Screen Printing Terms Defined: Underbase color Omaha NE custom shirts

If you’re new to screen printing in Omaha, there are a lot of tools, terms, and techniques you’re going to hear about; in fact, you’ve probably heard a lot of them already. Screen printing seems like a simple task – and it is, once you get the hang of it – but until then, all of the information that surrounds the trade can leave you feeling dizzy.

What is Screen Printing Underbase? – Printing on Dark Shirts

Of all the different terms you’ve heard, “underbase” is probably one that has left you scratching your head. What the heck does it mean and should you use it? Below, we’ll shed some light on this important screen printing technique.

Screen Printing Underbase Defined

When you’re screen printing, chances are you aren’t always going to be printing your designs on white fabrics. When you print on a fabric other than white, the color of the designs won’t be as bold; especially if you’re printing on darker colors, like hunter green, navy blue, and black. And that’s where underbase comes in.

Underbase is a layer of white or light colored ink that serves as a base on a dark fabric. The underbase goes where the image you’re planning on screen printing will be positioned. The purpose, as you can probably assume, is to make the colors used to print on top in your designs more vivid. An underbase is like a primer that you would use when painting a wall.
Underbase inks are usually high opacity, and as such, they are flash cured before the screen print is placed on top of them.

Should You Use an Underbase?

Yes! If you are planning on printing on dark colored fabrics, you should definitely use an underbase. You might worry that the underbase ink will be visible through the screen printed design; but, if it’s applied properly, it won’t be noticeable.
With an underbase, an images you print on dark fabrics will appear just as bright and brilliant as they would if they were printed on white!

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