with every order. And we promise to do our very best to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Whether you need a few shirts or thousands, we will treat you with respect and go the extra mile to deliver high quality custom apparel with integrity. Need t-shirt ideas? Please contact us today about custom shirts, t-shirt designs, or canvas – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Read on if you want to get to know Andy and Brad!

  • Andy Robinson

    GM / Sales Email Andy

    Andy is half of the ownership team of Omaha Custom Shirts.

    He has nearly 18 years of experience in the retail sales industry, with over 14 years in management and marketing.

    Andy has sales and management experience with everything from high-end jewelry to antiques to candy.

    Andy has been married to his wife, Lisa, since 2009, and has a stepson, Nick, that just started at Westside middle school. They enjoy watching TV shows, going to new restaurants, and walking their Westie, Bentley.

    Andy loves collecting comic books and definitely adds this touch to Omaha Shirts printing.

    Andy is a graduate of Omaha Burke High School and studied business management at UNO.

    Custom T-shirts Omaha Andy Robinson

  • t-shirt screen printing Omaha

    Brad Richling

    Print Shop / Design Email Brad

    Brad is the other half of Omaha Shirts.

    He has an eclectic background with over 12 years in Brand Management, including retail and restaurant management, graphic and web design, and printing everything from apparel to flyers to promotional materials.

    Brad has been married to his wife Laura since 2009. They enjoy attending Creighton baseball and UNL football games, going to hole-in-the-wall restaurants, spending time in the Old Market, and walking along Omaha’s Riverfront area.

    Brad is a big fan of science fiction books and has been known to play a video game or two. Ok, probably more.

    Brad is a graduate of Omaha Creighton Prep and has a degree in business management from UNL.

    Custom T-shirts Omaha Brad

What Makes A Great Custom ShirtPrinting

custom shirt4 Tips To Creating A Great Custom Shirt:

An abstract message. A creative way to express the message of the company without using a logo. Using logos are cool if they’re a part of the overall design that include other elements, but they shouldn’t be the main focus.

How it fits and feels. A custom shirt that is light and has breathable fabric is the best. It’s nice if they are super soft but have good structure – the cut of it, the neck line and the sleeves are important. Long is good. Something that is fashion friendly and up with the trends, but not clingy and not too loose. Most blends are great because you don’t have to iron them!

It goes with everything. Neutral colors are my go to. Black, white, and grey are the best colors. They go with everything. Other colors are cool too especially if it’s for a good cause or representing a favorite sports team.

Get rid of the tags. No tags, please! They are super itchy and irritating if they are constantly scratching the back of my neck. If a tag is super super soft, then that’s fine.

Now that you know what it takes to make a good custom shirt, give us a call at Omaha Shirts or Retro Shirtz and start building your new shirt!

Business T-Shirt MarketingPrinting

T-Shirt Marketing

Many companies and organizations sell the same products or services to the point they are considered commodities. The best way they can differentiate themselves is through creating a powerful brand or image. This causes potential customers to think of the company or organization with the strongest image first when a particular product or service is mentioned.

While it does not have the glamour of a Super Bowl ad or a slick print ad, business t-shirt marketing can be very effective in creating the kind of image that attracts customers and makes them think of you first. It is fallacious to dismiss such marketing as bush league or a desperate move from a startup.

T-Shirts for Marketing?

Indeed, many Fortune 500 companies use t-shirts as marketing tools. This has created a verdant landscape for the customized apparel industry. These days, custom t-shirts play a huge role in everything from social media campaigns to in-house branding.

Color in T-Shirt Marketing

The importance of color in marketing cannot be stressed enough, as humans often make mental associations based upon shading and hue. Athletic team uniforms, national flags, road signs and even gang attire all have either a certain meaning or uniting factor that appeals to the audience on a subconscious level with near permanent effects.

Where Do Companies Use T-Shirts?

One of the most common venues companies use for t-shirts is at trade conventions, which may best be described as ‘commoditization under one roof.’ As companies promote their products, many wear knit or tees of the same color to promote unity under a brand and differentiate from competitors. These same shirts may be given as freebies to convention goers as well. Compared to many types of advertising, t-shirts continue to send a message as long as someone wears one out in public, exist longer than a billboard or print ad and usually cost much less.

What Can Small Businesses Do?

Nevertheless, the power of colors and imagery are undeniable and effective. T-shirt marketing can help a business harness this power to create a long-lasting customer base. If interested in trying this campaign, purchase a mass amount of custom t-shirts from Omaha Shirts or Retro Shirtz and use a company logo that is bold, creative and colorful. With memorable t-shirts, future customers will know your brand and business as soon as they see someone wear it.

Combining a custom t-shirt campaign with various others (such as social media, SEO marketing, television commercials, billboard advertising, etc) will maximize the chances of your business being seen, which will likely improve foot traffic. Make sure to research and do every possible venture you can and make your profits multiply!

Promotional T-Shirts Marketing ToolPrinting

promotional t-shirts

Guerrilla marketing with promotional t-shirts is a powerful way to get people talking about your company. So what exactly is guerrilla marketing? It’s a high-energy alternative to traditional forms of marketing, and it uses unconventional strategies to promote products and services.

Guerrilla marketing is all about taking consumers by surprise, making an unforgettable impression and creating big buzz for your brand.

Promotional t-shirts fit perfectly in a guerrilla marketing campaign. In fact, they’re one of the oldest and most effective guerrilla marketing tools for two reasons: They’re affordable and they’re highly visible. Even simply outfitting a dozen employees in custom t-shirts works—it’s like getting a dozen walking billboards for your company.

Promo know-how tip: You don’t need to outfit a fleet of people for promotional shirts to work their guerrilla marketing magic. Even just a few promotional shirts can yield big results.

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

All shirts are available for single or bulk purchase.

As with all our apparel printing, we have no minimum orders or set up fees. Most shirts are eligible for same day 15 minute printing.

Creating the Perfect Custom ShirtPrinting

6 Tips To Creating the Perfect Custom Shirt

Creating Custom Shirts Ideas

1. Brainstorm.

Think through your designs and create a few different versions of your artwork. Sometimes the perfect design may come to you right away, but explore all your options and see what works and what doesn’t. Test different ink colors, font types, graphic placement and see how results compare.

2. Keep It Simple

Tech leaders like Apple and Google have demonstrated that the simpler, the better. Simplicity is chic and to the point. The following are prime examples of some of the most viral and top selling designs that follow this idea:

Custom T-Shirts Printing Omaha

3. Say Something

Many of our users use custom t-shirts to spread awareness about a cause they support. If you are passionate about something, custom tees are a great way to spread your message.

Canvas Design Omaha
As you can see, we are all about community. Shirts are perfect for creating a sense of unity, boosting team morale, and sending positive messages about a cause.

4. Make Em’ Laugh

Everybody could use a good laugh! You could have a real winner on your hands if you can cleverly incorporate humor into your shirt design. Try a playful, humorous design, but make sure to keep it light, classy, and non-offensive at the same time.

T-Shirt Printing ideas Omaha

5. Choose Your Colors Wisely

Without the right color combination, your tee could be an instant flop. When the graphic colors are similar to the garment color, it may become hard to read. Contrasting brighter colors with darker tones can help make your design pop, e.g. white on black, yellow on navy, etc. Try different color combinations and make sure the design is easy to digest.

6. High-Resolution Images

Your design may look great on a smaller scale, but remember that quality may degrade if the design is enlarged to fit on a t-shirt. Make sure the images you upload are in good resolution (the larger and clearer the design, the better)

St. Patrick’s Day Custom T-ShirtsPrinting

We’re less than a few weeks from St Patrick’s Day, and we’ve got a ton of cool custom t-shirts to show you. Each of these custom design t-shirts in Omaha is exclusive to our website, and is ready today. And if you don’t like what we have, that’s also not a problem, we can customize a shirt for you in less than 15 minutes. All you have to do is bring in the design or idea you want and we will make sure you walk-out with that same design.

In addition to all of our designs celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, the luckiest day of the year, we also have a bunch of funny drinking shirts as well. And let’s be honest. For a great many of you, that’s the whole reason you call in sick every March 17th. You want to get as much time in as possible pounding green beer, visiting different Irish pubs, and just having a great time. Luckily for you, we’ve got plenty of new custom apparel to choose from located inside Westroads Mall in Omaha.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Get Funny St Patrick’s And Drinking Custom T-Shirts Omaha!

St Patrick's Day Custom T-Shirt OmahaSt. Patrick's Day Omaha


Omaha St. Patrick's Day ShirtsSt. Patrick's Day20
Custom St. Patrick's Day t-shirt printing


We have many styles and designs, stop in or give us a call at your convenience. 

Custom T-Shirt Brief HistoryPrinting

Custom T-Shirt Brief HistoryThe origin of the Custom T-Shirt is not really known. Undergarments have always been worn since the days when all clothing manufacture was a custom process. However, at some point the functional nature of a t-shirt evolved into a medium for expression and communication.

When did this happen I hear you say. In the fashion of custom t-shirt wearer’s around the world … who cares!

Custom T-Shirt Brief History Timeline:

  • 1913 Functional use by the military to ease the discomfort of heavy woolen uniforms.
  • 1932 Development of custom t-shirt for sports wear by Jockey.
  • 1942 Standard use of t-shirt as military underwear. Appears on cover of Life.
  • 1952 Public see more t-shirts worn by public figures and film stars.
  • 1964 Hermann Munster’s “Terror Shirt” designed by Mutgey Wilson creates unprecedented public demand.
  • 1975 Screen printing of custom t-shirts creates a new advertising medium used by big brand companies.
  • 1985 Designer names appear on t-shirts.
  • 1995 Company logos become a common advertising feature on t-shirts.

Post 2000 many people are now using the custom t-shirt as a means of communicating with the world. This phenomena has seen custom t-shirt classics – think of Milton Glaser’s “I Love NY” – becoming highly sought after across the globe.

So here it is people. Get your creative thinking caps on, expressive yourself in custom t-shirts. Think about how good you feel in a garment that expresses you without you having to say a word! Custom t-shirts are inexpensive and easily manufactured with modern technology and so much fun. The canvas is blank and it is easy to add some color. Go get em!

Business T-Shirts Marketing IdeasPrinting

Business T-Shirts Marketing Ideas

Being a business T-shirts entrepreneur can be more than a full time job. It’s long hours and a lot of hard work. You have to wear all the hats of the business – production, book keeping, buyer, customer service, and marketing just to name a few. To help you out a little, we put together this list of some marketing ideas on a tight budget. This list is not exhaustive by any means, nor in any particular order. Maybe it will help generate some ideas for you.

So here it is – 5 Business T-Shirts Marketing Ideas!

5. Custom Business T-Shirts

Promotional t-shirts is a powerful way to get people talking about your company. It’s a high-energy alternative to traditional forms of marketing, and it uses unconventional strategies to promote products and services.

4. Car magnets

Use your car as a moving billboard. Get a good size car magnet for each side of your car. You can find companies online that will print them and are not very expensive. Another option are window clings. If you have a larger budget, consider a full car graphics wrap, especially if you drive a lot!

3. Ask for a referral

There are many ways to go about asking for referrals. Sometimes it’s as simple as just asking! If your customers love you and your products, then this will be easy. You can also try offering a discount program through referrals. Business cards are pretty cheap now. Get some cards made up with an area for current customers to write their name on it for them to pass out to their friends. If a new customer brings in this card, offer a discount on a future order to the person who referred them. Include these cards as a hang tag on every T-shirt you print.

2. Social media

Social media is free to use and gives you access to a mass audience. Share photos of your custom apparel and ideas and inspirations for your customers. If your customers enjoyed the products and services you delivered to them, ask them to share it on Facebook!

1. Utilize the internet/your website

This is a very broad category and there is so much information out there for using the internet to market your business. We will just cover briefly some ideas to get you started. If you don’t already have a website, you should create one. There are plenty of cost effective ways to launch and maintain a website for your T-shirt business.

After you have your website, you should point all of your social media pages to your site. Optimize your site for search engines. Let Google know about your business so you come up in local search results. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly with a “responsive” site. There are plenty of sites that let you list your local business for free in business listings. Utilize all of these types of sites. People search online for most purchases. Make sure you show up in searches. If you don’t show up on the first page of Google, you may want to consider using Google Adwords to pay for ads. There are plenty of options for setting a daily budget for how much you want to spend. For more information on any of these topics, we recommend contacting Omaha SEO Company.

Advantages Of Branded Apparel For Your BusinessPrinting

Branded ApparelBenefits Of Branded Apparel For Your Business

Branded apparel can have a big impact on any type of business. Any time the business logo and name are put out into the world, the company has a powerful marketing opportunity.

Yet building a brand can require considerable investment and time. Corporate apparel offers a cost-effective branding option. Adopting corporate apparel has both internal and external benefits for a company.

Put the business name and logo onto apparel and you can increase brand awareness and promote your business all over town. Consider these benefits of branded apparel.

It Unites Your Team

Provide employees with branded apparel as a way to unite the team. Matching shirts give everyone a sense of unity. Whether the company is actually participating in a team sport as a company or it’s just creating a more united front, the use of carefully branded apparel will give everyone something in common.

Building a Reliable Image

Corporate apparel offers an economical–and highly effective–branding method. Companies that use corporate apparel enjoy significantly improved perceptions among customers and clients. These attitudes translate into increased customer loyalty and higher sales.

It Makes a Great Giveaway

Branded apparel is a giveaway that will get a lot more use. Design a shirt or hat with some flair and customers will be excited to wear the item and spread the word about your company.

However the company chooses to use branded apparel, the benefits of this type of clothing are myriad. Give shirts and hats to employees for use on the job, provide it for casual wear on the weekend, or give it out to your customers. Anywhere your apparel goes, the word about the company will spread as well.

Ultimately, corporate apparel allows companies to improve their image among both employees and the public. A relatively inexpensive option for branding, corporate apparel promotes communication and loyalty among employees, while boosting public perception of a company’s reliability and expertise.




T-shirt printing has been around for some time now. Over the past few decades, the printing of t-shirts has shown us many different types of trends and styles. In one of our previous article’s “The History of T-Shirt Printing” we talked about how technological innovations have brought the t-shirt to where it is today.

In this article, we talk about where the t-shirt trend is now, and how it relates to the process of printing.

With multiple colors & designs when using screen-printing and embroidery techniques, custom t-shirt printing can offer a variety of options. Fashion & clothing trends are changing all the time, sometimes as quickly as overnight. For example, “Casual Friday” was a popular trend within organizations that began 10 to 15 years ago. Now the casual movement has grown to include the entire work-week. The easy to wear apparel formerly reserved for weekends is now allowed every day in companies of all sizes nationwide.

This casual-wear trend has forced many retailers to offer more loose fitting comfortable clothes and alternative designs. Effortless styles and fabrics with less structure that offer comfort and value have become a very popular trend. This easy wearing, loose fitting type of style has been the epitome of the change in fashion for the last three to four years. With many types of t-shirt printing services available, creating exciting eye-catching designs and business logos on t-shirts is easy to do. Always comfortable and now part of a popular trend, t-shirts and t-shirt printing may well be the wisest choice to meet many different needs.

T-Shirt Printing Programs

Custom t-shirt printing uses two industry standard design programs for creating graphics for screen-printing. These include Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. A drawing, already printed tee, or any flat image can be scanned to use as the t-shirt’s design. (If it meets the desired print quality standards) Digital printing and art design can also be used to create exactly the type of t-shirt your looking to print.

T-Shirt Printing Techniques

Screen-printing has many techniques when it comes to t-shirt printing. Soft-hand printing is one that can be considered to be in high demand. All-over screen-printing, another popular technique, covers the entire t-shirt, the sleeve, collar, back and front with the art work. Today, this technique has become a standard in the screen-printing industry.  Specialty screen-printing can make nearly any custom t-shirt printing you envision a reality. Several different embroidery choices can further personalize each shirt with your company or organization’s logo or name. With more than thirty specialty inks, people can get exactly what they are looking for in custom t-shirt printing.

Branding Your Construction CompanyPrinting

Branding Your Construction Company

Branding Your Construction Company

Whether you realize it or not, every decision you make impacts your company’s brand — every interaction you have with current or prospective clients, every project you complete and every bid you win or lose. Branding is a mix of many factors, including your reputation, successes, failures, customer service, etc.

If you’re a contractor, you probably have your go-to guys–the guy you call when you need drywall, when you need roofing, foundation…the list goes on. If you’re in this cycle, the need for branding may seem irrelevant. However, for the longevity of your company’s growth and success, it’s essential that you create a recognizable brand for your construction company.

