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Choosing between a sweatshirt and a hoodie can quickly become a conundrum. Both are different things and when you’re overloaded with options in both categories, it’s easy to feel slightly overwhelmed. Before we move on to which one is better, let’s first talk about the differences between a sweatshirt and a hoodie.

Which One Is Better: Sweatshirt or Hoodie (And the Difference)

What’s the difference between a sweatshirt and a hoodie?

Both sweatshirts and hoodies are garments to keep the body warm. Both of them are usually made of similar fabrics and have similar looks. However, that’s where the similarities end. The most common difference and one that you probably know of is that hoodies have a corded hood. On the other hand, sweatshirts don’t have a hood.


A sweatshirt is a collarless garment that’s generally made out of cotton blend material or heavy cotton fabric. Sweatshirts have no buttons, zippers, hooks, or pockets. It is common for sweatshirts to have slightly more open collars.


Hoodies are, in some ways, sweatshirts with a hood attached. Hoodie features include kangaroo pockets or a full zipper, unlike sweatshirts. Hoodies have a closed neck and are typically warmer than sweatshirts.

Figurative differences

There are connotations attached to both sweatshirts and hoodies. The first step to figuring out which one is best for you is to understand what they’re figuratively seen as. Sweatshirts are seen as normal sportswear. A sweatshirt is also a type of staple workwear. It’s simpler and helps you blend in easier.

Hoodies were created to keep workers warm (by the same company that created sweatshirts as well – to absorb sweat). However, they became popular when graffiti artists started using hoodies with larger hoods to hide their faces from law enforcement while tagging or spraying. Culturally, both hoodies and sweatshirts are very different types of fashionwear. However, you don’t have to be reduced to a cultural anecdote. Hoodies are also used by people who simply prefer comfort and additional warmth.

Which one is better?

It’s easiest to compare hoodies and sweatshirts on specific qualities. Let’s take a look.

  1. Print: Usually, hoodies tend to have more elaborate prints. On the other hand, sweatshirts are classically plain.
  2. Warming: Hoodies provide better protection against the cold because of the closed neck, adjustable hood, and length.
  3. Fitting: A sweatshirt tends to fit better in general. Typically hoodies are worn loose. However, exceptions exist.
  4. Options: Usually, sweatshirts have more fabric, color, and branding options than hoodies.


Comfort is a very personal quality. Some believe hoodies are more comfortable, while others find the sweatshirt to be more comfortable. Because comfort is a personal preference, we can’t really call one superior to the other. Go with your gut feeling!

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