How Do I Make My Family Vacation Memorable?


The memories leftover from a family vacation holds the potential to last a lifetime. Your children may boast about it for years to come and look back on those fond times as one of the most pleasurable and bonding experiences of your tribe’s time together. So what can you do to make the absolute most out of your time away together? Let’s get into it.

How Do I Make My Family Vacation Memorable?

Exploring a new part of this vast blue planet with your loved ones is an exciting adventure in and of itself. However, there are ways you can amplify this time to its fullest potential. Even if you have small children, with meticulous planning, you can be sure to set yourself up for a wonderful and memorable time. Let’s look into some ways you can create the most unforgettable family vacay.

Planning your trip is essential

First and foremost, you want to sit down and do some planning. Map some stuff out at the dinner table. Ideally, you’ll want to do this as a group so everyone’s on the same page and everyone’s voice gets heard. There’s nothing worse than a hormonal teenager who feels like they just got dragged to Disneyland. Speaking of, have you chosen a destination yet? Do you want to stay close to home or travel far? What is everyone’s favorite type of cuisine? What activities, landmarks, or attractions are a no-brainer? What souvenirs are you looking to bring back with you? Do some brainstorming as a unit and highlight the most important aspects for everyone.

Pictures galore

There are so many ways to make a trip more memorable. One of the most obvious ways is taking photos. The more photos, the better. When in doubt, pull your camera out. Did you all just fall in love with that quaint little Airbnb you stayed in for three nights? Take a picture of the whole fam in it. Did you take a lovely trip down to the beach one afternoon? Snap some pics of the sandcastle Timmy molded.

Did you scarf down the most incredible shrimp taco of your life? Well, you get the picture. You can even buy some cheap disposable cameras for your kids. This ensures you’re getting the whole family’s perspectives, not just mom and dad’s. When you get home you can craft up a scrapbook or photo album for the whole family’s experience. Pull it out together decades later and have a laugh about the time Sarah got stung by that jellyfish. Sometimes the challenges make for the most laughs down the line.

Souvenirs are always worth it

Bringing back tangible objects is another excellent way to keep the memories flowing for years. Find a hilarious postcard at the National Park gift shop? Send it back home to yourself. It’ll be a wonderful memento when you get back home when you’re feeling those post-vacay blues. Find some unique sand dollars or rocks at the ocean? Put it in your purse and bring them back on the plane. Find a cool trinket at that small cottage nestled in the mountains? Display it on your coffee table when you get home. It may bring a smile to your face on a particularly rough day. Matching family t-shirts can also be a wonderful souvenir.

You can either make some before the vacation even begins or you can buy some wherever you choose to go. For example, get some #squadgoals shirts for the whole fam, including baby Kiera. Not only is it adorable, but it’s a smart way to make sure nobody gets lost. Or maybe that’s not your jam. If not, you can get some custom matching shirts when you get home. All those pictures we talked about? Scrap the scrapbook idea and put that jellyfish picture on some clothing. It’ll make for a wonderful conversation starter.

Making memories that last a lifetime

At the end of the day, what’s most important on a family trip is that everyone’s having a blast. Whether that’s taking ridiculously silly pics, planning out an activity that the entire family can enjoy, or hanging on to that strange beach rock. These are sure ways to bring entertaining and unforgettable moments to your time together. It’s no surprise that family vacations can get pricey, especially with little ones. Why not make the most out of it? Making sure it’s not only a wonderful time but also indelible is more than possible with these simple tips. So, happy planning, happy vacationing, and happy remembering!

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