Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing is one of the most powerful ways to market. However, when it is badly executed, it can also be one of the worst. There are many tried-and-tested personalized marketing techniques out there. For example, custom t-shirts can be one of the best.

Personalized Marketing: What Works & What Doesn’t – and Why Custom Shirts Work!

Everyone has a favorite T-shirt in their collection. If you were to take a closer look at these shirts, you’ll also notice that most of these shirts are branded.

Branded shirts have always been a popular marketing item. Often, they’re being blasted out of a t-shirt gun at a rock concert or being shipped to fans in the mail.

If you want your brand to go places, one of the best things you can do is to put your logo on a shirt. Here’s why you should give traditional personalized marketing items a miss and opt for shirts instead.

Everyone Loves a Gift

Everyone loves getting something for free. This single sentence describes why corporate and branded gifts are always a great idea. Furthermore, people love gifts. When gifts have both your brand’s name and theirs it creates a unique association that will have them thinking of your brand for years.

Popular brands such as Coca-Cola achieved popularity by pushing their universal marketing plan to the point where almost everyone in the world can associate the logo with the brand. What’s your favorite branded item from Coca-Cola? Everyone has one. Yes, they’ve done many shirts through the years, too.

Corporate gifts work because the association between the brand and name is a powerful one. Whenever they see the item, they’ll imagine your brand. That’s why they work.

Traditional Marketing Items: Stolen, Lost or Forgotten

Corporate gifts don’t always go well. Many times, corporate gifts can find their way into the junk drawer for the person who has a million more key chains with branding just like it. Going into the junk drawer is exactly what you want to avoid when putting money and time into a practical marketing campaign. Instead, most brands or influencers would prefer to give people something they can use instead of something they can forget about.

That’s part of why shirts work so well as a personalized corporate gift item.

Shirts Are Universal

Shirts are universal. In addition, a good shirt can last for decades. This means that shirts are something everyone can use. Therefore, if you have your branding on a shirt, your branding has the power to get around without you having to do much. Giving someone a branded shirt can mean that your brand still has influence in five or ten years – and you didn’t have to print another line or shirts; someone just had to wear one and go somewhere!

Shirts and Social Media

Social media has only added to the power of the shirt. Where before social media, someone would only get to see branded shirts when someone wore it, things are different today. With social media, pictures of someone in a branded shirt can easily go viral – and suddenly, everyone is seeing the shirt or typing the brand name into Google.

Shirts can also be given away in contests or incorporated into other social media marketing campaigns. Likewise, shirts and social media can work well together.


Producing branded shirts isn’t something that has to be expensive – in fact, it’s become so easy that it doesn’t require any serious money investment from the company doing it. Print-on-demand services mean that all you have to do is upload a design and click print; larger POD companies are doing the rest of the work in terms of sourcing, production, and shipping – while you get to enjoy the benefits of branded shirts.

Universal Shipping

Limited edition items and corporate gifts are usually only available to a select few countries when it comes to things like “gift bags.” This is because producing and shipping them can be an added cost, meaning that it’s just easier to restrict deliveries. Shirts are easier and cheaper to produce. Because they additionally rely on larger POD companies, shipping them internationally often becomes easier – and it could mean that your brand has further more impressive reach.

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