How Important is Brand Marketing?

Branding is a form of marketing that incorporates the name, logo, symbol, or sign or a company that differentiates a product or service that a business offers, or the business as a whole. Popular examples of branding include Nike’s “swoosh” symbol and their “Just Do It” slogan and McDonald’s Golden Arches and “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan. Branding has always been an important part of marketing, but in today’s day-and-age, it’s more important than ever. Why?

Why is Brand Marketing Important?

Branding allows companies to distinguish themselves and the products or services they offer from other businesses. A logo and slogan – the primary elements of branding – allows you to convey the message of your business to your target market; it also helps to make an impression on your audience, giving them something memorable to associate with your business. In other words, branding lets you set yourself apart from the competition and clearly illustrates what you offer.

In other words, branding helps to establish a clear message about your business and creates a perception of your business. It not only helps to attract new customers but it also aids in customer retention; hence why brand marketing is so crucial to your success.

Brand Marketing Increases Recognition

Brand marketing helps to establish brand recognition; it’s how consumers come to know your business. Take the above-mentioned example of Nike, for example; as soon as most people hear the slogan “Just Do It” or see that “swoosh” symbol, Nike automatically comes to mind.

Sets You Apart from the Crowd

Branding also helps to set your business apart from the crowd. It lets customers know what you offer, what you represent, and the type of products, services, and quality they can expect to receive when they do business with you.

Attracts New Customers

If it’s done correctly, brand marketing can help to attract new customers. A visually appealing, attention-grabbing logo combined with a catchy slogan that relates to what your business stands for and offers can instantly set your company apart from the crowd and draw the interest of new clients.

Establishes Loyal Customers

Lastly, brand marketing is important because it can turn new customers into loyal customers. If your brand marketing is on-point, your business will automatically come to mind when consumers are in need of the products and services you offer.

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