Top Fonts For Custom T-Shirt Design

The right font style can make, or break, your entire Custom T-shirt Design, so picking the right font for your custom t-shirt design means a lot!

Some designs have little to no text in them, and some designs are made completely out of text.  Regardless of where your design falls on the spectrum, it goes without saying that picking the right font for your design is an important step in the process.

To make the task a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of handy fonts as well as some helpful tips and tricks. With our help, your custom t-shirt design will excite admiring glances instead of baffled stares.

Top Fonts For Custom T-Shirt Design

As you begin your quest for the perfect font, ask yourself these questions when you find a font that you like:

  1. Can I easily read it?
  2. When I show it to someone else, do they struggle to read it? Do they squint?
  3. When I show it to someone else, do they ask me what it says?
  4. Does the font capture the style of my design? Does it reflect my overall message?
  5. Is the font too delicate? If I hold it several feet away, is it still easy to read?

If you’re struggling to find the perfect font, let us make some recommendations. First you need to understand the top most important font categories.

Font Categories

he two most common categories are Serif fonts and Sans Serif fonts. Serif fonts are identified by the characters having “flourishes” on the ends of them, and Sans Serif fonts are the exact opposite – no “flourishes” on the font characters… a more standard block type of font. There are also Script fonts, Brush fonts, Handwritten fonts, Decorative fonts and many other types that we won’t touch on this time around.

Popular Fonts

While there’s a lot more to choosing the exact font than we have time to go into, this should give you some high-level insight to choosing the right font for your custom t-shirt design. There are plenty of resources out there about font pairings, as well as spacing, color emphasis, and more. Whether you decide to go with a type that’s bold, fun, or classic, it should be a font that matches your design, as well as reflects your brand, organization, or group.

Our Most Popular Fonts:

  1. Ad Lib BT
  2. Amatic SC
  3. Blade Runner
  4. Brush Script FS
  5. Collegiate
  6. English Ale
  7. Gilligans Island
  8. Harry P (Yes, as in Harry Potter!)
  9. Interstate
  10. Jester Regular
  11. Libre Baskerville
  12. Oswald
  13. Stencil
  14. Western

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