is omaha a foodie city?

Over 50 percent of the population in the United States considers themselves to be foodies. Foodies are people that have a high interest in food, not only because they are hungry, but because they consider it a hobby. Foodies are very influential when it comes to determining whether people should go to an event or restaurant based on their eating experiences. To say it simply, foodies are people that just love food. To answer the question of whether or not Omaha is a foodie city… it absolutely is!

Is Omaha a Foodie City?

Where Does Omaha Sit In The Rankings?

Omaha was rated the second-best foodie center in America, second to Coral Gables, Florida. This is a highly impressive ranking for the community of Omaha, NE. How did they determine this ranking?

Livability, a well-respected research-based company, had its editors look at census data to identify cities that have a high concentration of bars and restaurants. In this search, they also identified which residents of these cities chose to eat out at independent restaurants as opposed to going to fast food chains.

To narrow down the list, Livability had to include certain factors such as the farmer’s markets and healthy food options, while still factoring in the rate of adult obesity. The judgment, as well as the experience of individuals, was also taken into consideration when determining the rankings of the foodie cities in America.

What Makes Omaha Such a High-Ranking Foodie City?

Omaha has a vast range of establishments and different styles of food for foodies to enjoy. These restaurants in Omaha are also much busier compared to the fast-food chains in the area. People that are in Omaha prefer to eat out at different independent restaurants.

The Omaha food scene is known for its utilization of locally sourced ingredients. They are also a large driving force for the farm-to-table movement. This means these restaurants offer consumers a meal that is made with fresh produce that has not traveled far. Farm-to-table meals are typically chosen by the chef so that they can recreate the perfect dish every time.

How Is Omaha Able To Push The Farm-To-Table Movement?

Omaha is lucky enough to have a variety of farm animals such as lamb, pigs, and cows. There are also a vast number of vegetables grown around Omaha, the largest city in the state of Nebraska. This is important for local customers as they know when they go out to eat, they are supporting local businesses and farmers. This helps their economy and in the bigger scheme, supports the whole community.

Where Can You Experience Some Of The Best Restaurants As A Foodie?

If you feel like eating pizza in Omaha, La Casa Pizzeria is a restaurant that was established in 1953. In fact, the pizza is so good that it was recently inducted into the Pizza Hall of Fame. You can also experience Ethiopian cuisine at Lalibela, or if you feel like an Asian type of cuisine, you can go to Laos Thai kitchen. Or, you may want something unique such as the Amsterdam Falafel & Kebab. For a unique coffee shop experience, visit Archetype Coffee in the Blackstone District which is also home to many great local restaurants in Omaha.

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