Establishing a quality brand takes perseverance and patience—but it’s worth the effort. Here are steps to help you with your branding.

Set a Branding Budget

When you’re deciding how much money to spend on a brand, know that you get what you pay for. A home-made logo probably won’t be of the same quality as a professional design. Professionals suggest that you spend 1%-10% of your overall revenue on marketing—and branding is only a part of that budget.

Creating a solid brand identity will let you effectively market your construction company. Branding can be time and cost consuming, so make sure you play with the numbers to see what you can afford. You want to be realistic when building your plan to make sure you can follow through.

Brand Identity/LOGO

This is the easy part. To be a business in the first place, you must have a name, so that part’ already in the bag. Next, establishing your brand’s logo can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be (or as you have time for).

Don’t make the common mistake of relying on a friend or relative who has dabbled in Photoshop to design your logo and other marketing materials. Your brand identity is too important to leave in the hands of an amateur. Hire a professional designer. Just like people hire you for your construction expertise, people hire professional designers for their specialized skills. They can help you develop the right image, choose the right colors and decide on a tag line, if necessary.

Be Found Online

Your website should include pictures of work you’ve done, testimonials from happy customers, and contact information so that new clients can get in touch with you.

A social media presence can also be important to getting interactive online with your current and potential clients. Each social media site has its own set of rules and can be a time and cost-consuming endeavor. You can choose to outsource your social media to a marketing firm or keep it in-house. Either way, make sure you are dedicating enough time to building your online presence so you don’t fall flat of your expectations.

Your website will often be your first opportunity to make a good impression on a potential client, so make sure you have a clean responsive website and an SEO Company that will help draw traffic to your site.

Custom Branded Apparel

In the construction business, you probably know a lot of the contacts in your field. You’ve either done work with them, bid against them, or seen the work they’ve done. In this respect, it is easy to skip past the branding aspect because you all know each other, however, if you plan on growing your company, you’re going to need to be present in many different places, not just where your face can be seen at any given time. Recognizable branding allows your company to be present in many places at once. When guys from other companies see your employees wearing your branded polos, t-shirts, hoodies and or sweatshirts on the job, they immediately know who they’re working with.



Growing consciousness surrounding the health of our planet and ourselves has had an obvious impact on the fashion and apparel industry. Organic cotton, wool, silk, and hemp are all readily available for garment manufacturing, as well as material made from sustainable sources such as bamboo, soy, tencel, and POP recycled plastic. The custom decoration industry has naturally followed suit by offering these same materials in the form of t-shirts, polos, totes, and other apparel items for screen printing and embroidery.

Eco-consciousness with apparel doesn’t have to end with the purchase of a thoughtfully produced garment. In fact, a large part of a garment’s impact on the environment comes from washing and drying, so it’s important that we keep a green mind as we care for the apparel.


Wear it More Than Once Before Washing

Perhaps not undies or socks, but most clothes can stand a couple or few wearings before necessarily needing a wash. Jeans in a freezer overnight can lessen a smoky club smell and a quick once over with an iron can freshen up just about anything.

Green Detergent for Green Clothes

Phosphates can lead to algal blooms that damage marine eco-systems. This can be combated by using plant-based detergents as they are phosphate free. White vinegar in the rinse cycle can be used instead of chemical softeners. The acid in the vinegar neutralizes basic detergents which helps get the soap out of clothes.

Make Your Own Detergent

Homemade laundry soap can be made from ingredients found at your local grocery store. You can even create your own soap scent from your favorite smelling essential oils.

Be Efficient

Wash on the cold cycle. Only wash full loads. If you have to wash a partial load, remember to switch the load size to small. Air dry clothes whenever possible.

If every person takes a little step, collectively we make great leaps. We’re really looking at a huge difference we can make in something so small, like how and how often we wash clothes.

Question To Ask A Screen PrinterPrinting

Question To Ask A Screen Printer

When launching your own clothing brand, picking a screen printer that will produce your custom
apparel is one of the most important decisions that you will make. If you’ve never branded a product before (or even if you have!), going to a screen printer can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be.

Finding the printer that works best for your clothing brand will help greatly in making your brand a success. At Omaha Shirts, we’ve taken the uncertainty out of the equation by providing a list of the top questions to ask a potential screen printer.

Below, we’ve listed the questions we recommend asking your local screen printer. The answers themselves are important; but also pay attention to whether the person you talk to is eager to provide helpful answers, this is an indication of the quality of customer service that will provided to you, the client.

List Of Question To Ask A Screen Printer


There are several different methods for printing your artwork onto your custom apparel. The three most popular are screen printing, digital printing, and embroidery.


If you choose a printer that uses the screen printing or digital printing method then the next question you should ask is what type of ink do they use. The most common inks are plastisol, water-based, and discharge.


After you’ve picked out the method and type of ink, the next question you should ask is what type of shirt brands does the printer carry. If you are unfamiliar with the common brands look at the tag on your favorite shirts, and do research online. When choosing a brand you should consider how fashion forward it is, the sizing, and where the apparel is produced.


It is important to know how long it takes for the printer to receive your order, and make your custom apparel. When talking with a printer make sure that both sides can agree on a turnaround time, and that the printer delivers your order on that date. If a printer turns out to be unreliable, don’t be afraid to switch to a different one. With your first orders it may not be a big deal if you receive your order late, but somewhere down the line, you may need a rush order by a specific time, and you will want to be assured that your printer will be prompt.

Here are a few more questions to consider asking a screen printer:

  1. Do your charge a screen setup fee?
  2. Have minimum orders?
  3. Charge a setup fee for reprints?
  4. Can you do rush orders?
  5. What type of shirts or products can you provide for my order?

This list should help you get started but be sure to ask all the other questions that have to do with your specific screen printed apparel project! For more information, please feel free to give us a call.

Custom Screen Printing ServicesPrinting

Custom Screen Printing Services

Are you looking to purchase custom screen printing services for your organization, school, or business? If you are in the need, you should begin your search with screen printing services in Omaha. Screen printing services can help take your business or organization to the next level in a number of different ways. Custom t-shirts created specifically for your needs can bring you a number of different benefits to your origination or business.

The need for Custom Screen Printing Services in Omaha

  1. High quality for a low price: With screen printing services, you are able to purchase a large quantity of t-shirts that are of high quality. It’s understandable that you are working on a budget, but you don’t necessarily want your product to reflect that budget.
  2. Professional services: Professional screen printing services in Omaha can provide your business or organization with work that is done correctly the first time. Trying to create your own shirts could become expensive due to purchasing materials and possible mistakes.  You can trust you are receiving products that have been made correctly the first time by skilled professionals.
  3. Awareness and advertisement: Screen printing services can help others become aware of your new business or organization without having to spend the money for billboards or other forms of advertisement. Tees bearing the name and address of your business or organization can help spread the word and get your community interested.

Omaha Shirts Custom Shirts Screen Printing Services

Your company can start the custom tee process with Omaha Shirts. Our team of designers and techs will work to design custom tee shirts that will fit within the company budget. Omaha Shirts uses the latest equipment to create custom company tees for all of your company events.

Want to get started with Omaha Shirts for all your custom company tees?  Wish to see what our custom embroidery equipment can do? Contact us to inquire about beginning a new embroidery project.

Custom Polo Shirts BenefitsPrinting

custom polo shirts omaha

Are you looking for new ways to spread the word about your brand? Do you need custom polo shirts to help your staff? Do you want to show your loyal clients and customers that you appreciate their support?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then custom polo shirts from Omaha Shirts is the product that’s right for you.

Custom polos can be used to help uniform your staff, spread the word about your brand, and show your appreciation at a price that won’t destroy your budget. A polo will help your staff look more professional and together while also providing information about your company through embroidery and print services. Custom polo shirts can also be created to highlight specific clients or customers to show them how much you care and value their business.

Benefits of Custom Polo Shirts

Here are the main advantages of gifting custom polo shirt shirts:

  1. Your employees will appear more professional looking when they wear your company’s custom polo shirts.
  2. Custom polos are fashionable and durable to keep your employees and customers wearing your brand apparel.
  3. You can design your custom polo in any style, material or color.
  4. Polo shirts are available as embroidered or printed polos.

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Omaha Shirts  is here to embroider or print your polo shirts with our top of the line equipment and knowledgeable sales force. We are your one stop shop for custom polo shirts for any season. Choose the polo style you would like, and then customize it with the following:

  • Color-Choose from a wide selection of vibrant colors
  • Text- Decide on font, size, color, and placement
  • Design- Send us your own artwork, choose from our gallery, or work with one of our designers to create something new and unique

Start today on your custom apparel by contacting Omaha Shirts.

Summer Events Custom T-ShirtsPrinting

summer events

The warm weather is here and with it comes a variety of Summer Events. Custom -shirts, Hats, Polos, etc. are great ways to promote your occasion, whatever it may be. Instead of wearing the same outfit from years past why not step up your game and customize your own t-shirt or tank top.

Summer Events Custom T-Shirts

Here at Omaha Shirts we are cable of printing thousands of custom T-shirts per day for any of your summer events.  If you need artwork created, we’ve got you covered.  Give us a quick description of what you’re looking for and we’ll take care of the rest.

Not all t-shirt companies are created equal.  We have the knowledge and equipment to make sure your custom shirts print great for any of your upcoming summer events.


Already have your artwork? Even better! Bring in your design to our location inside Westroads Mall in Omaha.  Omaha Shirts can customize and print your apparel in under twenty minutes. We are passionate about what we do!

We have streamlined the process of ordering apparel so you’re never frustrated along the way.  You can expect to receive your t-shirts on time (usually earlier) and looking amazing!



You want to start a clothing line! Well that’s great, but are you ready to put in the work?

Having a clothing line isn’t just about making lots of money and then hoping to get bought out. It’s difficult, very difficult; actually, if you aren’t already famous, the odds are not in your favor. Starting a clothing line takes a lot of time, effort and money to shoot you to the stars.


Surprisingly, we get a huge volume of customers contacting us about their new idea of starting a clothing line and unfortunately, many of these potential brands failed.

Unsuccessful clothing lines all have the same traits and lack everything that is important. They don’t have a business plan, a concrete understanding of their targeted audience, the necessary financial support and/or a basic general knowledge of screen printing, embroidery, and textiles.  Be prepared to invest a lot of time selling.

If possible we would recommend making this your full time job.

Do some homework and write up a business plan first! Where do you see yourself and your brand in the next five years? Giving two dozen screen printed shirts to your friends to help get your line on the streets isn’t going to cut it.

Just make sure you have the determination and when you’re ready let us know because our goal is to help make your dream come true by giving you the best screen printed and embroidered product available.

Preparing For Back To School Shopping SeasonPrinting

back to school shopping Omaha

Although we might not like to think about it, the summer doesn’t last forever. With just the month of August left, autumn will be here before you know it.

And that means it’s time for kids to get back to school, and for retailers to get ready for the back to school shopping season, the second biggest spending occasion after the winter holidays.

According to the National Retail Federation, the average back to school shopper expects to spend a total of $687.72 this year, up from $673.57 in 2016. Out of that total, $238.89 will go to apparel.

In fact, the two biggest shopping categories during back to school are electronics and apparel.

Here are some things you can do to get your store ready for back to school shopping:

Back to school shopping sale

Although back to school spending has gone up since last year, shoppers are still looking for good bargains. Run a back to school sale or promotion to incentivize more purchases.

Social media strategy

It’s important to be active on social media regardless of the shopping season. And back to school is no different. Promote your sale or discount. Run a social media contest or giveaway.

Be smart on mobile

More people are using their mobile devices to browse and shop online.

So whatever your promotions and sales, make sure they’re easily viewable and downloadable on mobile. And if it’s not already, make sure your store is optimized for mobile use.


Impress your friends with custom t-shirts, hoodies, and more. Swing by Retro Shirts inside Westroads Mall and either pick custom apparel off the wall or create your own tee.

Preparing Your Artwork For Screen PrintPrinting

Preparing Your Artwork Screen Print Omaha

A great piece of design or illustration can be taken to new heights with screen print. The texture and variance of the ink on the paper is beautiful, and the ‘happy mistakes’ are delicious. But this magic is not possible without prepping your artwork.

Shapes & Sizes

First and foremost, submitting Vector art is always best. What makes vector art special is that everything is defined by shapes, as opposed to raster art’s pixels. This means the image never degrades at any size. A vector art image could be used for an inside tag, an all over screen print or a billboard without any pixelation or loss of quality. Vector images are very simple to change color, scale, orientation, etc. Also, vector images don’t need separations or the fees that go along with them, unless they are very very complex in color. If you need help creating vector art work, give us a call and Omaha Shirts can help.


To print your images cleanly we need raster art that is created with at least 150 DPI at size. That is, if you’d like your raster logo to print 10” wide, the image must have been created at 10”w with 150dpi or more and not scaled up from a lower res file. Having some resolution to spare gives you flexibility with print size.


Text, when created in Photoshop or Illustrator, remains tied to the specific font associated with it on your system unless it is either rasterized (Photoshop) or expanded (illustrator). If we receive a file that contains unconverted text and we do not have that font, our systems will automatically replace it. Nobody wants to see Comic Sans when they wanted Trajan Pro.

File Types

The simplest file types to work with are vector files which are .ai, .pdf, .eps and raster images which files ending with .psd, .jpg, .tff, etc. Keep in mind it is entirely possible that a .ai file could contain raster art and that a .psd file could contain vector art.


One often overlooked detail is the fact that the art being printed stays the same size, while the garment size changes. For example, if you want a design that goes around the collar, the collar is going to be a different size between a small shirt and a 2x and the art would need to accommodate that for screen print.

Conclusion on Screen Print

The more specific you are with your needs, the better we can accomplish them. We want you to get what you want, but we won’t know unless you tell us. If you are still struggling, please feel free to give us a call or stop by our store inside Westroads Mall.

Custom Embroidery Advantages For Your BusinessPrinting

custom embroidery

Your business means the world to you, and you want to do everything to make it stand out from competition.  Adding custom embroidery to your company’s uniforms can make your brand look more sophisticated, secure, and established. Embroidery can give your organization a higher perceived value, and companies that take the extra attention to make their uniforms refined, embody an air of good reputation and respectability.

Luckily, Omaha Shirts will help. Whether you need logo design or custom embroidery, the team of professionals based in Omaha, NE inside Westroads Mall, will be happy to help you achieve your ultimate vision.

Here are a few custom embroidery advantages for your Business:

Advertising Opportunities

An embroidered shirt is essentially a walking billboard. Instead of your employees wearing solid colored button down shirts or plain polos, consider the statement it would make to have your logo embroidered on the front of the shirt, or an applique on the back of the shirt. It really makes a statement.

Professional Appearance

People are more willing to trust companies that maintain a certain level of professionalism, and they recommend those companies to their family and friends. Custom embroidery can turn normal clothing into professional-looking apparel, which will reflect well on your company as a whole.


You can add names to the front of your shirt so customers can be on a more personal first name basis with your employees. This can be great with customer service, while also helping make a good first impression with your customers.

Durable Product

Professional custom embroidery designed shirts are an expense, but well worth the investment. One of the advantages of these products is the quality and durability. A quality embroidery design will stand heavy laundering and the colors will not fade on high temperatures. In fact, it is more likely for a shirt to wear out before the embroidered image does. The stitching is tough and hard-wearing and will not be ruined by common wear and tear! Your money will be well spent on such durable materials.

Omaha Shirts

There are many reasons why embroidery is important for your business. Omaha Shirts/Retro Shirtz is a custom embroidery and screen printing business that takes pride in creating unique embroidered and screen printed designs for all your apparel and gift item needs.  Our custom embroidery and custom screen printing is state of the art in value, quality and service.


How Can Custom Tees Help With Branding?Printing

Custom Tees Branding Omaha

Regardless of your type of business and whether you deal directly with customers or with other businesses, custom tees apparel can benefit your bottom line and enhance your brand.

This is a simple way to advertise your company. Custom Tees will help inspire conversations about what you are offering, and visually connect with customers.

How Can Custom Tees Help With Branding?

Custom tees are one of the most popular personalized marketing solutions out there for businesses looking to widen their audience by showcasing ideas, logos, slogans and headlines on Custom T-shirt Apparel.

Businesses of all sizes have custom tees created for their brands because there’s so much opportunity for marketing creativity when you need to spread unique marketing messages fast.

