What to Wear to the Gym?

Did you make it your goal to get to the gym more in 2023? Getting fit and toned after all is one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions each and every year. While your attitude is right, have you thought about what type of workout clothes will be best for you? It helps to have the right attire in the gym to suit whatever your workout of choice might be. This post unpacks what to wear to the gym and gym clothes you should avoid wearing as well. We’ll look at everything you need, from tops to bottoms, shoes, and accessories.

What to Wear to the Gym?

Tanks and T-shirts

Tanks and t-shirts are the first stop on your gym gear shopping list. We recommend starting with a cotton t-shirt, as they are airy and easy to wear. Most of all, cotton t-shirts are affordable. Custom cotton t-shirts in various colors and sizes with a fun design can also help you to stay motivated in the gym all year long.

Wearing a tank top or t-shirt to the gym with a custom design is a great novelty, but there’s a method to the madness. Going to the gym is about staying motivated and maintaining your training schedule throughout the year. There’s nothing like staring into the mirror on your third set of squats to see the slogan “squat harder!” staring back at you in your reflection.

Choose a motivating statement to help you train harder and put it on a custom t-shirt. Wear different shirts for different workout days at the gym. Design a loose-fitting tank top that says, “Cardio Sucks, but I Love It!” and another with “Welcome to the Gun Show” for arm days.

Shorts and Pants

We recommend wearing gym shorts made from a moisture-wicking material for your cardio days in the summer when you’re outside. While winters are still around, however, we suggest sticking to leggings. Leggings come in different cuts for men and women, with many fun prints, colors, and size options.

Leggings that do not hinder range of motion are ideal for cardio. They don’t hang off your legs and cause chaffing or flapping while running or working out on the air bike. Leggings aren’t just for women anymore. There are plenty of options for men too. Not only do leggings feel great, but they also keep your muscles warm and loose.

We recommend buying your leggings in lycra blended fabrics for better moisture-wicking capability. This synthetic composite fabric keeps sweat away from your body while you’re working hard on your favorite cardio machine.

Socks and Shoes

Shoes are a very important part of your training gear. You need the right shoes for cardio, weightlifting, and cross-training. When running on the treadmill, your shoes support your arches. There are several shoe designs for people with flat, high, or intermediate arches. Working out in flip-flops is less than ideal.

Working out in the wrong shoes slows you down and hurts your feet. Ensure you understand what type of feet you have and what shoes suit you best. If you’re planning on working out in the squat rack or deadlifting off the platform, getting some shoes with minimalist soles is a good idea.

Minimalist shoes help you get a better base for lifting weights, helping you progress faster. Running shoes with more elevation in the heels throws you off balance, and you’ll want to lean forward during the squat.

Gym Accessories

Gear Bag

Finally, we finish up with your gym accessories. If you want to shower at the gym, a gear bag holds your sweat towel, a change of clothes, toiletries, and a bath towel. Gym bags are also great because they give you a place to put your protein shaker and supplements for when you finish training.

Sweat Towel

Don’t forget your sweat towel! No one wants to wipe your sweat off the bench when you finish your set. Keep your forehead and the equipment dry, and don’t ruin your reputation with the others around the gym by earning the moniker of the “sweaty guy or girl” no one wants to be around.

Hat or Headband

A headband is good for keeping sweat from running down your face. Hats can also keep sweat at bay, while also hiding a messy hair day. It is also a good idea to wear a hat to the gym when you want people to stay away from you. We all have those days.

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