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Customized company t-shirts are a great way to promote and market your business with minimal investment. For small businesses, hobby shops, or even crafters, t-shirts can get your name out there without little to no effort and promote your product. Even large companies with advanced marketing strategies can benefit from t-shirts with their logo or services being distributed among the masses.

How To Market Your Business Using T-Shirts

If you have a business that offers multiple products or even multiple services, creating a t-shirt line for each service is an affordable way to market to different sets of customers. Using t-shirts to promote your business is a great idea, however, there is an art to doing it in a way that actually brings you new clients. We have a few tips and tricks to help you use t-shirts to market your business effectively.

Host A Social Media Contest

Social media is the best way to market your brand online. With the popularity of “merch” on the rise, it makes sense to create custom t-shirts for your company merchandise line. Consider hosting a contest where your followers help create a new design for your company t-shirts. This will get your clients and new users to engage directly with your brand. When they like and share their submissions, your brand will gain more traction in the market. Consider offering t-shirts as prizes for the top contributors as well. Not only will your fan base wear your branding when they wear your t-shirts, but their engagement will bring in new customers at the same time.

Give Away T-Shirts Our To Your Employees

If you have a retail location, consider making company t-shirts a part of your regular uniform. You can have a simple logo on the front and back or even create seasonal designs that feature your current promotions. When your employees are interacting with customers, they will see your branding more often than simply at checkout. Also, when your employee is on break or traveling to and from work, people will see your company info which can generate interest.

Aside from work uniforms, consider giving your staff t-shirts as holiday gifts. They will wear them in their off-work hours which can create residual marketing for your brand. Make sure to use high-quality printing and fabrics so your staff actually enjoy wearing your marketing tool.

Sponsor A School Event

Kids and teens make up some of the world’s most prolific spenders. Even if they are not purchasing directly, their parents are buying things on their behalf. Schools are always in need of funding. In other words, a great way to help kids and help market your business is by sponsoring a local event. You make t-shirts to pass out to participants or even have volunteers wear your branding during the event.

This will get your logo and your business in front of parents, teachers, and even the media. As long as your products and services are kid-friendly, there is no reason why you can’t promote your business while helping out your local community at the same time. Consider sponsoring sports events, book drives, or even fundraisers for local schools. The goodwill of the community is sure to bring you new clients and encourage your existing clients to spend more.

Trade Shows & Conventions

Depending on what type of product or service you have, conventions and trade shows can be a great way to market. Set up a stall and make sure that your staffers are wearing your t-shirts. For brand awareness, use a large prominent logo on the front and back so that people can easily identify your brand. Aside from those working the stalls, have some of your staff members wearing your shirts walk the trade show or convention floor. As they circulate, more clients and even other complementary businesses will be introduced to your brand.

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