T-shirt printing has been around for some time now. Over the past few decades, the printing of t-shirts has shown us many different types of trends and styles. In one of our previous article’s “The History of T-Shirt Printing” we talked about how technological innovations have brought the t-shirt to where it is today.

In this article, we talk about where the t-shirt trend is now, and how it relates to the process of printing.

With multiple colors & designs when using screen-printing and embroidery techniques, custom t-shirt printing can offer a variety of options. Fashion & clothing trends are changing all the time, sometimes as quickly as overnight. For example, “Casual Friday” was a popular trend within organizations that began 10 to 15 years ago. Now the casual movement has grown to include the entire work-week. The easy to wear apparel formerly reserved for weekends is now allowed every day in companies of all sizes nationwide.

This casual-wear trend has forced many retailers to offer more loose fitting comfortable clothes and alternative designs. Effortless styles and fabrics with less structure that offer comfort and value have become a very popular trend. This easy wearing, loose fitting type of style has been the epitome of the change in fashion for the last three to four years. With many types of t-shirt printing services available, creating exciting eye-catching designs and business logos on t-shirts is easy to do. Always comfortable and now part of a popular trend, t-shirts and t-shirt printing may well be the wisest choice to meet many different needs.

T-Shirt Printing Programs

Custom t-shirt printing uses two industry standard design programs for creating graphics for screen-printing. These include Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. A drawing, already printed tee, or any flat image can be scanned to use as the t-shirt’s design. (If it meets the desired print quality standards) Digital printing and art design can also be used to create exactly the type of t-shirt your looking to print.

T-Shirt Printing Techniques

Screen-printing has many techniques when it comes to t-shirt printing. Soft-hand printing is one that can be considered to be in high demand. All-over screen-printing, another popular technique, covers the entire t-shirt, the sleeve, collar, back and front with the art work. Today, this technique has become a standard in the screen-printing industry.  Specialty screen-printing can make nearly any custom t-shirt printing you envision a reality. Several different embroidery choices can further personalize each shirt with your company or organization’s logo or name. With more than thirty specialty inks, people can get exactly what they are looking for in custom t-shirt printing.