Zoom Halloween Costume

Some people look forward to Halloween all year round, while others hate the spookiest holiday of the year. Some adults find themselves in positions where they essentially have no choice but to dress up for Halloween so they aren’t considered rude. What’s true in person remains the same for a Zoom Halloween costume. However, because there is a very good chance that the rest of your team will only see your upper body, you can potentially cut some corners.

Zoom Halloween Costume Ideas

Have you considered dressing up as a witch, ghost, vampire, mummy, or clown? You could definitely do that, but depending on the size of your Zoom team, you’ll probably be in the company of at least three others in very similar costumes. While few Halloween costume ideas are truly original, here are some fun dress-up ideas for a Zoom Halloween.


All you need is a Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, binoculars, a camera, and (maybe) a suitcase. It’s funny because you’ll be calling in from your home, the least touristy place possible.


Do you have makeup skills, or does someone else in your family? Bonus points if you have some great dance moves and can do a hilarious impression of “Spooky Scary Skeletons.”


Although pirate Halloween costumes are also a dime a dozen, the idea that you’re a pirate on the internet adds some hilarious pun potential.

Your favorite animal

If your favorite animal is a cat, this can be done with as little as some eyeliner and ears. Other types of animals can require more effort.


The lazy can don Anonymous masks and call it a day. If you want to turn it into a performance, start with a scary video.

Your favorite superhero

Store-bought costumes are usually easy to come by in this category. However, you could also go the homemade route. For instance, you can recreate Peter Parker’s first Spider-Man “suit” from Spider-Man Homecoming.

Your nickname

Those who want to get more creative and have earned themselves a nickname at work might be able to come up with a truly unique Zoom Halloween costume idea. If your coworkers call you “Banana”, “Cupcake”, or “Bossypants”, for instance, you know what to do next!


We know that some top low-effort Halloween costumes include “remote worker”, “tired dad”, and “soccer mom”, but hear us out. You can absolutely make this fun if your costume is a caricature of yourself. Do you want to portray a distance worker in their PJs? Don’t just wear your regular work outfit. Instead, buy luxury pajamas, do your best to make your hair look like you just got out of bed, drink coffee from a gallon-sized mug, and draw bags under your eyes.

Partner & Family Costumes

Are you getting on the Halloween Zoom call with your partner or your entire family? If so, you could earn bonus points for coordinating your Halloween costumes. Go as opposites — night and day, angel and devil, a Jedi and a Sith, or cat and mouse. Or match up, and be a whole family of busy bees, Avengers, firefighters, or elves. You could even coordinate with your coworkers and make sure that everyone’s costumes follow the same theme.

At the end of the day, it is all about having fun. You’ll want to impress some of the other people on your Zoom call with the quality of your costume. However, don’t stress yourself out while trying to decide your costume. The general rule is that most Halloween costumes that look good in person can shine on Zoom as well. That is unless they heavily rely on the lower body. Just to be sure, though, test how your costume looks on video beforehand so you can make any adjustments you need to well ahead of time.

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