Why are School Mascots Important?

Does your school have a mascot(s)? There’s a good chance your school sports teams have one, but why? Team mascots are a form of branding stretching back to the late 1800s and are still popular in commerce and society. Mascots are about sociability and recognition, making them the ideal ambassador for high schools and colleges across the United States.

Why are School Mascots Important?

Mascots give a personalized feeling to an institution, providing relatable figures students can use to familiarize themselves with the rest of the student population and the institution’s values. Students relate and identify with the mascot, making them feel like they belong to the student body and school.

Mascots are everywhere, every school has them, and every sports program relies on them to rally the students to support their team and school. Next time you are at a school sporting event, look around. There is a good chance you will find a mascot!

What are the Advantages of Having a School Mascot?

There are several advantages to having a school mascot. Whether it’s a high school or a college, the same rules and benefits apply to mascots.

  • The college and high school mascots are an identifiable symbol of the school. Students on campus and people in the local community all recognize and identify with it.
  • School mascots promote and increase awareness of services and programs with the student body and community.
  • A school mascot will engage the school staff, students, and alumni.
  • The mascot encourages everyone to get involved with school spirit and promoting the institution.
  • A school mascot personifies the school’s brand and values.
  • Mascots provide limitless PR and marketing opportunities.

What You Need to Know When Creating a Mascot

So, how do you develop a mascot for your school? Here are some top considerations when designing your mascot, theme, and identity.

  • Get the student body involved in its design and creation.
  • Let the students vote on the design and host a contest to build the community around your mascot development.
  • Think of what you want the mascot to achieve regarding your school’s values and identity.
  • Consider the school’s history and that of the surrounding town or city.
  • Take the elements of the community and apply them to the mascot. For instance, is your town built around a specific industry? Incorporate that into your design.
  • Avoid offensive characterizations; they’ll drive people away and polarize the community.
  • Incorporate your school colors and make them easily identifiable to the students.

School Mascots Involve the Student Body and Community

Your mascot should identify with your school colors, themes, and values and personify its image. With the right mascot, the students will rally around it as a symbol of school pride.

Other opportunities to foster school spirit and a sense of community using your mascot persona include the following.

  • Creating social media content.
  • Appearances at parades and municipal events.
  • Create school clothing, supplies, and gear featuring the mascot’s likeness.

Check out what other schools in the area do with their mascot designs. Look at professional sports teams and get inspiration for design ideas, colors, themes, and other concepts. Your mascot should be unique and personal to your institution. Innovate, don’t imitate, and you’ll discover a mascot design that works.

Additional Information: Nebraska High School Colors and Mascots – NSAA

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