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Creating a fashion business is a dream for many people. Thanks to the amazing tools at our disposal via the internet, it is now more possible than ever before.

How to Make a Fashion Business Successful

But while this is true, it’s also true that this is still a very fraught industry. There is still a lot of risks involved when launching a fashion business. You will need to overcome many common challenges. In this post, we’re going to take a look at how you can take advantage of the amazing opportunities that now exist, while at the same time avoiding the most common obstacles.

Using Social Media and Influencer Marketing

While there are those that would turn their nose up at this modern business format, the truth is that a lot of fashion today is sold on the back of individuals (quite literally!). That is to say, that we buy clothes, makeup, and many other products because we like the way they look at a particular person.

There was a time that these people were celebrities. The best thing a fashion designer could do was to have a celebrity wear their clothes on the red carpet so that they would be seen by millions of people. This type of scenario also creates an opportunity for more creative styles to be worn that are nevertheless a little more practical than some of those clothes seen on the catwalks.

Today, online influencers wield just as much power over trends and the hearts and minds of people. This is good news for fashion designers, as it means there are countless more people of all shapes and sizes to get your clothes out too.

One of the best things you can do as a fashion label is to send your clothes to medium-sized influencers with 10-100,000 views. These individuals are not successful enough to charge millions for a sponsored post, and they might even wear your clothes for free and give you a shout-out as thanks. Many influencers will be very excited to be getting “free clothes” if they’re new to this level of success. You can even offer them a commission!

Create Your Own Social Presence

Better yet, is to create your own social presence. That means to build your own social media platform and create a personal brand.
This is powerful because it means that the clothes you promote will be a direct expression of your style and who you are. If you have a big following of people who love your work, then this creates the kind of loyalty and engagement that traditional fashion marketers could only have dreamed of!

People will follow your brand because they love your tips, your style, and your personality. They will buy into the brand that you have created. Thus, when you then introduce them to your new products, they will be far more likely than the average person to want to buy those things.

The best part? You don’t need to pay anything to get this marketing. The downside? It takes a lot of time, a lot of passion, and a lot of hard work.

Choose the Right Partners

When you create your fashion company, you also need to think about the nuts and bolts. That means how you are going to create the clothes, get them to your customers, and ensure you maintain quality control. You also need to think about your payment process and every other interaction leading up to that point.
Find a good manufacturer to work with, use the best logistics, find sellers and platforms to help you sell and distribute your goods, and only work with the best!

Handle Returns Well

Returns are what cripple a LOT of fashion businesses. People who buy online will not be able to try on the clothes before they arrive, which means they will be more likely to send them back. That in turn means that you will lose a lot of money on postage and on items that you can’t resell.

BUT if you limit returns, you won’t get the business in the first place! This is a serious issue, but there are ways to mitigate it. For example, you should do everything you can to minimize the number of returns. Moreover ensuring your sizing is absolutely precise for example, and by not misrepresenting your items. Likewise, find cheap delivery and make it easy for your customers to return their goods.

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