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Does an invitation to a Christmas dinner sound alarm bells instead of jingle bells? If so, don’t reach for the egg nog just yet. Who invited you? What type of dinner will it be? Are the kids invited? These are the questions to ask before deciding what to wear to Christmas dinner.

Your Christmas dinner outfit might just be a case of layering and choosing the right accessories – flashing Christmas lights and novelties excluded.

What Should I Wear to Christmas Dinner?

The Unknown Hostess

Is the Christmas dinner being hosted by someone you don’t know very well, like a work colleague or an acquaintance? If so, dress up in layers. It is easier to dress down on arrival by removing a layer or accessory. However, it is difficult to dress up on the spot.

Try to keep it simple. For women, this might be a standard midi dress or midi skirt outfit dressed up with a belt or a scarf, or an obvious piece of jewelry. For men, this might be jeans with a nice polo or button-up shirt.

The Friend Hostess

If the Christmas dinner is at a friend’s house, ask what they are wearing. If they say they are wearing something casual, it doesn’t really mean come as you are. As a rule of thumb, ripped jeans and off-the-shoulder shirts or sweaters are a no-go in case there are friends of the hostess you will be meeting for the first time.

A hostess will probably dress up a little to celebrate the festive season, which is quite rightly her prerogative. Therefore, don’t try to compete. Consider packing an apron so you can be a kitchen first responder for your friend.

The Family Hostess

Christmas dinner at grandma’s or your brother’s or sister’s house means chic casual with an emphasis on comfort. Chances are you will get roped into the dinner production.

Refrain from engaging in one-upmanship because of a long-standing sibling rivalry. Don’t worry, grandma and grandpa don’t have favorites. If anything, consider dressing down a little.

A Christmas Day family dinner should be more about the kids, not your plunged neckline and bling. Jeans and a pretty top with pumps are a great outfit idea for Christmas dinner.

Avoid low-rise and hipster pants, as there might be lots of bending and squatting with the kids and their presents. Add glitz by adding a noticeable necklace and bracelet to pair with your favorite earrings.

The Office Dinner

No matter the location – hotel or restaurant – set menu or buffet, classic is called for, ball gowns are not. For a pre-Christmas work dinner, go for Hepburn, not Madonna. Always remember, less is more.

For a work Christmas party outfit, consider a dark, preferably black, tailored, boat-neck, mid-calf length dress, with black or dark heels, and a demure necklace to pair with drop earrings. Long or short sleeves are optional.

Depending on the location, closed shoes and stockings will look stylish and help keep you warm.

Be Your Best Gift

It’s Christmas dinner, not a fashion parade. Just be a good girl and dress nicely for Santa. Be sensible and be thrifty. If you must buy, buy something that you will wear again.

Christmas outfits that are classic, comfy, warm, and kid-proof are the main criteria. Dress for yourself before dressing for others. Be your best gift to yourself this holiday season.

Or Ignore All That and Make a Statement

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