Use Logo

Logo apparel, first and foremost, helps establish your company’s image and brand. Impressions are what counts, and with logo embroidered apparel the opportunities are endless. Your type of business will determine they type of custom apparel that best suits your business.

Brand Recognition

The more times your customer sees your logo, the more likely they will remember your company. Custom tees leave a softer, but sometimes more powerful impression than traditional advertising. While many people are often turned off by advertising efforts, branded apparel is generally not interpreted as advertising. It helps identify your employees in the field or in your store.

Omaha Company

Here at Omaha Shirts/Retro Shirtz we can suit up your business teams, brand ambassadors and consumers with high quality custom tees that will truly boost your brand. Consider us your one-stop shop for your custom tees. All you need to do is let us know your vision and we will print it. Give us a call today!

Designing The Perfect Logo For Your BusinessPrinting

logo design tips omaha

For a lot of companies, a strong logo is what customers associate with your brand. Successful logo designs act as a recognizable symbol for your brand, and helps your valued customers identify your products and services.

If you think logo design is an easy process, that’s a complete misconception. To begin with, a logo is not merely some colors, fonts and fancy text put together. It is a brand’s identity, to the extent that, more often than not, a logo is more identifiable than the actual brand’s name!

For those who are about to embark on a brand design journey, or think it’s time for their company’s visual identity to undergo a face lift, Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz have some design experts on hand to provide tips on creating a great logo.

Things to Consider When Designing a Logo


Keeping your logo simple is essential. If you have too much for the user’s eye to focus on, it’s harder for both potential and existing customers to recognize it. Too many flashy elements in a design can be distracting and take away from the core objective.


Being versatile goes a long way in making a design popular. If your logo is such that it looks great on posters, but horrible on coffee mugs, it will never achieve popularity.

Further more, if it is a slave to a color scheme, it cannot be called a good logo either — what this means is that it should look good even if it is displayed in black and white, or a set of colors that are not part of the original or actual design.

Three Second Rule

This rule means that a consumer looking at the logo design will have grasped its meaning within three seconds. If a consumer has to think longer than this about what the design means, the company has probably lost that consumer.


If the design is potentially offensive to another organization or business, do not use it. Do the proper research when thinking of designs to avoid such mishaps.


Utilizing the skills of a professional designer is arguably the first step in ensuring a highly memorable original design. Professional designers can use their experience and expertise to prevent simple mistakes often made by non-professionals. When working with your designer, make sure to write down and share your expectations in advance so there is no confusion during the review of the final image.

2017 Fall Fashion TrendsPrinting

Omaha Shirts Printing Banner

Summer is officially over and a fresh batch of autumn 2017 fashion trends is emerging from around the corner. Wondering what to put on your shopping list this fall?

Here are some 2017 Fall Fashion Trends:


Soft and slouchy or trim and tailored, suits were a near-constant feature on the fall runways.

Pantsuits fashion


Whether strategically deployed on the hem of a skirt or cascading down the length of a dress, fringe added a sense of playfulness to many collections.

Fringe fashion

Be Yourself

Why follow what others are doing instead of being a leader and coming up with your own fashion?  You can create your own artwork and or design and bring it to Omaha Shirts or Retro Shirtz and we will print them for you. Start your own fashion today.

Best Holiday Employee Gift Ideas?Printing

Best holiday employee gift

It’s that time of year again! Time to show your employee that you care with a gift. Your employees are a big part of your business’s success story. So understandably you want to make them feel appreciated. A special and memorable gift is a great way to show your thanks for all they do.

If your budget is too low to give people meaningful raises, here are some gift ideas.

Best Holiday Employee Gift Ideas?

Cheese & Crackers Serving Board

A snack spread simply isn’t a snack spread without cheese and crackers. Highlight the all-important “&” with this text-friendly cheeseboard, made from North American maple and featuring a teak oil finish. When it’s not smartly displaying a hearty feast of brie and rosemary crackers, this handsome design makes an artful addition to your kitchen sideboard or bar tabletop.

Classic Fresh Fruit Basket

The Classic Fresh Fruit Basket is filled with a delicious selection of your favorite bright and sunny fruits. Enjoy a bountiful variety of quality gourmet fruit, such as gold pineapple, apples, pears, bananas, and more.

YETI Rambler Vacuum Bottle

YETIs are renowned for their ability to keep fluids hot or cold, depending on your beverage’s original temperature. On a damp winter day, your workers will appreciate their coffee’s heat burning hours on end. And in the summer, their ice water will still be refreshing by the end of their shift.

Coffee gift card

Your caffeine-addicted employees likely spend a chunk of their salary purchasing coffee throughout the workday. The next time they head over to their favorite coffee house, tell them it’s on you with a gift card.

Custom Products

Give your staff something to wear. Give your staff something they can use. Embroidered jackets, polos, and golf apparel./ customized golf accessories (like bags and balls ) all make for good holiday employee gifts.

You can count on Omaha Shirts to help you save time, save money and help you maintain uniformity in your company today with our custom made products and embroidery services.


Making A Fundraiser Custom T-ShirtPrinting

Making A Fundraiser Custom T-Shirt

Organizing a fundraiser is a great way to make people come together and fight for a common cause. Now comes a tricky bit – deciding exactly how you’re going to go about raising that money.Making and selling custom t-shirts for the event is a great way to raise awareness and promoting.

People walking around wearing your tees provide free advertising for your cause. They’re pretty inexpensive and a great way to bring people together.

Steps To Making A Fundraiser Custom T-Shirt

You don’t have to be a designer to make a design. There’s no need for you spend hours into Photoshop tutorials trying to learn how to make each tool work for you, especially if all you are looking for is a tshirt design in Omaha to raise funds for your cause. Omaha Shirts offers FREE CUSTOM DESIGNS, we have design experts ready to help create your fundraiser design.

What You need for a t-shirt design for a fundraiser

  • An idea for your fundraising campaign
  • Simpler can make your message easier to get across

Pros of Using Omaha Shirts

  • Free Designs
  • No need to handle shipping
  • Same Day Printing
  • Bulk or Single Prints

Give us a call if you have any questions.



Custom Ugly Christmas SweatersPrinting

custom ugly christmas sweaters Omaha shirts

Whenever you think of custom ugly Christmas sweaters, certain images will immediately pop to the top of your head: the most popular Christmas sweater designs are a big corny, over-the-top festive and generally speaking…a fashion nightmare! Today, they are very sought-after and people wouldn’t want to celebrate Christmas without their favorite ugly festive sweater on!


Holiday Email Marketing To SendPrinting

Email Marketing

It’s no secret that we’re all believers in the magic of social media marketing and the value it adds to brands. However, many businesses tend to forget that email marketing can contribute to that magic as well.

Do you know what types of emails you should be sending your email list? You probably know that email marketing is the best way to sell online, but after you grow your email list, then what?


Top 2017 Custom T-shirt ColorsPrinting

Top 2017 Custom T-shirt Colors

Finding the right t-shirt for your order of custom printed t-shirts is a HUGE deal. The pressure is on. These days, t-shirts are available in just about any color you can imagine: fuchsia, aqua, maroon, chartreuse, mauve, indigo, cyan, puce, saffron, slate . . . You probably haven’t even heard of all these colors, but you could wear them if you wanted.

A lot of time can be spent narrowing down not only the t-shirt style, but the t-shirt colors. So if you need a certain color for the shirt we are happy to make the best recommendation, but if you are unsure about what t-shirt colors you would like read on.


Design Your Own Christmas T-ShirtsPrinting

Design Your Own Christmas T-Shirts
Remember waking up on Christmas morning with the anticipation of knowing whether you made it on Santa’s naughty or nice list? This holiday season, you can give everyone that sensation of surprise with an original gift made to spread the Christmas spirit in style.

Imagine creating a Christmas t-shirt, which no one else has. Your favorite Christmas design, a quote or gorgeous festive photos adorned proudly on it. These can be gifts for friends, family, or an employee.

Business gifts, such as sweaters and Christmas t-shirts, are great way to say thank you to your employees, your clients, and earn you some good holiday PR.


Custom T-Shirts Marketing PowerPrinting

Custom shirts custom t-shirts printing Sweatshirts

Custom T-shirts are the undisputed best of marketing products these days. Shirts make up more than 17% of all orders in the industry and lead the rest of marketing items by a large margin.

This is exactly why custom t-shirts are still relevant in a world where emphasis is placed on digital marketing strategies. Sure, digital marketing is extremely important, however custom print tees can, and will, make a big impact.


Best Blank Shirts for Screen PrintingPrinting

Best Blank Shirts for Screen Printing

Blank shirts are like a canvas, you want a good quality canvas to paint on. If you are trying to print on a loose weave shirt that is inconsistent then the ink may not absorb correctly or could go through the shirt.

Looking for quality blank shirts for screen printing to get your brand on? There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the perfect screen printing t-shirt such as: the quality, the cost, material, what colors do they offer, and the fit.

Below are our top 5 brands that offer some of the best blank tees for screen printing!


Which Is Best? Screen Printing or Digital PrintingPrinting

Which Is Best? Screen Printing or Digital Printing

Screen printing involves creating a stencil, and then using that stencil to apply layers of ink on the printing surface. Each color is applied using a different stencil, one at a time, combined to achieve the final look.

Digital printing is a much newer process that involves your artwork being processed by a computer, and then printed directly onto the surface of your product. Digital printing is not a heat transfer or appliqu’e, as the ink is directly adhered to the fabric of your shirt.

When deciding between screen printing or digital printing for your next apparel run, it’s important to understand the unique benefits each has to offer.


Top Fonts For Custom T-Shirt DesignPrinting

Top Fonts For Custom T-Shirt Design

The right font style can make, or break, your entire Custom T-shirt Design, so picking the right font for your custom t-shirt design means a lot!

Some designs have little to no text in them, and some designs are made completely out of text.  Regardless of where your design falls on the spectrum, it goes without saying that picking the right font for your design is an important step in the process.

To make the task a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of handy fonts as well as some helpful tips and tricks. With our help, your custom t-shirt design will excite admiring glances instead of baffled stares.


Extending The Life Of Your Custom T-ShirtsPrinting

Extending The Life Of Your Custom T-Shirts

Keeping your custom t-shirts in tip top condition will not only make you look great, but will save you money as well. Although your custom designed t-shirts will inevitably show some wear and tear as the years go by there are some ways to extending the life of your custom t-shirts.


How to Shrink a Screen Printed Shirt?Printing

How to Shrink a Screen Printed Shirt?

There’s nothing worse than finding an awesome  Screen Printed Shirt only to discover it’s three sizes too big. Or you ordered a new custom t-shirt in the mail and you noticed you ordered a size too big.

If this is not a personalize or custom t-shirt they may let you exchange it for a different size. If this is a custom screen printed shirt then you will either need to gain some weight or shrink your shirt.


St. Patrick’s Day Custom ShirtsPrinting

St. Patrick's Day Custom Shirts

St. Patrick’s Day, also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, is the day to remember the most commonly-recognized patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick.

In the United States we have been celebrating this day since the late 18th century, and here in Omaha you will find people everywhere celebrating the Irish and Irish American culture with countless celebrations to include:

  • eating
  • drinking
  • religious observances
  • exciting parades
  • lots of St. Patrick’s Day Custom Shirts


Why You Need Custom Screen PrintingPrinting

Why You Need Custom Screen Printing

Custom screen printing services are great because they can help any business or group look like a million bucks—without actually needing that kind of budget. Custom t-Shirts win again. They’re colorful, comfortable, and people love them. Most people cannot pass up a t-shirt. Whatever your custom apparel need is, screen printing can help you make it happen.


Looking For The Best T-Shirt Printing Company?Printing

Looking For The Best T-Shirt Printing Company?

So Your looking for the best T-shirt Printing company in Omaha. Well look no further. Why are we the best ? We will tell you below.

When you are looking for the best t shirt printing company in Omaha it’s usually 3 things you want.

  1. Best price
  2. good quality
  3. fast turn around

Unfortunately, it is hard to get all 3 at the same time.


Benefits of Custom Shirts for Your BusinessPrinting

Benefits of Custom Shirts for Your Business

Whether you’re looking to outfit your staff with uniforms or you are interested in finding giveaway products to consumers, you should seriously consider custom shirts.

Shirts that have been customized with your company’s name and/or logo can do wonders for your business, no matter how you intend on using them. What type of benefits can custom shirts offer for your business? Here’s a look at some of the biggest advantages.


The Importance of DesignPrinting

The Importance of Design

Whether you want to promote your company’s brand or you are looking to draw attention to a cause, a custom designed, screen-printed T-shirt can certainly help you achieve your goal.

However, you really have to make sure you get the design of your T-shirt right. If it’s poorly designed, your message will be lost; or worse yet, it could negatively impact your mission.

Creating a custom screen printed T-shirt can seem like a daunting task, but with the following tips, you can make a killer design.


Custom Embroidery ServicesPrinting

custom embroidery services Omaha

Embroidery services is a decorative form of needlework that involves stitching pictures and designs out of material (usually thread or wool) onto a different type of material, such as:

  • woven fabric
  • leather
  • virtually any other type of fabric or material

Embroidery has long been used to decorate clothing and household furnishings. It’s as popular today as ever before. Companies that offer custom embroidery services can certainly gain a competitive edge.


What Does Great Customer Service Mean?Printing

What Does Great Customer Service Mean?

There are a lot of factors that go into running a successful business. Of all of those factors, however, there’s one that is vital across every industry: customer service.

Without customers, your business won’t exist. If your customers aren’t satisfied, it’s pretty much guaranteed that they are going to take their business elsewhere. So, how do you ensure that your customers are happy, continue coming back, and recommend your business to others? By deliver outstanding customer service.


How To Start Your Own Clothing Line?Printing

How To Start Your Own Clothing Line?

There are many reasons why you might want to start your own clothing line: You could be an eager designer with work to showcase, or you might be an entrepreneur who sees a gap in the market. Here’s how to take your first steps to getting your own clothing line off the ground and into the world’s store.


Custom T-Shirts Design TipsPrinting

Custom T-Shirts Design

It’s the hottest time of year, but fall will be here before we know it. As the year continues and temperatures drop outside, your market is looking for pieces to wear in all kinds of weather. People are thinking about transitional apparel that can be worn through different seasons.

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time printing with us, you can always learn something about custom t-shirts design tips.


Screen Printing FAQsPrinting

Screen Printing FAQs

We specialize in screen printing, and designing custom t-Shirts in Omaha Nebraska. You can usually have your very own made custom t-shirts today! The process of creating, printing, and designing custom t-shirts in Omaha typically takes under 15 minutes per print. Saying we print same day is an understatement. Here are some of the screen printing FAQs we receive questions about.


Back to School Clothing Fashion TrendsPrinting

Back to School Clothing Fashion Trends

As summer winds down, students are getting ready to head off to school. Of course, you want to make sure that you have all of the necessary supplies before you go, but you always want to make sure that you’re on top of the recent clothing fashion trends!

If you’re wondering what to wear around campus this year, check out the latest clothing fashion trends!


5 Must See Tips for Ordering Custom T-ShirtsPrinting

ordering custom t-shirts 

There are many websites out there that let you design and order your own custom t-shirts, and what’s cooler than a customized one-of-a-kind shirt? It’s a great gift idea, and it’s even a great idea if you’re a business or band wanting to move to merchandising. But it’s not just as simple as choosing a design and ordering a shirt: Here are 5 simple must see tips for ordering custom t-shirts.


2018 Omaha Halloween EventsPrinting

2018 Omaha Halloween Events

Candy, costumes and parties all add up to create one of the most fun holidays of the year — Halloween! Instead of scary haunted houses, we found some family friendly alternatives to keep everyone happy, entertained,  and filled with enough candy to last until Thanksgiving. So put your best costume on and explore this year’s Omaha Halloween events. You might even win some costume contests and kiss a pug while you’re out and about.


Fashion Trends: Getting Started with EmbroideryPrinting

Fashion Trends: Getting Started with Embroidery

Embroidery is one of the most popular hobbies out there – and you can create some truly magnificent designs with some simple embroidery skills. Here’s what you should know if you want to get started with embroidery designs yourself.


Custom Hoodies For WinterPrinting

custom hoodies

The first day of winter is right around the corner and everything is about to freeze. The days are darker and the smell of snow is in the air. We have you covered, literally, with a whole bunch of different winter gear. What’s even hotter is that we brandish your custom hoodies with your logo or art via screen printing or embroidery.


