Why You Need Custom Screen Printing

Custom screen printing services are great because they can help any business or group look like a million bucks—without actually needing that kind of budget. Custom t-Shirts win again. They’re colorful, comfortable, and people love them. Most people cannot pass up a t-shirt. Whatever your custom apparel need is, screen printing can help you make it happen.

Reasons why you need custom screen printing

Screen printing is the most popular method of garment decoration. It’s also very affordable and is a highly economical and efficient method for printing in bulk.

  1. Cost. Believe it or not, getting T-shirts printed with something custom on them is actually cheaper than going to the store and buying a pre-made shirt! If you can get something that has a personal touch it will mean more to your group/team/staff and it costs less too! That’s a double – win!
  2. Branding. You may think this point only has to do with business owners and outfitting their employees, but the effects of branding go way beyond that!
  3. Custom made T-shirts help your company stand out in the crowd. The fact is, a well-designed custom T-shirt with a great logo and an inspired saying can do more for your business than a big billboard, especially if enough people are wearing it.

Tips to make your custom screen printing job work for you

  1. Placement – Do you want your design to cover the entire back of a t-shirt, or would you prefer it to be a small logo on the front? Centered or off to one side? Choose what you think looks best, but be careful to avoid any potentially awkward placement.
  2. Size – Bigger may be better, but when it comes to screen printing custom designs, well, there’s no easy answer. If your design has a lot of details or small text, be sure it’ll be printed large enough to be legible, or you may want to rethink your design.

  3. Color and Design – When choosing the color of your shirt, think about it in relation to the colors of your design that will be printed on it. This will affect how stiff the print is, as well as the price.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz

We specialize in custom screen printing, and designing custom t-Shirts in Omaha Nebraska. You can usually have your very own made custom t-shirts today!

The process of creating, printing, and designing custom t-shirts in Omaha typically takes under 15 minutes per print. Saying we print same day is an understatement.