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The pandemic sure did a number on us. Everyone’s way of living was significantly affected, including their work arrangements. For most office or corporate workers, their work arrangement has shifted from face-to-face towards working from home. The work-from-home arrangement means that they will be doing their office work in the confines of their own home.

Working from home can help you be safe from the virus, but it also means that you are disconnected from your workmates and peers. Without much interaction with other people, there is a chance that your team’s dynamics or the company’s efficiency may be affected. Research has shown that fewer social interactions can contribute to less output and degraded work quality.

Work From Home Team Building Activities

As a way to prevent this and strengthen the unity between work-from-home team members, companies initiate and facilitate team-building activities. Unlike usual team building, WFH team building activities are games, sports, and other recreational activities that don’t require you to physically meet with each other. Nonetheless, WFH activities are fun and can help you improve team interaction.

If you’re looking for a work-from-home team-building activity that you could do with your co-workers, then you might want to check out the list below. (Caution: They are really fun to do!)

Custom shirts

Before you and your team even participate in WFH activities, wearing customized matching shirts is a good way to create a feeling of belongingness and unity in the group. The shirt’s design does not have to be complicated. Its design can simply be the name of your department, the initials of your names, or an object that signifies your department.

Its motif can also be a “punny” rendition of your company’s name, an inside joke, or even something totally random. The shirt’s design is completely up to what your team wants. If thinking about a shirt’s design is too hectic, you can also decide on a particular color to wear on the team building day.

Reaching out to them for the shirt’s design is also a good way of getting to know them better and building communication. Through custom shirts, you’ll be able to improve your team dynamics even before the team building day!

Two truths and a lie

The game’s premise is simple. Your team decides on the order of who goes first. Then, the selected person has to tell two truths about themselves and one lie while the other team members decide which of their statements are true or false. The team members guess them one-by-one, and whoever gets the correct answer first gets 3 points.

If no one can guess which of their statements is the lie, the selected person gets 5 points. So, it is up to the person to tell whether the most extravagant truth or most convincing lie. The game moves on to the next person and the cycle repeats for a specified number of rounds. Whoever has the most points by the end of all the rounds wins the game.

Aside from improving team communication, two truths and one lie is also a good way of finding out new things about your co-workers.

Picture sharing

This activity requires team members to share the most recent photo they took with their camera or phone. However, the activity’s premise can be changed to whatever you want. It can either be the picture they love, their picture with their loved ones, a picture of the most recent place they traveled to, or even a picture of their pets. The purpose of picture sharing is to help other team members understand each other’s interests through the images they share. Through this activity, they’ll be able to break the ice and develop a more connected team relationship.

Online games

Any online game is a good way of improving team communication and dynamics. Most video games on the internet require the input of two or more players to win the game. Games like Among Us and Town of Salem are good ways to build your team’s relationship. Through these games, they’ll be able to practice their communication and, at the same time, relieve some of the stress and tension they’ve been getting from working at home.

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