Common Screen-Printing MisconceptionsPrinting

Common Screen-Printing Misconceptions

Professional screen-printing is an automated machine process with a few manual steps. The consistency of the machines translates to improved quality across the board, with fewer misprints. However, screen-printing does have its limits. Here are 6 common screen printing misconceptions you need to be aware of.


Custom Made Company ShirtsPrinting

custom made company shirts Omaha T-shirt Printing

There has been strong competition between clothing firms from the past couple of years. More people are buying the best custom shirts from good quality brands. For this, they have to search in the market for their size and choice, but the option of custom made company shirts has solved this problem and now people can have a shirt of any parameter as per demand.


Class of 2019 Custom T-Shirt DesignsPrinting

class of 2019 custom t-shirt designs

It’s hard to believe, but graduation season is just around the corner. Before you know it, high school and college students around the country will be sporting the caps and gowns to walk across the stage and collect their well-earned diplomas. Whether you know someone who is graduating and you’re looking for the perfect kid idea or you are the graduate yourself, a class of 2019 t-shirt is the perfect way for any soon-to-be alum or alumnus to show off their pride for a job well done.


St. Patrick’s Day Custom T-Shirt DesignsPrinting

St. Patrick’s Day Custom T-Shirt Designs

Every March 17, the entire world turns green in honor of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Whether you hail from the Emerald Isle, you have a strong Irish heritage, or you aren’t even a drop of Irish but you love joining in the fun of the festive holiday, sporting an awesome St. Patrick’s Day Custom T-Shirt Designs is an absolute must for this holiday.


Why Get Screen Print T-Shirts Through Omaha ShirtsPrinting

screen print t-shirts through Omaha Shirts

Omaha Shirts is a locally owned small business, founded in Omaha, Nebraska. We specialize in printing high quality t-shirts, printed media, and other apparel. The store was founded in 2012 two guys born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. The first mall location was opened in November of 2013 on the lower level of Westroads Mall. The store is currently located directly across from the new Westroads Mall food court.


Design Amazing Family Reunion T-shirtsPrinting

Family reunion t-Shirts

Every close-knit family has to have a reunion every so often – and some families are even so serious about their traditions that they have the date for their regular reunion set in stone. It’s a great time to get together and get to know new members of the family while catching up with the rest – and it’s a great time to pass on memories and spend time together as one huge unit. And, of course, then there are the photos.


Creating Easter Custom T-ShirtsPrinting

Easter custom t-shirts

Looking for something fun and different to do this Easter? With the power of the web at your fingertips, there are so many more ways to enjoy time with family and so many more options when it comes to gifts and fun activities.


Choosing the Right Omaha Custom T-Shirt CompanyPrinting

choosing the right Omaha custom t-shirt company

Custom t-shirt printing is becoming more popular through the years as companies and individuals love being able to choose graphics, words, and photography that they want on their shirts. If you are searching for a custom t-shirt company in Omaha, there are many companies from which to choose, which can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some tips for choosing the right Omaha custom t-shirt company for your needs.


Skin Cancer Awareness Custom ApparelPrinting

Skin Cancer Awareness Custom Apparel Omaha

May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Skin cancer, the most common of all cancers, accounts for nearly half of all cancers in the U.S. According to The American Cancer Society, more than 3.5 million cases are diagnosed annually. Melanoma, the most serious form, occurs in approximately seventy six thousand people, causing more the 9,500 deaths. Business owners often run awareness campaigns on skin cancer prevention to highlight their social responsibility. May is observed as skin cancer prevention month to make people aware of the risk factors and prevention of skin cancer.


Choosing the Right Color Omaha Custom T-ShirtPrinting

Choosing the Right Color Omaha Custom T-Shirt

So you want to create an Omaha custom t-shirt? One of the best things about the internet is being able to create your own custom items exactly how you like them. In this case, that might mean making a custom funny t-shirt for a family member or friend, or it might mean making a cool custom unique t-shirt for yourself that you could never buy anywhere.

But with so much freedom can also come confusion. Or what psychologists like to call “options paralysis.” In short, how do you pick from limitless options? Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right color Omaha custom t-shirt.


Suit Color Impacts First ImpressionsPrinting

Suit Color Impacts First Impressions Omaha

There are many things to consider when preparing for a job interview, a career advancement meeting, or if you just want to stand out during a networking event. In these types of scenarios, it is important to know that you may be portraying something about yourself unintentionally just by the color of the suit that you choose. First impressions are important no matter what type of scenario that you are in. A first impression can make or break any deal from a date to a job interview. For this reason, knowing about what the color of your suit says about you can help you achieve your goals no matter what they may be.


Screen Printing Terms Defined: UnderbasePrinting

Screen Printing Terms Defined: Underbase color Omaha NE custom shirts

If you’re new to screen printing in Omaha, there are a lot of tools, terms, and techniques you’re going to hear about; in fact, you’ve probably heard a lot of them already. Screen printing seems like a simple task – and it is, once you get the hang of it – but until then, all of the information that surrounds the trade can leave you feeling dizzy.


Custom Printed T-Shirts can Promote Your BusinessPrinting

Omaha custom printed T-shirts designs for businesses

Custom printed T-shirts aren’t new; in fact, they’ve been around for, well, probably as long as screen printing, iron-on transfers, and other types of T-shirt printing techniques have been around.

While Omaha custom printed T-shirts may not be new, they’re as popular as they’ve always been; and what’s more, they can be a super powerful advertising tool. There’s no doubt you’ve seen someone sporting a cool looking T-shirt with the name or logo of a business on it; and when you see those, it’s pretty likely that you took notice of the name of the company or the logo that was printed on it. In fact, if the shirt is cool enough, it’s probably painted an image of the business that it was promoting.


Start a Clothing BrandPrinting

Start a Clothing Brand | Omaha Shirts | Custom Shirts, T-shirts, & More

Do have a penchant for fashion and are dreaming of starting up a business that you know you’ll love? Are you just looking for a way to make a successful living and know that owning a clothing brand is a great way to do just that? Either way, starting up a clothing brand can bother rewarding and lucrative. But, there’s a lot more that goes into establishing a brand that will actually be a success.


Which T-Shirt Printing Technique Is Best In Quality?Printing

T-Shirt Printing Techniques Are Best In Quality OmahaThere are several methods out there for printing tees. But which one of these t-shirt printing techniques offers the best T-shirt quality? It is actually quite difficult to determine that, because these methods are so different.

Which T-Shirt Printing Techniques Are Best In Quality?

Let’s take a look at each of the five methods so you can see how to choose the right one for you. There is no one method that is superior to other types of printing; there is only a method that is better for what your project is.


Choosing the Right Polo Shirt For Your Company LogoPrinting

Polo Shirt Company Logo Omaha Custom Shirts

Word-of-mouth makes for one of the best advertising campaigns you can get if you are a business or brand who needs to be heard — or seen. There’s nothing that can get people talking quite as much as T-shirts or polo shirts with your company logo on it.

Custom T-Shirts Are the New FashionPrinting

Custom T-Shirts Are the New Fashion Omaha

Thousands of custom t-shirts are made and sold or given away every single year – and if you’re a brand or company who hasn’t put your name on a shirt just yet, then you’re losing out on a lot of potential brand promotion. Most people have a collection of shirts that they just can’t let go of. A lot of these shirts happen to have branding, and it’s true that the branding lasts just as long as the shirt itself.

If you’d like to know that your business or brand sticks around, customized shirts in Omaha might be the way to go.


Custom T-Shirts Design AppsPrinting

Custom T-Shirts Design Apps | Omaha Shirts | Custom Shirts

Once upon a time, designing custom T-shirts involved using antiquated tools that often offered less-than perfect results; however, thanks to the advent of technology, custom T-shirt designs has gotten a whole lot easier. Nowadays, there are so many different custom t-shirts design apps and software options to choose from.


What is a Tri-Blend Custom T-Shirt?Printing

What is a Tri-blend Custom T-Shirt? | Omaha Shirts | Best Custom T-Shirts

You might have heard the term tri-blend being thrown around in the custom T-shirt space without knowing what it really means. In this article, we’re going to give you a comprehensive and definitive answer to that very question so that you never have to be left wondering about the term ever again.


2019 Best ECommerce PlatformsPrinting

2019 Best ECommerce Platforms

Searching for the 2019 best ECommerce platforms for your store? It’s a big decision, and one that’s going to have a long-term effect on your venture going forward. When it comes to choosing software for your ecommerce store, the possibilities can seem endless. There are a ton of factors to consider, including:

  • Should you sell on a marketplace or an ecommerce platform — or both?
  • Which features and tools do you need? Which can you safely pass up?
  • Can your chosen technology support your current sales volume, as well as growth as your business scales?
  • What’s your technology budget?


2019 Popular Kids Halloween CostumesPrinting

2019 Popular Kids Halloween Costumes

Halloween will be here before you can say boo! So it’s time to stock up on pumpkins, dust off the ghosts and cobwebs in your attic, and get your children’s costumes ordered. Although there are certain costumes that never seem to lose their appeal (looking at you, pirates), each year has its specific groupings of popular costumes. Here are 2019 Popular Kids Halloween Costumes.


Understanding the True Costs of Branded ClothingPrinting

Branded Clothing

Branded clothing makes for a popular promotional avenue for many Omaha bands, local brands or national companies. In addition, those who don’t do it for promotional purposes are buying branded clothing as part of their uniform requirements instead.


Best Pumpkin Pie RecipesPrinting

Best Pumpkin Pie recipes

The Best Pumpkin Pie recipes are the ones that’s easiest to make! 🙂 With so many other dishes on your menu to make, Pumpkin Pie needs to be simple. No one wants to get stressed out over pumpkin pie.

Beyond being simple, though, Pumpkin Pie needs to taste perfect. It needs to taste the way it always has with no room for deviations. You can play around with your stuffing, your cranberries, and maybe even your vegetables.

But no one messes with Pumpkin Pie on Thanksgiving.


Promotional Products for Brand MarketingPrinting

Promotional Products for Brand Marketing

Marketing is one of the single most important things for the sustainability and longevity of any brand. Even the largest brands in the world have to spend some of their money on budgeting for people to remember to buy it – and this is something you can learn a lot from even as a smaller business.


How Important is Brand Marketing?Printing

How Important is Brand Marketing?

Branding is a form of marketing that incorporates the name, logo, symbol, or sign or a company that differentiates a product or service that a business offers, or the business as a whole. Popular examples of branding include Nike’s “swoosh” symbol and their “Just Do It” slogan and McDonald’s Golden Arches and “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan. Branding has always been an important part of marketing, but in today’s day-and-age, it’s more important than ever. Why?


How to Build Brand Awareness for Startup CompanyPrinting

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the most important keywords in the marketing business. It’s what makes your brand work. In addition, it’s what diverts people back to your website and social media profiles. Plus, it’s what makes your product recognizable on the shelf or creates a demand for your product or service.

This also means that brand awareness is one of the first things any startup company should work on. Getting brand awareness done fast and first means you’ll get traffic, and you’ll likely be able to convert them into successful clients with a good enough idea.


What Are the Top Things I Can Do To Increase Brand Awareness?Printing

Increase Brand Awareness

For a business trying to make it in the world, marketing to increase brand awareness is vital. The example that is often given, is that even a business giving away free gold will be unsuccessful if no one knows that it exists!

If you’ve done everything right up to this point, then you should have an efficient business model that drives potential buyers to a great product or service. But now that you have your system in place and things are running smoothly, the last piece of the puzzle is to actually get people to your business.


Difference between Brand Image vs. Brand Equity?Printing

Brand Image vs. Brand Equity

It can be challenging to determine the difference between Brand Image vs. Brand Equity. The broadness of each of these concepts is what truly defines them.


What Are the Different Styles of Brand Marketing StrategyPrinting

Brand Marketing Strategy

Brand marketing strategy is one of the most important parts of any brand or business. If clients could represent the heart of your business, then marketing is the blood that flows to reach the heart. One can’t exist or thrive without the other being as healthy as it can be.

What Are the Different Styles of Brand Marketing Strategy

Marketing is important. If you take a look at 100 of the most popular brands and businesses right now, you’ll notice that there are different ways to do it.

While they might achieve the same goal of marketing products or services to customers, different marketing styles exist. Establishing your style of customer marketing is just as important as the brand itself.

If marketing isn’t the right style to suit your customers, then it could be what’s making your brand lose out in the long run.

Not seeing the marketing results that you were hoping for? This could mean that it’s time to adapt your marketing style.

Here are the different styles of brand marketing strategies that you can apply to market your band.

1. Aggressive Marketing

Aggressive marketing is often the type of marketing that gets employed by new companies who have to make a name on the scene (or get familiar to customers) fast – or just as often by established companies who are launching new products.

It pushes a certain brand or product everywhere and anywhere customers might see it. Big, bold and until it sticks.

Sometimes aggressive marketing is the right one to switch to (or from) should your current marketing plan not work: Aggressive marketing strategies can also be combined.

2. CEO Marketing

Many marketing plans benefit from the personal input of the CEO employed as a marketing tool. Simply, there are many brands that work better with a face to it – and adding the CEO to this mix as the personal face of the marketing campaign is often a way to increase the company’s “trust level” in the eyes of the people they are marketing to.

Brands that require a show of trust are often ones that can benefit from this type of more personal marketing style.

3. Customer-Driven Marketing

Any form of customer-driven marketing style focuses on individualized customer service for every customer – and often focuses on the customer service aspect of their marketing campaign more than the product, service or brand that goes along with it.

Everyone is familiar with customer-driven marketing styles, a method that often gets used to sell items with a personal touch, such as life or health insurance.

Here, customers are made to feel in tune with the company and its values on a personal level as a form of marketing.

4. Online Marketing

Online marketing styles can be combined with any of the other marketing styles on this list, but there are still many brands who either aren’t using online marketing to better their business at all – or aren’t using it in the right ways, which is as bad for business as not using it at all.

Marketing online means understanding things like viral marketing and SEO – and usually, having a business managing your social media profiles to ensure that you can achieve the reach you were hoping for.

Most successful companies have some or other form of an online marketing plan, and if you want to achieve any kind of success yourself, making sure your online marketing plan is in place is just part of what you have to do to get there.

5. Interaction Marketing

There are many companies out there who use their social media platforms and marketing campaigns to get in touch with their customer base: Some brands have gone the extra mile by finding a quirky angle when it comes to interaction marketing.

Interaction marketing means personal connections with your fans or clients through social media: Commenting more than just basic marketing or “we’ll get back to you” messages through your channels could mean that your brand is using interaction marketing to achieve more than just hits and views.

Many smaller businesses and “mom-and-pop” brands embrace this type of personal marketing, and an increasing amount of larger ones are doing the same. It could be the one that works for you.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

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Importance of Branding to Business SuccessPrinting

Business Success

There is a good chance that you have heard of major companies such as Amazon, Disney, Nike, and Facebook. There is one thing that all of these companies have in common and it is really simple, branding. These companies were not always huge household names. However, the key to their business success is each one of them took calculated steps in order to build their business brand so that people will recognize it almost immediately.

Importance of Branding to Business Success

If you own a medium or even small business, it is essential to focus on your brand if you want to grow your business and be successful. Here are 4 reasons why branding is important to your business success.

1. Promotes Recognition

If you are a newer business or simply struggling to gain attention, the proper business branding will be able to help you stand out from your competitors. The first thing that you need to do when considering your brand is to make sure that you are consistent. This means that you need to develop a brand style guide. The guide should include the following:

  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Log
  • Colors
  • Brand voice
  • Branding position
  • Brand culture

It is also important to include your tagline, mission, and unique value proposition to make sure that everyone that is on your team remains on the same page.

2. Competitor Separation

No matter what type of industry that you are in, you need to consider your competitors. Your main goal should be to set your particular business apart from anyone who offers the same types of services and products. Appropriate branding can help you achieve this.

If you want your company brand to set you apart from your competitors, start with creating a logo that can be easily recognized. Your logo should be distinct and resonate with your target consumers as soon as they see it. Make sure that your logo is different from your competitors, even if you have to think outside the box in order to create the perfect logo.

3. Defines Your Company

When it comes to branding, one of the most important things that you can do is to make sure that your brand clearly defines who you are. Potential customers are already searching for the service or product that your company provides. The internet provides consumers with a ton of options from which to choose. As a company, it is your job to make their decision easier.

You need to let potential customers know what you do and what they can expect when they do business with your company. Branding is much more than a logo or a catchy phrase. It should incorporate your company’s customer service, culture, and mission statement. All of these branding elements need to align so that customers can understand your company and its values, which will provide them with more confidence in choosing your business for their needs.

