Branded Clothing

Branded clothing makes for a popular promotional avenue for many Omaha bands, local brands or national companies. In addition, those who don’t do it for promotional purposes are buying branded clothing as part of their uniform requirements instead.

Understanding the True Costs of Branded Clothing

A lot of business owners are surprised when they look into custom printing for their brand. They find the process more expensive than they were expecting. Getting a few shirts or jackets printed should be cheap, right?

Not necessarily, and especially not if you want branded clothing to be quality.

Here’s how to understand the true costs of branded clothing.

1: The Raw Product

The first step in the process is to locate the best materials. If you choose the cheapest option, you are bound to end up with problems like skew lines, bad stitching or clothing that pulls apart within a few weeks of wearing them. In most cases, you’re looking for well manufactured and pure material clothing as a base for custom apparel. Yes, it’s worth paying a little extra.

2: The Design

Do you have an existing design for your branded clothing, or do you need to come up with one first? A professional logo or shirt design can be an added expense that a lot of people don’t realize at the start of the process. Sure, you can use another existing design, but what’s the point of branded clothing that relies on something that’s out there already? Consequently, it’s worth the money paying for an original design to match your branded clothing.

3: The Printing

Will your designs be ironed on or printed? There are many ways to do it, with embroidery even being one of the popular options. The way your prints are made is another essential factor that can sometimes affect the cost. While some methods of branding are a little more expensive than others, many of these methods are guaranteed to create a longer-lasting product.

4: The Shipping Provider

Are you partnering up with one single print-on-demand company for your shirt branding, or are you approaching a private company that makes clothing in bulk? This matters, especially for costs, and sometimes it also impacts your shipping. Most POD companies will include the cost of shipping in the final sale price, while creating branded clothing in bulk and shipping them yourself can add a lot of extra costs (and admin) to the process.

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