How Do You Make a Corporate Holiday Party Fun?

Corporate holiday parties are events that are designed to let employees relax and take a well-deserved breather when they’ve reached the end of their work year. The truth is that corporate holiday parties very seldom work out this way – and sometimes, a corporate holiday party becomes the most dreaded event of the year for employees. How do you make a corporate holiday party fun – and without crossing any boundaries?

How Do You Make a Corporate Holiday Party Fun?

High-Profile Entertainers

There’s a lot that can be said for the celebrity angle, and almost everyone has celebrities over which they get starstruck. Hire a high-profile entertainer for a corporate holiday party if you’ve got the budget. While hiring a high-profile entertainer can surely make a dent in the company holiday party budget, it’s not always as expensive as you might think.

A high-profile entertainer that everyone knows might seem like an unnecessary expenditure, but it’s one that’s surely worth it when your office holiday party becomes the talk of the social pages.

Hiring a high-profile entertainer pushes your corporate holiday party out of the regular sphere, and shows your team members and prospective employees that you can go the extra mile and have some fun.

Unusual Events

Why should your corporate holiday party have to look like everyone else’s? There’s no reason that your event has to involve everyone standing around a table with nothing to talk about. In fact, this is where most corporate holiday parties go wrong in the first place.

Find unusual events for your corporate party that might not be in your regular team-building sphere.

Everything from a competitive poker night for charity to an escape room or scavenger hunt is possible. All it takes is a little bit of forethought.

Play the Right Music

If you have to go the preselected playlist route for party music entertainment, then you want to at least make sure that you’ve chosen the right music. A playlist from the eighties isn’t going to work so well if you’ve got a whole room that’s filled with younger employees who have no frame of reference for what 80s music is about.

It’s fair to say that most company event planners are not DJs – and that’s fine. You can hire one! If you know your company, then you know your employees. Have a clear idea of what they might like to listen to and choose a DJ that can cater the soundtrack to everyone.

If you really aren’t sure about hiring a DJ, ask your employees what music they want to listen to and have them help you curate a list of songs to play.

Take It Elsewhere

Often, the most unique corporate holiday parties are held outside the office. In fact, sometimes a change of environment is exactly what your employees will look forward to. Throwing a fun holiday party outside the office can also help employees escape work stressors and let loose.

Just like choosing the music, choosing an outside venue is something that you should only proceed with if your employees are in agreement. Don’t just pick a venue yourself. Instead, ask what they would like to do – or where they would like to go to celebrate the holiday season.

Why Participation is Important

Participation can help employees feel like the office party is a proper mutual decision, and that it’s not just something they’re being forced to do. This is the most common problem for most holiday office parties that fold or feel boring for everyone there! Make sure that the people at the party are involved in its planning.

Additional Company Holiday Party Ideas

  • Ugly sweater contest
  • Food trucks
  • Holiday-themed party games
  • Gift card exchange
  • Secret Santa

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