4. Generates Referrals

The goal of all successful business is to gather as many referrals from customers as possible. People rely on customer referrals and reviews when they are choosing who will get their business. The more positive reviews that your company has, the higher the chance that you will get more customers. This will make your brand even stronger.

If you are struggling to get online reviews, create an online review campaign. Request reviews from satisfied customers. Direct these customers to places like Facebook, Yelp, or Google. If you are dealing with negative reviews, address them in a professional manner online and ask them to remove the review and fix the issue for them. Talking to customers that are not satisfied with your business can often change a bad opinion into a good one. Good customer service goes a long way in making your business, so make sure that this is emphasized in the culture of your company.


When it comes to branding, there are not many other things that are as important as branding. Your company brand can truly make or break your business. This is why it is important to make sure that you come up with a solid logo and use it to market your business and everything that it stands for. A good branding strategy is one of the best things that you can do to build your company.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

Stop by any day of the week or contact us for a great Omaha Custom Shirts & T-Shirts Nebraska, sweatshirt, or hoodie! Adult unisex, youth, baby, and women’s apparel available.

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What Are the Best Household Materials for Making Your Own Face Mask?Printing

Making Your Own Mask
With the Coronavirus in full swing, many of us have been forced to find ways to adapt to this new style of living. That means finding ways to work remotely, minimizing the amount of shopping we do in person, and socializing with friends and loved ones through video conferencing software.

It also means learning how to fashion garments that can keep us safe from the virus and hopefully stem the spread of it. One of the biggest changes in this regard is the widespread use of face masks. While face masks can’t completely prevent infection, they significantly lower the risk and are therefore advised by many governments, healthcare organizations, and charities.

What Are the Best Household Materials for Making Your Own Face Mask?

The problem? Face masks are hard to come by right now. With stocks in extremely high demand, many companies simply haven’t been able to keep up the supply. The good news is that there are ways around this problem. If you want to feel a little extra safe on your next shopping trip, you can use supplies from your own home to fashion a DIY face mask. But which materials will actually keep you safe?

What We Know

Fortunately, research has been conducted looking at precisely the kinds of mediums that will keep Coronavirus at bay. This research involved shooting Bacillus atrophaeus bacteria at masks made from different materials to see how much would pass through! This bacteria is 1 micron thin, making it extremely thin and making it a good test for wider purposes.

Nothing was as effective in this study as the surgical mask, which was capable of blocking 97% of 1-micron particles.
Other materials that did a good job though included:

  • Vacuum cleaner bags (95%)
  • Dish towels (83%)
  • Cotton blend t-shirts (74%)
  • Cotton t-shirt (69%)
  • Antimicrobial pillowcase (65%)
  • Scarf (62%)
  • Pillowcase (62%)

To be absolutely clear then, ordering a medical-grade surgical mask is the best thing you can do to keep yourself safe. Moreover, you should not consider using A4 paper that didn’t even make it into the studies!

Using This Advice

So with that in mind, what then is the best type of mask you can fashion from home? The answer is to use a dishtowel. While a vacuum cleaner bag may be useful, this would also be an expensive and impractical solution! Of course, we need to remember that the ideal substitute face mask shouldn’t only be one that is effective against the virus, but also one that is comfortable and practical to wear!

Using a dishcloth you will protect yourself form a smaller amount of the virus, but it will be better than nothing. Moreover, the same group found that you could actually improve the effectiveness of a dishcloth by doubling it up. In this scenario, a regular dishcloth could provide as much protection as 83%!

Better yet, if you take two folded dishcloths (essentially providing 4 layers in total), this will then provide you with a 97% effectiveness rate! That makes it just as effective as a surgical mask. Of course, in practice, this is less practical, and you might find that you leave gaps when trying to create your own mask with a dishcloth. Interestingly, doubling up a surgical mask has no additional benefit.

More Considerations

There are some other things to consider when looking at all this. For one, you might be wondering what the best method for fastening the face mask is. One common option is to use hair ties which you can loop through a hole in the material. If you take four layers of the dishcloth, cut them to a suitable width, and then make holes for hair ties to loop around the ears with, you will have a great makeshift mask!

Another option is simply to tie the dishcloth around your head. This is a less permanent solution but may prove to be more comfortable.

This research also shows us that if you are in a pinch (stepped onto a busy bus for instance), keeping your face covered by the top of a t-shirt or a scarf will offer some protection.

Finally, remember that you are never 100% protected. Your eyes will also be exposed for instance, and there is always a chance of the bacteria getting through the material (or onto your hands to be transferred later). Always observe the social distancing rules, and remember that it is only for a while. This too shall pass.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

Stop by any day of the week or contact us for a great Omaha Custom Shirts & T-Shirts Nebraska, sweatshirt, or hoodie! Adult unisex, youth, baby, and women’s apparel available.

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The Allure of Wearing Custom T-ShirtsPrinting

Allure of Wearing Custom T-Shirts

Custom t-shirts are t-shirts that have bespoke images printed on them. Today, it is easier than ever to create this kind of apparel using third party companies that provide the service. Just upload an image, order the t-shirt, and it’s yours to wear!

This process has become extremely popular over recent years, and in this post, we will explore the allure of wearing custom t-shirts and why you should consider using this service to create your own clothing.

The Allure of Wearing Custom T-Shirts

It’s Unique

We’ve all experienced the feeling of finding an item of clothing that “speaks to us.” This is often particularly true for clothes that include a specific logo or image. Sometimes we see a t-shirt with an image that we feel perfectly reflects our personality, or shares some idea or interest that we are passionate about. This is a fantastic form of self-expression, that can also help you to meet like-minded people, make a statement, or just let people know who you are and what you’re about.

And when someone comments on that tee and says that they think it’s funny/interesting/cool? That can be a great feeling. It’s a validation that your ideas, preferences, and interests are appealing to others. But this is always going to be limited. Ultimately, this approach will always mean taking what someone else has created and then wearing it on your chest.

There will always be that risk of running into someone with precisely the same top!

This is where a custom t-shirt is so different. This is a t-shirt that you created yourself. That makes it a true act of self-expression, and something that you’ll never see anyone else wearing anywhere in the world! It also means that you can choose something that could be nostalgic for you, or that might be sentimental. You can choose any image, which of course means countless images that you would never find in a store.

This is true self-expression. More than that, it is self-expression. It is deciding that you want to be seen in a certain way and that you want to express yourself in a certain way, and then it is taking steps to ensure that you are.

The Countless Other Uses

Beyond this, there are countless other uses for custom t-shirts and a huge number of reasons to consider making your own.

For one, custom t-shirts can be sued as uniforms, as group outfits, or as part of a show. For a small business, this is a great way to set yourself apart and to help people find helpful members of your staff. For a show, this is a brilliant way to create a visual cohesiveness.

Another great reason to create custom t-shirts is that they act as such perfect gifts. A custom t-shirt is a homemade gift that has all of the best qualities of a homemade gift: it is personal, it demonstrates time and effort went into the creation, and it is perfectly unique. The image you choose can be a shared memory, or it can be a great way to demonstrate that you know the person and what they might like.

And this is just scratching the surface of some of the other ways you can use custom t-shirts and their other benefits. This can be an excellent choice for anyone looking to create an ensemble outfit for example you can match a custom t-shirt with the rest of your outfit and it will match in ways that no store-bought option will do.

The only limit with custom t-shirts is your own imagination. So get creative and see what you can come up with!

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

Stop by any day of the week or contact us for a great Omaha Custom Shirts & T-Shirts Nebraska, sweatshirt, or hoodie! Adult unisex, youth, baby, and women’s apparel available.

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Personalized Marketing: What works and what doesn’tPrinting

Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing is one of the most powerful ways to market. However, when it is badly executed, it can also be one of the worst. There are many tried-and-tested personalized marketing techniques out there. For example, custom t-shirts can be one of the best.

Personalized Marketing: What Works & What Doesn’t – and Why Custom Shirts Work!

Everyone has a favorite T-shirt in their collection. If you were to take a closer look at these shirts, you’ll also notice that most of these shirts are branded.

Branded shirts have always been a popular marketing item. Often, they’re being blasted out of a t-shirt gun at a rock concert or being shipped to fans in the mail.

If you want your brand to go places, one of the best things you can do is to put your logo on a shirt. Here’s why you should give traditional personalized marketing items a miss and opt for shirts instead.

Everyone Loves a Gift

Everyone loves getting something for free. This single sentence describes why corporate and branded gifts are always a great idea. Furthermore, people love gifts. When gifts have both your brand’s name and theirs it creates a unique association that will have them thinking of your brand for years.

Popular brands such as Coca-Cola achieved popularity by pushing their universal marketing plan to the point where almost everyone in the world can associate the logo with the brand. What’s your favorite branded item from Coca-Cola? Everyone has one. Yes, they’ve done many shirts through the years, too.

Corporate gifts work because the association between the brand and name is a powerful one. Whenever they see the item, they’ll imagine your brand. That’s why they work.

Traditional Marketing Items: Stolen, Lost or Forgotten

Corporate gifts don’t always go well. Many times, corporate gifts can find their way into the junk drawer for the person who has a million more key chains with branding just like it. Going into the junk drawer is exactly what you want to avoid when putting money and time into a practical marketing campaign. Instead, most brands or influencers would prefer to give people something they can use instead of something they can forget about.

That’s part of why shirts work so well as a personalized corporate gift item.

Shirts Are Universal

Shirts are universal. In addition, a good shirt can last for decades. This means that shirts are something everyone can use. Therefore, if you have your branding on a shirt, your branding has the power to get around without you having to do much. Giving someone a branded shirt can mean that your brand still has influence in five or ten years – and you didn’t have to print another line or shirts; someone just had to wear one and go somewhere!

Shirts and Social Media

Social media has only added to the power of the shirt. Where before social media, someone would only get to see branded shirts when someone wore it, things are different today. With social media, pictures of someone in a branded shirt can easily go viral – and suddenly, everyone is seeing the shirt or typing the brand name into Google.

Shirts can also be given away in contests or incorporated into other social media marketing campaigns. Likewise, shirts and social media can work well together.


Producing branded shirts isn’t something that has to be expensive – in fact, it’s become so easy that it doesn’t require any serious money investment from the company doing it. Print-on-demand services mean that all you have to do is upload a design and click print; larger POD companies are doing the rest of the work in terms of sourcing, production, and shipping – while you get to enjoy the benefits of branded shirts.

Universal Shipping

Limited edition items and corporate gifts are usually only available to a select few countries when it comes to things like “gift bags.” This is because producing and shipping them can be an added cost, meaning that it’s just easier to restrict deliveries. Shirts are easier and cheaper to produce. Because they additionally rely on larger POD companies, shipping them internationally often becomes easier – and it could mean that your brand has further more impressive reach.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

Stop by any day of the week or contact us for a great Omaha Custom Shirts & T-Shirts Nebraska, sweatshirt, or hoodie! Adult unisex, youth, baby, and women’s apparel available.

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How to Make a Fashion Business SuccessfulPrinting

fashion business
Creating a fashion business is a dream for many people. Thanks to the amazing tools at our disposal via the internet, it is now more possible than ever before.

How to Make a Fashion Business Successful

But while this is true, it’s also true that this is still a very fraught industry. There is still a lot of risks involved when launching a fashion business. You will need to overcome many common challenges. In this post, we’re going to take a look at how you can take advantage of the amazing opportunities that now exist, while at the same time avoiding the most common obstacles.

Using Social Media and Influencer Marketing

While there are those that would turn their nose up at this modern business format, the truth is that a lot of fashion today is sold on the back of individuals (quite literally!). That is to say, that we buy clothes, makeup, and many other products because we like the way they look at a particular person.

There was a time that these people were celebrities. The best thing a fashion designer could do was to have a celebrity wear their clothes on the red carpet so that they would be seen by millions of people. This type of scenario also creates an opportunity for more creative styles to be worn that are nevertheless a little more practical than some of those clothes seen on the catwalks.

Today, online influencers wield just as much power over trends and the hearts and minds of people. This is good news for fashion designers, as it means there are countless more people of all shapes and sizes to get your clothes out too.

One of the best things you can do as a fashion label is to send your clothes to medium-sized influencers with 10-100,000 views. These individuals are not successful enough to charge millions for a sponsored post, and they might even wear your clothes for free and give you a shout-out as thanks. Many influencers will be very excited to be getting “free clothes” if they’re new to this level of success. You can even offer them a commission!

Create Your Own Social Presence

Better yet, is to create your own social presence. That means to build your own social media platform and create a personal brand.
This is powerful because it means that the clothes you promote will be a direct expression of your style and who you are. If you have a big following of people who love your work, then this creates the kind of loyalty and engagement that traditional fashion marketers could only have dreamed of!

People will follow your brand because they love your tips, your style, and your personality. They will buy into the brand that you have created. Thus, when you then introduce them to your new products, they will be far more likely than the average person to want to buy those things.

The best part? You don’t need to pay anything to get this marketing. The downside? It takes a lot of time, a lot of passion, and a lot of hard work.

Choose the Right Partners

When you create your fashion company, you also need to think about the nuts and bolts. That means how you are going to create the clothes, get them to your customers, and ensure you maintain quality control. You also need to think about your payment process and every other interaction leading up to that point.
Find a good manufacturer to work with, use the best logistics, find sellers and platforms to help you sell and distribute your goods, and only work with the best!

Handle Returns Well

Returns are what cripple a LOT of fashion businesses. People who buy online will not be able to try on the clothes before they arrive, which means they will be more likely to send them back. That in turn means that you will lose a lot of money on postage and on items that you can’t resell.

BUT if you limit returns, you won’t get the business in the first place! This is a serious issue, but there are ways to mitigate it. For example, you should do everything you can to minimize the number of returns. Moreover ensuring your sizing is absolutely precise for example, and by not misrepresenting your items. Likewise, find cheap delivery and make it easy for your customers to return their goods.

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Where To Sell Your Custom T-shirts Online?Printing

Sell Your Custom T-shirts Online

With so many people turning to online shopping, there has never been a better time to sell t-shirts online. As shoppers avoid heading to brick-and-mortar stores, you may be ready to strike while the iron is hot. However, you may be wondering where exactly is the best place to sell your tailored t-shirts online.

Where To Sell Your Custom T-shirts Online?

We have put together a list of useful places where you can sell your custom t-shirts online and turn a handsome profit with little to no fuss.


Teespring is an eCommerce slash crowdfunding website where people can go to buy and sell custom made t-shirts. It is at the top of our list because it is the most well known and easiest to use. You can create your design through their web portal using a mixture of their preloaded artwork or by uploading your own. You set your prices and can even set a sales goal for your t-shirt collection. The great part of selling t-shirts on this site is that there is no upfront investment. In addition, there is no stock that you are stuck with selling. Once your sales goal is reached, the shirts will be printed and shipped to your customers. You pay the site a set fee per shirt for printing and shipping, the rest is all profit.


Selling t-shirts should be a low-stress activity, and with Zazzle, that is exactly the type of experience you will get. You can set up your own t-shirt selling store on this site using your own designs. Aside from t-shirts, you can also sell pillows and mugs with your unique artwork. Payment is via royalties and there is no pre-made art. As a result, everything you see on the site is actually user submitted. You can increase your income by sharing your shop links or by becoming an affiliate similar to the Amazon affiliate program.


Spreadshirt is another great place you can manufacture and sell your t-shirts. The fabric quality is high, and delivery is quick which will keep your customers satisfied. With this site, you can use their global marketplace to sell your wares, or you can set up your own shop. You can even do a markup on the t-shirts or other clothing listed for sale in your shop. Your designs can be uploaded directly to your shop, or you can allow others to sell your designs in their shop to earn a commission.


PrintMojo is the place to be if you are interested in selling your custom wares. Screen printed t-shirts and those with embroidered imagery are sold on high-quality fabric that will keep your customers coming back for more. Getting started is as simple as uploading your artwork or images to the site and then selecting what surface you want the images printed on. Unlike other sites that will create t-shirts on demand, you will have to order a certain quantity, but at great wholesale prices. The minimum order is 25 t-shirts in the style and print of your choice. You won’t have to keep and ship the shirts yourself however, you can use the PrintMojo online shop that comes with your account to sell your custom t-shirts online.

