Top 2017 Custom T-shirt Colors

Finding the right t-shirt for your order of custom printed t-shirts is a HUGE deal. The pressure is on. These days, t-shirts are available in just about any color you can imagine: fuchsia, aqua, maroon, chartreuse, mauve, indigo, cyan, puce, saffron, slate . . . You probably haven’t even heard of all these colors, but you could wear them if you wanted.

A lot of time can be spent narrowing down not only the t-shirt style, but the t-shirt colors. So if you need a certain color for the shirt we are happy to make the best recommendation, but if you are unsure about what t-shirt colors you would like read on.

Top 2017 Custom T-shirt Colors

To make it simple, this list is comprised of the top t-shirt colors for printing and wearing. The most popular t-shirts colors are white, black, navy, gray, and red. White and black, as you might have guessed, are lightyears ahead of the other contenders, and they have been for a very long time. They’re neutrals, after all, so they complement all other colors. Plus, they are considered gender neutral, and they flatter nearly all skin tones and hair colors. White is brighter and a better choice for warmer climates, while black offers a dark appeal and illusory slimming benefits.

If the majority of t-shirts sold these days are either white, black, navy, grey, or red, you might wonder why so many brands choose to offer a selection of 20 or 30 different colors. Although the market for these other colors is not very big, it does exist. Customers appreciate having choices, and some customers request specific and unique colors.

Your Choice

Your choice of color will depend on many things: the selection available, your design, the people you are designing for, and your personal preferences. Although you shouldn’t be afraid of choosing a classic , consider using a color that’s outside-of-the-box to add a bit of pizzazz to your wardrobe.

Omaha Shirts

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