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Word-of-mouth makes for one of the best advertising campaigns you can get if you are a business or brand who needs to be heard — or seen. There’s nothing that can get people talking quite as much as T-shirts or polo shirts with your company logo on it.

Choosing the Right Polo Shirt For Your Company Logo

Polo shirt + Company Logo: If you have an especially eye-catching company logo, putting it on a polo shirt can greatly boost your business. Here’s how to make sure that you choose the right polo shirt to fit your company logo branding campaign.

The Right Material

Polo shirts are usually made from 100% cotton or polyester – but this doesn’t mean that all of them are those materials. This is the first thing you should look into. Ensure that the base shirt you’re using is high-quality material that won’t fade or tarnish with time before you stick your logo on it. This way, you know your custom polo shirts can last for decades – and so can promotion for your business or brand.

The Right Shirt

Choose the right type of shirt for your needs. In most cases, polo shirts are both casual and comfortable for men and women – and in some cases, they can even be formal. This is part of why we’re recommending polo shirts – but of course if any other type of shirt meets your needs or style better, feel free to go for it.

The Right Logo

Make sure that your logo is eye-catching – and for some companies, this can mean getting in the help of a design company who can assist. They can also usually help to ensure that the logo is a high quality image, which helps when it gets printed or sewn on to the shirt. Low-quality images will make for lower quality shirts. Hire a professional to make sure that your shirt makes the cut.

The Right Company

Partner up with the right printing company, and compare a few before you settle on any one of the available options. Choose one that provides high quality shirts, excellent service and speedy delivery – and remember that not all print-on-demand companies out there offer worldwide shipping.

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