Gear Bubble

For a free account to get started on your t-shirt business, Gear Bubble is the place to be. There are no pre-made designs, so you will have to come ready with your own artwork. The site runs on a simple fee per shirt basis and you can add a markup to each shirt to determine your selling price. No other fees aside from the flat per shirt fee, which is much different than other sites who charge a fee plus a percentage of your sales. Gear Bubble will take care of shipping, payment, and even customer service so all you have to do is create and bring in clients to your online t-shirt shop. If you are doing well with your t-shirt sales, you can also branch out into sweatshirts, phone covers, hoodies, mugs, and more all on the same platform.

No matter what your t-shirt selling dreams may be, there are a lot of options out there to help you achieve your goals.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

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How To Market Your Business Using T-ShirtsPrinting

Market Your Business

Customized company t-shirts are a great way to promote and market your business with minimal investment. For small businesses, hobby shops, or even crafters, t-shirts can get your name out there without little to no effort and promote your product. Even large companies with advanced marketing strategies can benefit from t-shirts with their logo or services being distributed among the masses.

How To Market Your Business Using T-Shirts

If you have a business that offers multiple products or even multiple services, creating a t-shirt line for each service is an affordable way to market to different sets of customers. Using t-shirts to promote your business is a great idea, however, there is an art to doing it in a way that actually brings you new clients. We have a few tips and tricks to help you use t-shirts to market your business effectively.

Host A Social Media Contest

Social media is the best way to market your brand online. With the popularity of “merch” on the rise, it makes sense to create custom t-shirts for your company merchandise line. Consider hosting a contest where your followers help create a new design for your company t-shirts. This will get your clients and new users to engage directly with your brand. When they like and share their submissions, your brand will gain more traction in the market. Consider offering t-shirts as prizes for the top contributors as well. Not only will your fan base wear your branding when they wear your t-shirts, but their engagement will bring in new customers at the same time.

Give Away T-Shirts Our To Your Employees

If you have a retail location, consider making company t-shirts a part of your regular uniform. You can have a simple logo on the front and back or even create seasonal designs that feature your current promotions. When your employees are interacting with customers, they will see your branding more often than simply at checkout. Also, when your employee is on break or traveling to and from work, people will see your company info which can generate interest.

Aside from work uniforms, consider giving your staff t-shirts as holiday gifts. They will wear them in their off-work hours which can create residual marketing for your brand. Make sure to use high-quality printing and fabrics so your staff actually enjoy wearing your marketing tool.

Sponsor A School Event

Kids and teens make up some of the world’s most prolific spenders. Even if they are not purchasing directly, their parents are buying things on their behalf. Schools are always in need of funding. In other words, a great way to help kids and help market your business is by sponsoring a local event. You make t-shirts to pass out to participants or even have volunteers wear your branding during the event.

This will get your logo and your business in front of parents, teachers, and even the media. As long as your products and services are kid-friendly, there is no reason why you can’t promote your business while helping out your local community at the same time. Consider sponsoring sports events, book drives, or even fundraisers for local schools. The goodwill of the community is sure to bring you new clients and encourage your existing clients to spend more.

Trade Shows & Conventions

Depending on what type of product or service you have, conventions and trade shows can be a great way to market. Set up a stall and make sure that your staffers are wearing your t-shirts. For brand awareness, use a large prominent logo on the front and back so that people can easily identify your brand. Aside from those working the stalls, have some of your staff members wearing your shirts walk the trade show or convention floor. As they circulate, more clients and even other complementary businesses will be introduced to your brand.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

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Fun Game Day ShirtsPrinting


game day shirts

When game day rolls around not only do you need the right snacks, but you also need the right gear. If you are thinking of what to wear to watch your favorite team, our fun game day t-shirts suggestions can help. You can show that you are their biggest fan with a funny t-shirt to show your sense of humor at the same time.

Fun Game Day Shirts

Most often you will see official gear when you visit the stadium, but there are plenty of creative people who show up in custom wear. Instead of just painting your skin in team colors or grabbing a shirt from the lobby, consider these fun game day t-shirts instead.

Referee Vision Check T-Shirt

If you want to annoy the referee and support your team at the same time a shirt like this is a great choice. You can have one made in team colors and use various fonts for the words. You can wear it to any event except baseball, though you can change the words to accommodate that if needed. While it may not be all that clever to tell the ref to check their eyes, it does show that you side with your team no matter what.

Michael Vick In the Doghouse

While this topic may be outdated, it surely will get the conversation started about football. The news about his treatment of animals enraged dog lovers and football fanatics all over the world. While this may not be completely funny, it is a great way to show support for your favorite team while also giving your stance on animal cruelty so that other players take note.

Good Game Bad Game

If you are just in the mood to be generic and annoy the opposing team at the same time, this simple t-shirt will do the trick. You can choose any base color or even use your team colors. In print, have a few lines saying “good game” while putting “you suck” in the middle. This may not be very revolutionary, but it is an easy way to get your point across without too much fanfare.

Banish The Quitness

Most sports fans love beer and if you are from Cleveland then you know all about Quitness and LeBron James. Instead of rooting for a team that leaves a bitter aftertaste root for the winners instead. The IPA beer itself had a bitter taste, but the teams in Cleveland will never let you down in the same way.

Lamar Got The Uggo

What notable t-shirt list is complete without one or even two of the Kardashians on the list? This family is known for making its rounds in the sports world, but you can support your team specifically the Lakers’ with the Odom Uggo shirt. This first was seen almost a decade ago during his game against the Celtics, but the facts remain true even today.

Yank Deez Tees

Being brash and crass is almost a given if you are a sports fan. If you plan to attend the game with adults, it’s okay to go a little nuts with this one. If you rooting for a team playing against the Yankees, a Yank Dees Tees shirt is a great way to stick it to the competition.

Hokey Hockey

If you ever went to the skate park or even had a camp outing, chances are you learned the hokey pokey song. This t-shirt is a fun twist on an innocent favorite. Instead of saying let’s do the hokey pokey, it says let’s do the Hockey written over two sticks with team colors. This fun t-shirt is great for kids and adults alike and is more fun and less crass than some of our other options.

Go, Team!

Go team may seem like an overplayed term but you can take this one up a notch. If you just love the game and are rooting for all of the players, a fun t-shirt like this makes a great choice. Go Play, Run Really Fast, and Score All The Points stenciled over your favorite team’s emblem is a great way to show your support in a completely positive manner. No matter what sport you like and who you root for, wearing a funny t-shirt is sure to take your experience to the next level.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

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Call To Action: Creating Awareness With ApparelPrinting

Creating Awareness With Apparel

Marketing is an important aspect of any business. After all, marketing is the way that you get people to learn more about your brand and recognize what your company stands for. One area of marketing that is very important is the use of apparel. Creating awareness with apparel can be beneficial to your company.

Call To Action: Creating Awareness With Apparel

If you are trying to come up with a marketing strategy that involves a fashion brand, one question that you are likely considering is how you are going to make your company’s brand stand out from the rest. This all starts with creating a call to action. You need to come up with a way to raise awareness. A good call to action is going to push your buyers into taking immediate action.

Top Call to Action Phrases Used in the Fashion Industry

A call to action is simply a quote that consists of just a few words. Some ideas for a call to action include:

Get (15%) Off While Supplies Last: This method can use a sale as a way to make customers purchase a product right away.

Experience the (benefits of your product): used to bring up a strong emotional benefit that is related to the products you are selling.

Get (product) today and receive (free product or benefit): this tactic uses an added benefit to increase the motivation of your customer.

These are just a few examples of how you can create a good call to action in order to motivate your customers. Choosing custom t-shirts, hats and more is a strategic way to use these suggestions for a strong campaign to create awareness with apparel.

Choosing the Proper CTA

Having the right call to action is important and must be made rationally to build brand awareness. Make sure that you are choosing the words that you use wisely and that you are explicit in the details. The call to action should make a potential customer want to act right away.

It is important to make sure that the call to action increases brand awareness for your company in a positive way. You want to include your brand so that you get the product or service recognition that you desire. Remember, it is not only important to get a customer, it is more important to make sure that they recognize your company and want to return for more products later.

It is also important to make sure that your call to action represents something reasonable. You do not want to give things away for free if you are not getting anything in return. Make sure that you budget appropriately for the call to action that you have chosen.

Brand Awareness Through Apparel

Another great way to create a call to action and to get something in return is to give away apparel with your logo on it. A free hat, keychain, t-shirt, scarf, etc. that has your brand on it offers a great way to get your brand out there. A call to action might include if you buy this product you will get a free t-shirt or hat. Using a low-cost apparel item as a way to create awareness for your brand is a great form of marketing.

Even if the person who purchases your product only wears the hat or shirt, or whatever other apparel one time, you will have your brand out and about wherever they go. Multiply that by ten people and all of a sudden your brand is being seen by hundreds of others. This can provide a great return on your marketing investment when it is done correctly.

Remember, when creating a call to action and using apparel, budget is key.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men And WomenPrinting

stocking stuffer ideas

The holidays are here and if you have not finished your shopping, now is the time to think about gift ideas. With budgets much lower than in recent years, stocking stuffers are going to be even more important. If you are not sure what stocking stuffers to buy for your family and friends, our list of stocking stuffer ideas for men and women can point you in the right direction. (Gift Guide Hint: A custom T-shirt fits nicely inside a Christmas stocking.)

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men And Women

Creative Stocking Stuffers He Will Love

When you don’t have the time or the funds to grab that new PS5 that the man in your life is drooling over it is time to consider some creative Christmas stocking stuffer ideas instead.

Entertainment Gift Cards

Though you may not be able to buy him that new gaming console he wants, you can buy him some games instead. Most consoles sell their games online so grab a gift card and stuff his stocking for a holiday delight.

Delightful Drones

No matter how young or old the man in your life may be, nothing beats the joy of playing with a pocket drone. There are hundreds of high-quality drones for under $40 that will fit in his stocking for this holiday season.

Grooming Galore

Men’s grooming is often overlooked but one of the fastest-growing niches in the self-care market. You can gift your man trimmers, skincare items, brushes, and more. When he looks his best, he will also feel his best which will bring in more holiday cheer.

Streaming Subscriptions

If you want to give an affordable stocking stuffer gift that keeps on giving, consider gifting a streaming service subscription. Not only will he be able to watch all of his favorite shows during the holidays, but he can also watch them for the rest of the year.

Dining Gift Cards

Not many people are eating out these days but dining in has become ever more popular. Most of the big restaurant chains now offer delivery, and they love cashless payments. Men love to eat, so why not give them a food gift card to their favorite dining establishment.

Stocking Stuffers For Her That Will Boost Holiday Cheer

Every woman loves a good Christmas gift and stocking stuffers are some of the best ways to treat her with trinkets without emptying your pockets.

Beauty Bundles

Pretty much every woman loves to play with makeup. The holidays are the perfect time to get great deals on beauty bundles that she will love. Many bundles come with multiple products so you can give her several items or split them between various women in your life.

Skin Care Pamper Packs

With stress and masks a regular part of the day, many women have transferred their interest from makeup to skincare. Just like beauty bundles, there are plenty of brands that are offering trial packs and holiday bundles of skincare that will pamper her all season long.

Hair Care Items

You can never have too many brushes, especially good ones. If you are on a budget, consider buying high-quality hair brushes and combs for the lady in your life. It may seem like a cop-out, but you would be surprised by how many women are lacking good hairbrushes.

Food Gift Basket

You can never go wrong with sweet or savory treats. Send her a food gift basket stuffed with an arrangement of her favorite snacks. You can go for a fresh fruit basket, a savory basket, or even a chocolate basket. There is nothing better to ring in the holidays than tasty treats.

Kindle Subscription

Reading can transport you to a million new worlds without having to travel an inch. Give her a kindle subscription to enjoy thousands of novels all year long.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Best FriendPrinting

Valentine's Day Gifts

For people who are in a relationship, Valentine’s Day offers an excuse to spend the day together doing something romantic. This might be in the form of an expensive dinner, several fun drinks, or possibly Valentine’s day gifts that are sentimental and meaningful to mark your love for each other. However, for those who are not currently in a relationship, Valentine’s day can quickly become depressing and leave people feeling left out. Why should only couples be able to experience this fun and loving holiday? The overarching theme of Valentine’s day is love, so it should not only be about those who are in a monogamous pair.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Best Friend

One of the ways to seize the day is to forgo the limit that romantic relationships and date nights are the only way to celebrate on this day of love. Instead, consider celebrating all of your cherished relationships. After all, what would you do without your best friend in your life? In most cases, it was your friends who have gotten you through most parts of your life. Just because you are in a relationship does not mean that you do not have that same love for your besties.

If you are ready to show your best friends some love this Valentine’s day, here are some thoughtful Valentine’s day gift ideas to help get you started.

Custom Bracelet

If you have been friends with your bestie since grade school, chances are you have shared friendship bracelets throughout your lives. From the braided string bracelets that you painstakingly created to the charms declaring you are half of the best friend duo. Why not bring this tradition back this Valentine’s day by creating a custom bracelet for you and your bestie. Have it engraved with a message that only you and your bestie will understand.

Photo Shoot

What would be more fun than spending the day with your best friend having your photos taken? Scheduling a photo shoot as a gift to your friend is a great way to let them know how much they mean to you. The best part is, you can have a lot of fun with these types of friend shoots. Wear matching outfits, go to your favorite locations, drink beer and eat pizza, share a dessert. Have the entire day logged in photos so that you can remember all of the great times that you have had together throughout the years. Remembering these moments in your life is not only a great way to show your love for your friend, but you will appreciate the great photos as well.

Create a Book

There are many great places online that will help you create a fill-in book. Why not share with your best friend all of the reasons that you love them? Take the time to fill in the story of how you met, why you enjoy your time with them, and overall just let them know exactly how much they mean to you in the form of your story. This is one of those Valentine’s day gifts that is sure to be a treasured item for many years.

Favorite Things

You are one of the people in your best friend’s life that knows them best. Why not show them that by creating a special gift box full of all of their favorite things. This can be something as simple as their favorite bottle of wine and a box of their favorite chocolates. Or it could be something more sentimental that only you know that they love. Giving a gift of their favorite things lets your friend know that you listen to them and know what they love, better than anyone else.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

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Generation Z Shirt IdeasPrinting

Generation Z

It is time for Millennials to move over as the new generation has arrived. For the past 10 years, there has been much discussion about how to reach and understand Millennials. However, those born between the years 1995 and 2010 are the new focus. If you have a Gen Z person in your life, there are some really great ideas that you might want to consider for designing and purchasing custom T-shirts for them. Here are some fun Generation Z shirt ideas.

Generation Z Shirt Ideas

Generation Z is the first generation that cannot remember a time without mobile devices and the internet. This group is the true digital native, with most learning how to use an iPad before they could talk. This is also the first generation that grew up with smartphones. This connected generation has a lot to say and fortunately, most have a sense of humor about it.

Generation Z The Last Generation

Since Z is the last letter of the alphabet, it can be fun to make a play on the fact. A fun t-shirt for Gen Z might have the words Gen Z, The Last Generation, there are no letters after Z. Since this generation is very focused on climate change and other world problems, this can be a shirt that has a kind of dark humor to it as well.

Relax and Take a Selfie

Generation Z is often referred to by other names, one of those names is the selfie generation. This group of people does not remember a world without smartphones. They have grown up on camera and it shows. You can always find a reason to take a selfie and this generation has embraced this.


Simple t-shirts with popular slang that has come about from this generation can be fun for your Gen Z relative or friend. Here are some slang terms that you might want to consider putting on a shirt.

Basic: slang to describe a person that is unoriginal and follows the current mainstream trends. It can be used as an insult, but many people who know they are “basic” own it.

Cake: used to describe a big booty in a positive way. Typically, Gen Z uses the cake emoji, which would make a cute shirt design.

Chill: new version of cool from past generations as in he’s pretty chill.

Clown: This is a self-deprecating emoji that many of this generation like to use when talking about something they did that was just a bit foolish.

Extra: you know, for that person in your life that is just a little bit too much, they are “extra.”

Facts: Gen Z uses this when they agree to a point someone makes.

Glow-Up: term the generation uses to describe when a person transforms their appearance, typically going from unattractive to attractive.

Let’s Get This Bread: pep talk, nothing to do with bread, more like let’s do this.

Mood: relatable, summing up a person’s life.

For more slang terms teenagers are using today read here.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

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Top St. Patrick’s Day TraditionsPrinting

St. Patrick's Day Traditions

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and now is a great time to learn about its traditions. There is much more to the day than lucky charms, shamrocks, and kilts; however, unless you are Irish chances are you may not know about them. If you are looking for a unique way to celebrate this traditional Irish holiday or if you just want to know more about it, we can help. Here are some interesting St. Patrick’s Day traditions that you should know about.

