T-Shirt Printing Techniques Are Best In Quality OmahaThere are several methods out there for printing tees. But which one of these t-shirt printing techniques offers the best T-shirt quality? It is actually quite difficult to determine that, because these methods are so different.

Which T-Shirt Printing Techniques Are Best In Quality?

Let’s take a look at each of the five methods so you can see how to choose the right one for you. There is no one method that is superior to other types of printing; there is only a method that is better for what your project is.

Screen Printing

First up is screen printing. This is the most common type of T-shirt design. Screen printing is done with a stencil and nylon mesh and the results in a high quality teacher designs and is fairly simple to do.

Direct to Garment

Direct to garment is a really great method for printing T-shirts from home, but it is a little tougher to learn than some of the other methods out there. The nice thing about direct to garment is that it has a really soft feel after you transfer it that’s because the ink is so than a dozen create extra layers on the shirt.

Heat Press Printing

Another method is heat press printing which is ideal if you only have a few shirts to do. You basically create a design on special paper and then use heat to transfer it to the teacher.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is another method that works well on really light fabrics. It is expensive to set up, and so should be done on a lot of T-shirts at once, and make sure that the material is polyester and not cotton.

Vinyl Transfer

Finally, vinyl cutting is a special type of soft clothing that is cut into shapes or designs, and then this fabric is transferred to a T-shirt with the same heat press method mentioned earlier.

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