Top St. Patrick’s Day Traditions

What Is St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day started in Ireland as a way to give honor to the patron saint of the country. In modern times, March 17th goes beyond the original purposes thanks to secularization and an influx of non-Irish people in the country. The day was also a way to celebrate during the Catholic Lent season which is one of the main reasons there is so much focus on drinks and food from Ireland. As Irish immigrants moved to other parts of the world, they took their St. Patrick’s Day spirit with them and shared it all over the world.

Abundant & Glamorous Meals

For most people, St. Patrick’s Day comes in the middle of Lent. Fasting is an important part of Lent, and the break of St. Patrick’s Day comes as a welcome reprieve. Most will serve extravagant and abundant meals to their families and friends before fasting resumes. Depending on where you are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, there may be religious events hosted by the Catholic church paired with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. It is common to find copious amounts of soda bread, corned beef, and cabbage, all of which are traditional Irish fare. Other common staples are shepherd’s pie and colcannon, all of which are washed down with a cold pint of local brew.

Parade of Leprechauns

There is no St. Patrick’s Day without a few leprechauns and a bucket load of shamrocks. Leprechauns have been a part of Irish Celtic folklore for many centuries. Some folk tales paint them as evil creatures to be feared while others portray them as good luck omens. Parades and events around the world will usually have several leprechauns bringing life to the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day. Though modern leprechauns are often clad in green, culturally they always wore red which is an often forgotten fact about the holiday.

Lively St. Patrick’s Day Music & Festivals

There is no holiday without a lot of Irish music, especially that of the traditional folk variety. In most places, there will be live bands playing both modern and classic Irish music to help celebrate the day. Most social gatherings or céilí events will also have dancing in addition to live music. If you are looking for an authentic St. Patrick’s Day performance, this is the type of event you should aim to attend. Many céilís are organized by Irish cultural groups so not only will you get a chance to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but also Irish culture as a whole.

Irish cultural groups in the U.S. also organize céilís and teach the specific form of Gaelic dance that usually accompanies folk music. These gatherings are not limited solely to St. Patrick’s Day but are a common way to celebrate Irish culture on the holiday itself.

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Online vs. In-store T-shirt OrderingPrinting

shirt ordering

While most people see shopping as an enjoyable hobby, it can be a chore for others. Whether you love it or hate it, we are all forced to shop for clothes at some point. However, there is a multitude of ways to get shopping done nowadays. In today’s world, it is possible to purchase a new outfit from your phone in minutes while your cookies finish baking. You might even find that online retailers are more competitive in pricing than brick-and-mortar stores. Online stores don’t have to pay the overhead costs that a physical store would. As a result, online stores are able to pass down those savings to their customers.  However, there are some limitations to custom shirt ordering online. This is especially true when it comes to the design process if you aren’t tech-savvy or artistic. Below, we take a look at the pros and cons of ordering shirts and other clothing items online vs in-store.

Online vs. In-store T-shirt Ordering

Online T-shirt Ordering


If you’ve ever thought about buying yourself a t-shirt from an online store then there are a few things to consider. For the budget-minded consumers looking for a good deal, you’ll likely get a better price shopping online for clothing. Sales are also more frequent in online stores rather than retail locations. Furthermore, you’ll be able to get feedback from other online shoppers on whether or not the product is good.

Another benefit is the fact that you won’t need to spend money on gas or tire yourself walking through a shopping center. With online ordering, you are able to add items to your cart with just a few clicks of the mouse. This can save a lot of time as you’re able to get new clothes without ever leaving your own home. Anything that saves you from having to find a parking space in a mall parking lot is well worth it.

Online filter functions speed up the selection process and enhance the customer shopping experience. This feature helps by excluding the type of items that you aren’t interested in. There are also more styles to choose from when shopping online. This is a result of physical stores having finite floor space and backroom inventory capacity.


There are disadvantages with online shopping too. When shopping online, you are unable to see or try items until you receive them. This can be a hassle when having to return items that don’t work. In some cases, stores may not allow the return of their product. In most cases, you’re at the mercy of sizing charts and hope they’re accurate. There’s also the possibility that the item will look different in a picture than in person.

For online stores that don’t offer free shipping, the total cost can be driven up by shipping and handling fees. Not to mention, it can be more difficult to request a refund online from stores that don’t have good customer service.

In-Store T-shirt Ordering


With in-store shopping, you have the option to try on clothes and leave with the items in hand. This allows you to immediately see if the item fits well. You can also feel the fabric and see the color firsthand. If you get home and decide the item doesn’t work, returning is no hassle as long as you keep the receipt. Most stores accept item returns and exchanges in different branches, so you don’t have to go to the exact store you bought it from.

By visiting Omaha Shirts for your custom T-shirt printing, you can work with one of our talented graphic design artists to create your ideas, right down to the font types and colors. You’ll be able to review the graphic before it is printed right there on the spot.


Shopping in-store requires you to walk or drive to the location. Once you’re there, you will then spend time finding a parking space and looking for items you want once in the shop. If you go to a store during a sale event, there is a good chance you will be facing a crowd of people. As a result, you will have to wait in long lines to check-out or find that items you would like to buy are out of stock. Unlike shopping online, it’s more difficult to check the availability of products in physical stores.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

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Meaningful Mother’s Day T-shirt IdeasPrinting

Mother's Day T-shirt Ideas

The arrival of May means that you need to start planning if you want to surprise your mom in time for Mother’s Day. If you’re thinking of possible gifts that you can get your mom, consider one of our mother’s day t-shirt ideas. Besides the variety of different designs you can choose from, it’s also something that she can use on a daily basis.

Meaningful Mother’s Day T-shirt Ideas

You can practically get any design you want in order to make it as personal and unique as possible. Therefore, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a few shirt ideas so you can get your mom a very special gift.

Tell her she’s the best

What better way to earn some brownie points by telling your mom how great you think she is. Not only will this make her feel good but you would also be giving her a wearable reminder of how awesome you think she is.


  • “#1 Mom”
  • “Best Mom Ever”
  • “World’s Best Mom”
  • “Queen of the House”

Remind her that she’s a superhero

Mothers are so selfless when it comes to their kids. They have a natural instinct to make sure their children are safe, protected, and well cared for. How can people say superheroes aren’t real when moms save the day all the time? Well, they surely don’t need to wear capes to prove that.


  • “Superwoman”
  • “My Hero”
  • Have a superhero body printed on the front of the shirt
  • Have a cape printed on the back of the shirt

Get a quote or song lyric

If your mom likes to read or listen to music, it would surely be special if you gave her something with her favorite line written on it. It’s a sweet gesture that shows you care about what she likes and that you remember these little details about her.

You could also try putting your favorite line on the shirt instead. That way, you can give her something that has a lot of significance to you which she will definitely appreciate.

If your mom doesn’t have a favorite, maybe you can use one of the lyrics below:


  • “Cause I know that this world would be better if everyone had a mother like you” – A Mother Like You by JJ Heller
  • “We’d walk on grass that’s greener and our cares would all be freer if the world had a mother like mine” – Mother Like Mine by The Band Perry
  • “You’ve given me everything that I will need to make it through this crazy thing called life” – Mama’s Song by Carrie Underwood

Have a caricature of your family

A caricature is a portrait of a person drawn with more exaggerated features. It can be funny yet endearing at the same time which is perfect if you want to give your mom something memorable. Not to mention, you get to poke fun at the rest of your family as well.

Make her laugh

If you want to make your mom happy on mothers’ day, why not give her something that’ll tickle her funny bone? A good joke or a funny quote will surely put a smile on her face.


  • “Mrs. Always Right”
  • “I’m a Cool Mom”
  • “Mom, what’s it like to have the greatest kid in the world? I don’t know, ask your grandparents!”

Get matching designs

Want an idea for a cute mother’s day picture? Get two of the same shirt designs so that you can twin with your mom. You can even get enough for the whole family.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

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Gender Reveal T-Shirt IdeasPrinting

gender reveal

One of the most exciting parts of becoming a parent is planning what clothes, toys, and decorations you will be getting. The joy of having a baby is sure to overwhelm you to the point where it is hard to articulate your feelings in words. Most parents and their whole family look forward to celebrating with a gender reveal party. It would indeed be more exciting if everyone, including those helping organize the party, wear matching t-shirts. Having the same t-shirts with your loved ones will make the gender reveal party more exciting and memorable.

Gender Reveal T-Shirt Ideas

Here are some gender reveal t-shirt designs or ideas to help make your gender reveal party memorable.

Color Pink and Blue

It is very common to correlate the color blue if it is a boy and pink if it is a girl. You can have your loved ones wear pink or blue t-shirts to confuse everyone as to what gender the baby really is.

He or She

Another common phrase to add to a custom gender reveal t-shirt is the “He or She” phrase. You can get a plain black t-shirt and have the phrases printed onto the t-shirt to add more excitement to the baby gender reveal party. Additionally, you can also incorporate the colors blue and pink in the phrases.


A pink baby footprint and a blue footprint can be a cute design for a gender reveal.


Phrases with the word “Team” in it is a common gender reveal t-shirt wherein the people wear a t-shirt that pertains to which team or gender they are rooting for. Words like “Team Heels” and “Team Wheels” or “Team Lashes” and “Team ‘Staches” are some of the great examples. You can also have these words encoded into one t-shirt.

Boy or Girl?

A simple yet exciting phrase that can be used on the shirt is the “boy or girl?” This adds to the anticipation because it explicitly shows that you are keeping the gender of the baby a mystery before revealing if they are a boy or a girl.

Mommy and Daddy Loves You

This design is a sweet and simple message wherein it indicates that whether the baby is a girl or boy, mommy and daddy will always love him/her. Therefore, it is a simple yet meaningful design for a gender reveal t-shirt.


Another cute design for a gender reveal t-shirt is putting a text onto the t-shirt of what you think the gender of the baby may be. It can be written as “Mommy thinks it’s a boy” or “Daddy thinks it’s a girl,” making the family members or visitors of the party acknowledge what gender you are looking forward to.

Prince or Princess?

An elegant and cute way to showcase the gender reveal of your child is to have your t-shirts designed with princes or princess characters. You can also have the parents wear crowns that will represent them as either king or queen. This way, their baby’s gender will indicate whether their child will be born as a princess or prince.

Additional Reading: Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

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Work From Home Team Building ActivitiesPrinting

work from home

The pandemic sure did a number on us. Everyone’s way of living was significantly affected, including their work arrangements. For most office or corporate workers, their work arrangement has shifted from face-to-face towards working from home. The work-from-home arrangement means that they will be doing their office work in the confines of their own home.

Working from home can help you be safe from the virus, but it also means that you are disconnected from your workmates and peers. Without much interaction with other people, there is a chance that your team’s dynamics or the company’s efficiency may be affected. Research has shown that fewer social interactions can contribute to less output and degraded work quality.

Work From Home Team Building Activities

As a way to prevent this and strengthen the unity between work-from-home team members, companies initiate and facilitate team-building activities. Unlike usual team building, WFH team building activities are games, sports, and other recreational activities that don’t require you to physically meet with each other. Nonetheless, WFH activities are fun and can help you improve team interaction.

If you’re looking for a work-from-home team-building activity that you could do with your co-workers, then you might want to check out the list below. (Caution: They are really fun to do!)

Custom shirts

Before you and your team even participate in WFH activities, wearing customized matching shirts is a good way to create a feeling of belongingness and unity in the group. The shirt’s design does not have to be complicated. Its design can simply be the name of your department, the initials of your names, or an object that signifies your department.

Its motif can also be a “punny” rendition of your company’s name, an inside joke, or even something totally random. The shirt’s design is completely up to what your team wants. If thinking about a shirt’s design is too hectic, you can also decide on a particular color to wear on the team building day.

Reaching out to them for the shirt’s design is also a good way of getting to know them better and building communication. Through custom shirts, you’ll be able to improve your team dynamics even before the team building day!

Two truths and a lie

The game’s premise is simple. Your team decides on the order of who goes first. Then, the selected person has to tell two truths about themselves and one lie while the other team members decide which of their statements are true or false. The team members guess them one-by-one, and whoever gets the correct answer first gets 3 points.

If no one can guess which of their statements is the lie, the selected person gets 5 points. So, it is up to the person to tell whether the most extravagant truth or most convincing lie. The game moves on to the next person and the cycle repeats for a specified number of rounds. Whoever has the most points by the end of all the rounds wins the game.

Aside from improving team communication, two truths and one lie is also a good way of finding out new things about your co-workers.

Picture sharing

This activity requires team members to share the most recent photo they took with their camera or phone. However, the activity’s premise can be changed to whatever you want. It can either be the picture they love, their picture with their loved ones, a picture of the most recent place they traveled to, or even a picture of their pets. The purpose of picture sharing is to help other team members understand each other’s interests through the images they share. Through this activity, they’ll be able to break the ice and develop a more connected team relationship.

Online games

Any online game is a good way of improving team communication and dynamics. Most video games on the internet require the input of two or more players to win the game. Games like Among Us and Town of Salem are good ways to build your team’s relationship. Through these games, they’ll be able to practice their communication and, at the same time, relieve some of the stress and tension they’ve been getting from working at home.

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How Do I Make My Family Vacation Memorable?Printing

How Do I Make My Family Vacation Memorable?


The memories leftover from a family vacation holds the potential to last a lifetime. Your children may boast about it for years to come and look back on those fond times as one of the most pleasurable and bonding experiences of your tribe’s time together. So what can you do to make the absolute most out of your time away together? Let’s get into it.

How Do I Make My Family Vacation Memorable?

Exploring a new part of this vast blue planet with your loved ones is an exciting adventure in and of itself. However, there are ways you can amplify this time to its fullest potential. Even if you have small children, with meticulous planning, you can be sure to set yourself up for a wonderful and memorable time. Let’s look into some ways you can create the most unforgettable family vacay.

Planning your trip is essential

First and foremost, you want to sit down and do some planning. Map some stuff out at the dinner table. Ideally, you’ll want to do this as a group so everyone’s on the same page and everyone’s voice gets heard. There’s nothing worse than a hormonal teenager who feels like they just got dragged to Disneyland. Speaking of, have you chosen a destination yet? Do you want to stay close to home or travel far? What is everyone’s favorite type of cuisine? What activities, landmarks, or attractions are a no-brainer? What souvenirs are you looking to bring back with you? Do some brainstorming as a unit and highlight the most important aspects for everyone.

Pictures galore

There are so many ways to make a trip more memorable. One of the most obvious ways is taking photos. The more photos, the better. When in doubt, pull your camera out. Did you all just fall in love with that quaint little Airbnb you stayed in for three nights? Take a picture of the whole fam in it. Did you take a lovely trip down to the beach one afternoon? Snap some pics of the sandcastle Timmy molded.

Did you scarf down the most incredible shrimp taco of your life? Well, you get the picture. You can even buy some cheap disposable cameras for your kids. This ensures you’re getting the whole family’s perspectives, not just mom and dad’s. When you get home you can craft up a scrapbook or photo album for the whole family’s experience. Pull it out together decades later and have a laugh about the time Sarah got stung by that jellyfish. Sometimes the challenges make for the most laughs down the line.

Souvenirs are always worth it

Bringing back tangible objects is another excellent way to keep the memories flowing for years. Find a hilarious postcard at the National Park gift shop? Send it back home to yourself. It’ll be a wonderful memento when you get back home when you’re feeling those post-vacay blues. Find some unique sand dollars or rocks at the ocean? Put it in your purse and bring them back on the plane. Find a cool trinket at that small cottage nestled in the mountains? Display it on your coffee table when you get home. It may bring a smile to your face on a particularly rough day. Matching family t-shirts can also be a wonderful souvenir.

You can either make some before the vacation even begins or you can buy some wherever you choose to go. For example, get some #squadgoals shirts for the whole fam, including baby Kiera. Not only is it adorable, but it’s a smart way to make sure nobody gets lost. Or maybe that’s not your jam. If not, you can get some custom matching shirts when you get home. All those pictures we talked about? Scrap the scrapbook idea and put that jellyfish picture on some clothing. It’ll make for a wonderful conversation starter.

Making memories that last a lifetime

At the end of the day, what’s most important on a family trip is that everyone’s having a blast. Whether that’s taking ridiculously silly pics, planning out an activity that the entire family can enjoy, or hanging on to that strange beach rock. These are sure ways to bring entertaining and unforgettable moments to your time together. It’s no surprise that family vacations can get pricey, especially with little ones. Why not make the most out of it? Making sure it’s not only a wonderful time but also indelible is more than possible with these simple tips. So, happy planning, happy vacationing, and happy remembering!

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We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

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Work Dress Codes Are ChangingPrinting

Work Dress Codes

After several months of WFH (work-from-home) life, many of us have gotten attached to the “sweatpants, yoga pants, and baggy t-shirt” life. Now that we’re finally easing our way back into the office, our work dress codes may be shifting as well. Going back to a strict, uncomfortable, and formal dress code is a daunting idea for those who have been seeking comfort in a time of uncertainty. Let’s look into the possible new and changing landscape of the work dress code.

Work Dress Codes

The history of dress codes

It’s no secret that the way we dress for work (and even in general) continues to evolve throughout history. In fact, many of the changes have taken place after major world events, such as World Wars. COVID-19 is no exception here. A perfect example would be Australia after WWII. Dr. Lorinda Cramer, a researcher at the Australian Catholic University’s National School of the Arts explains, “one of the reasons we saw major changes in dress code following World War II was because the clothing industry was in very short supply. Australia had been subject to austerity measures since 1942 that included the rationing of food and fuel, but also clothing.”

When soldiers came back from war, they were supposed to be given a civvy suit (a not-so-comfortable three-piece suit). However, Australians could not keep up with the demands of these suits. Due to the shortages, many were speculating if more comfortable clothing should be adopted. With London being their main style inspiration, it was time to think outside the box. This led them to turn to California and American leisurewear, which looked like sportswear, jackets, trousers, woolen cardigans, and jumpers. Ultimately, history shows us that our fashion and dress codes often change and evolve through major upheavals.

Dress codes today

Fast forward to 2021 (still in the lingering effects of a global pandemic), we’re needing to open up the dress code conversation. While slippers and robes will most likely never be appropriate for the workplace, the least employers can do during this time is create more flexible and diverse rules around what we wear. Even if it’s just for the sake of productivity. Employees are more likely to churn out quality work and remain productive when they’re comfortable. Fortunately, the pandemic has paved the way for this topic.

One important step in discovering what will work best for your company will be solidifying your values. The way that your team dresses should reflect your brand. Are you a company dedicated to reliability and conservatism? Keeping clothes neutral and more traditional will showcase that. Are you a more innovative, artistic, and diverse brand? Allow your employees to explore weird patterns and flamboyant colors. Balancing the embodiment of the culture of the organization with the comfortability of its employees should be of utmost importance. It’s doesn’t need to be one or the other.

Even the finance sector is changing (a sector with some of the most strict and conservative standards in all of history). For example, Morgan Stanley is now allowing sneakers instead of loafers. Personal shopper Jessica Cadmus and Stanford professor Richard Ford believe there’s a thin line to walk here, however. “There’s been this message that things are headed in a more casual direction, but you have to read between the lines,” Cadmus said.

The call for comfort

COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed the world in a myriad of ways. The way that we show up at our place of work is among one of them. It is now necessary for many companies to re-evaluate their work dress codes in order to keep up with the new needs of the working world. Creating more flexibility and freedom should now be balanced with how a brand or business chooses to portray itself to clients and customers. Many are choosing to give out custom T-shirts featuring the company logo to workers. Gone are the days where employees feel uncomfortable in their tight suits or heels while tackling a difficult problem in the boardroom. Before the pandemic, the rebels were the ones wearing the elastic waistbands. Now the rebels will most likely be wearing a full face of makeup and designer brands. What a time to be alive.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

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Which One Is Better: Sweatshirt or Hoodie (And the Difference)Printing

sweatshirt or hoodie

Choosing between a sweatshirt and a hoodie can quickly become a conundrum. Both are different things and when you’re overloaded with options in both categories, it’s easy to feel slightly overwhelmed. Before we move on to which one is better, let’s first talk about the differences between a sweatshirt and a hoodie.

Which One Is Better: Sweatshirt or Hoodie (And the Difference)

What’s the difference between a sweatshirt and a hoodie?

Both sweatshirts and hoodies are garments to keep the body warm. Both of them are usually made of similar fabrics and have similar looks. However, that’s where the similarities end. The most common difference and one that you probably know of is that hoodies have a corded hood. On the other hand, sweatshirts don’t have a hood.


A sweatshirt is a collarless garment that’s generally made out of cotton blend material or heavy cotton fabric. Sweatshirts have no buttons, zippers, hooks, or pockets. It is common for sweatshirts to have slightly more open collars.


Hoodies are, in some ways, sweatshirts with a hood attached. Hoodie features include kangaroo pockets or a full zipper, unlike sweatshirts. Hoodies have a closed neck and are typically warmer than sweatshirts.

Figurative differences

There are connotations attached to both sweatshirts and hoodies. The first step to figuring out which one is best for you is to understand what they’re figuratively seen as. Sweatshirts are seen as normal sportswear. A sweatshirt is also a type of staple workwear. It’s simpler and helps you blend in easier.

Hoodies were created to keep workers warm (by the same company that created sweatshirts as well – to absorb sweat). However, they became popular when graffiti artists started using hoodies with larger hoods to hide their faces from law enforcement while tagging or spraying. Culturally, both hoodies and sweatshirts are very different types of fashionwear. However, you don’t have to be reduced to a cultural anecdote. Hoodies are also used by people who simply prefer comfort and additional warmth.

Which one is better?

It’s easiest to compare hoodies and sweatshirts on specific qualities. Let’s take a look.

  1. Print: Usually, hoodies tend to have more elaborate prints. On the other hand, sweatshirts are classically plain.
  2. Warming: Hoodies provide better protection against the cold because of the closed neck, adjustable hood, and length.
  3. Fitting: A sweatshirt tends to fit better in general. Typically hoodies are worn loose. However, exceptions exist.
  4. Options: Usually, sweatshirts have more fabric, color, and branding options than hoodies.


Comfort is a very personal quality. Some believe hoodies are more comfortable, while others find the sweatshirt to be more comfortable. Because comfort is a personal preference, we can’t really call one superior to the other. Go with your gut feeling!

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

Stop by any day of the week or contact us for a great Omaha Custom Shirts & T-Shirts Nebraska, sweatshirt, or hoodie! Adult unisex, youth, baby, and women’s apparel available.

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Zoom Halloween Costume IdeasPrinting

Zoom Halloween Costume

Some people look forward to Halloween all year round, while others hate the spookiest holiday of the year. Some adults find themselves in positions where they essentially have no choice but to dress up for Halloween so they aren’t considered rude. What’s true in person remains the same for a Zoom Halloween costume. However, because there is a very good chance that the rest of your team will only see your upper body, you can potentially cut some corners.

Zoom Halloween Costume Ideas

Have you considered dressing up as a witch, ghost, vampire, mummy, or clown? You could definitely do that, but depending on the size of your Zoom team, you’ll probably be in the company of at least three others in very similar costumes. While few Halloween costume ideas are truly original, here are some fun dress-up ideas for a Zoom Halloween.


All you need is a Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, binoculars, a camera, and (maybe) a suitcase. It’s funny because you’ll be calling in from your home, the least touristy place possible.


Do you have makeup skills, or does someone else in your family? Bonus points if you have some great dance moves and can do a hilarious impression of “Spooky Scary Skeletons.”


Although pirate Halloween costumes are also a dime a dozen, the idea that you’re a pirate on the internet adds some hilarious pun potential.

Your favorite animal

If your favorite animal is a cat, this can be done with as little as some eyeliner and ears. Other types of animals can require more effort.


The lazy can don Anonymous masks and call it a day. If you want to turn it into a performance, start with a scary video.

Your favorite superhero

Store-bought costumes are usually easy to come by in this category. However, you could also go the homemade route. For instance, you can recreate Peter Parker’s first Spider-Man “suit” from Spider-Man Homecoming.

Your nickname

Those who want to get more creative and have earned themselves a nickname at work might be able to come up with a truly unique Zoom Halloween costume idea. If your coworkers call you “Banana”, “Cupcake”, or “Bossypants”, for instance, you know what to do next!


We know that some top low-effort Halloween costumes include “remote worker”, “tired dad”, and “soccer mom”, but hear us out. You can absolutely make this fun if your costume is a caricature of yourself. Do you want to portray a distance worker in their PJs? Don’t just wear your regular work outfit. Instead, buy luxury pajamas, do your best to make your hair look like you just got out of bed, drink coffee from a gallon-sized mug, and draw bags under your eyes.

Partner & Family Costumes

Are you getting on the Halloween Zoom call with your partner or your entire family? If so, you could earn bonus points for coordinating your Halloween costumes. Go as opposites — night and day, angel and devil, a Jedi and a Sith, or cat and mouse. Or match up, and be a whole family of busy bees, Avengers, firefighters, or elves. You could even coordinate with your coworkers and make sure that everyone’s costumes follow the same theme.

At the end of the day, it is all about having fun. You’ll want to impress some of the other people on your Zoom call with the quality of your costume. However, don’t stress yourself out while trying to decide your costume. The general rule is that most Halloween costumes that look good in person can shine on Zoom as well. That is unless they heavily rely on the lower body. Just to be sure, though, test how your costume looks on video beforehand so you can make any adjustments you need to well ahead of time.

With all those options to consider, you might still be looking for an easy solution. Costume T-shirts are simple to make with our custom printing service! Whatever your idea is, from simple text to a funny face, we can make it happen.

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We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

Stop by any day of the week or contact us for a great Omaha Custom Shirts & T-Shirts Nebraska, sweatshirt, or hoodie! Adult unisex, youth, baby, and women’s apparel available.

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Are Sweatshirts in Style?Printing

sweatshirts in style

The better question might be, have sweatshirts ever gone out of style? Sweatshirts are not just timeless, they are season-less too. What makes sweatshirts appealing is their comfort and versatility. The versatility of sweatshirts allows for them to be dressed up or dressed down. They also pair wonderfully with a wide range of other garments and accessories. Today, many brands label sweatshirts as athleisure wear.

Are Sweatshirts in Style?

Sweatshirt Girls

Sweatshirts are yet another piece of clothing that girls have cheekily commandeered from men. Sweatshirts have most definitely become an indispensable part of any woman’s wardrobe. Truth be told, most girls would love to spend their day cozied up in a sweatshirt, pajamas, and socks. The wonderful thing about today’s sweatshirt styles is their versatility. Sweatshirts are great for pairing with jeans, leggings, sweatpants, and even shorts. They can be used to make a statement, with slogans, bright colors, and pictures, or be plain to emphasize your accessories like a necklace worn over the shirt.

Sweatshirt styles have evolved to now include different lengths, ranging from cropped, below waist, and waist-length. Some have wrist-length sleeves and others have long sleeves for rolling up or keeping hands warm. Sweatshirts are girl-friendly as they are kind to all body shapes.

Sweatshirt Boys

Actor Paul Newman set the trend for sweatshirts back in the 1950s and 60s, by wearing them with jeans and to red-carpet events. He had a natural sexiness and style which made wearing sweatshirts sexy. Don’t believe us? Just ask the girls about this blue-eyed heartthrob.

The reason sweatshirts work well for men, apart from being comfortable and stylish, is that they are forgiving to all body shapes. They can help any guy look at least a little athletic and casually chic. Sweatshirts look great on everyone. Hoodie sweatshirts look stylish with jeans and dress shoes or sneakers and also under a denim or leather jacket.

Up and Down

The advantage of sweatshirts, in addition to being a practical and great way to layer, is that they can be dressed up or down.

Up for the girls

For girls, plain sweatshirts, with the cuffs rolled back or sleeves pushed up, look good with three-quarter (cropped) plain and khaki pants, with plain or classic white sneakers. Consider accessorizing with a funky, chunky matching necklace and bracelet for a fun smart-casual look.

For a classier, more modest look, accessorize with a slender gold or silver necklace and bracelet. Print and tie-dye sweatshirts also work well as part of this pairing. Matching the sweatshirt and sneaker color with plain pants creates a neater and tidier look. This style is sure to give off an air of quiet confidence.

Up for the boys

The best way for boys to dress up a plain sweatshirt is to trade sneakers for leather shoes when wearing jeans. Consider rolling the sleeves up to expose a classy watch. For a smart-casual look, pair a printed sweatshirt with faded, but not ripped, jeans and plain colored sneakers. Another way men can dress up a sweatshirt is to add a leather waist-length jacket. Lastly, a plain sweatshirt worn with a sports coat, chinos, and dress shoes, creates a smart-casual look.

Golden Sweatshirt Rules

There are four golden rules for sweatshirts. Firstly, sweatshirts have crew necks, not V necks. Secondly, sweatshirts are never tucked into pants. Thirdly, a sweatshirt must be comfortable to wear. Fourthly, you must feel comfortable when wearing a sweatshirt. If it’s not you, it’s not you. When it comes to wearing sweatshirts there is no such thing as suffering at the hands of fashion. Be comfy and you will be happy, no sweat.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

Stop by any day of the week or contact us for a great Omaha Custom Shirts & T-Shirts Nebraska, sweatshirt, or hoodie! Adult unisex, youth, baby, and women’s apparel available.

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How to Avoid Holiday Shopping DelaysPrinting

holiday shopping delays

Although holiday shopping Pre-Black Friday and Cyber Monday may seem strange, you might want to consider starting early this year. One indication as to why you might want to start shopping is that some of the big retailers are already promoting their Black Friday deals and holiday pricing specials. There is a major concern that there will be limited stock available for the holiday rush because of global supply chain issues and labor shortages. In this article, we will discuss ways in which you can avoid holiday shopping delays this year.

How to Avoid Holiday Shopping Delays

Covid Closures

Up at the North Pole, the elves are proving rather resilient and immune to the COVID-19 pandemic. Elsewhere, many manufacturers have had to shut down or temporarily suspend operations. This is just a glimpse into the COVID 19 pandemic’s effect on manufacturing.

Shipping Delays

Whilst Santa’s Workshop is doing its best to fulfill orders, it seems that delays will be experienced in shipping and sleighing because of COVID. There just simply aren’t enough hands on deck at the shipping container yards, and there aren’t enough reindeer, or truckers, to get the supply chain moving. The likes of the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS might also struggle to meet holiday shipping deadlines.

One per Customer

In an effort to spread Christmas cheer, some retailers will implement a policy that allows customers to buy only one of a particular item at a time. While this is a generous gesture on the part of retailers, it doesn’t guarantee that there will be enough of the trendy stuff to go around. This is all the more reason to kick off your holiday shopping season now.

Put your shopping skates on

Just remember it’s not just you and yours who want to avoid delays and disappointment. There are things that can be done straight away.

Order online

The best way to avoid holiday shopping delays is to shop early and take advantage of early Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. If retailers can’t meet your request on the actual days, you should be near the top of their list for backorders before Christmas.

Bargain hunt

If you usually wait until goods are being discounted just before Christmas, search for suppliers or retailers offering discounted prices now. Consider searching for holiday price match deals. This is a tactic employed by retailers to undercut the competition and it seems to start earlier and earlier each year.

Extra Wish list

Encourage your gift recipients to give you up to three gift ideas. This will increase the likelihood of finding at least one of them, and still bring a smile and Christmas cheer. The added benefit of this approach is that there is more chance of sticking to a budget. This will allow you to avoid the hyper-inflated prices of the more trendy items. Chances are these items will be cheaper after the holidays. Prices will also start going up as the limited supply of shipping will cost retailers more.

Festive Flexibility

Limited availability means choices on store shelves can be limited. This means model version, style and color choices may need to be flexible in line with what’s available. Brand preference may also have to get buried in the snow as might some specifications.

Shop outside the box

Try a combination of shopping tactics. Mix up online with in-store. Order for pick-up in store, or curbside pick-up, even at the mall. This will broaden your chances for success and save on delivery costs which Santa would appreciate.

Make Your Gift

Look for opportunities to custom make a gift! You can get crafty with things around the house. On the other hand, our custom T-shirt printing offers an easy solution for getting creative with your gift giving!

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz | Custom Design Tees inside Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE

We print Custom Shirts in full photo color, have no setup fees, and don’t charge for additional colors. The price you see is the price you pay for your completed shirts. And don’t worry about the cheap T-shirt Printing & Design. We carry the highest quality Gildan brand shirts available.

Stop by any day of the week or contact us for a great Omaha Custom Shirts & T-Shirts Nebraska, sweatshirt, or hoodie! Adult unisex, youth, baby, and women’s apparel available.

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