Graphic Tees for Esports Players & Teams

As Esports continues growing rapidly, so does the number of players and teams getting into this industry. If you want to promote your esports brand, league, team, or event, then you should consider one of the most popular promotional ideas of all time. Graphic, custom t-shirts are still one of the most powerful promotional techniques out there. Bands and brands everywhere rely on the power of the logo shirts to get their name out there – or have fans show their support.

Graphic Tees for Esports Players & Teams

Here’s how to incorporate graphic tees for esports players and teams into your playbook.

Use Print-on-Demand Companies

Print-on-demand (POD)companies are an effective way to create custom t-shirts. These types of businesses help so you don’t have to take on the burden of production costs.

POD providers will source the highest-quality t-shirt materials and often perks such as free shipping.

If you run an esports league and want custom t-shirts made to support the league, choose the best print-on-demand company near you that is able to create what you are looking for.

Combine with a Powerful Webstore

Leagues, teams, and players can benefit from a separate e-commerce shop, such as Shopify to sell their custom merchandise.

An e-commerce site makes selling products to your customers easier. Things like changing inventory and updating pictures are much easier to do with the right website on your side.

E-commerce store-building websites like Shopify are great for beginners due to the management and inventory-related benefits you can get.

Employ Banner Advertising

Once you have a list of products you want to sell, advertise the team, league, or appropriate store link with banner advertising. Banner advertising can be a cheap way to return several thousand people who might be willing to purchase custom products or support the cause.

Catchy Slogans or Logos

Esports leagues and teams can’t just stick any slogan on a shirt and expect that it’s going to sell – and do well.

If you are a league or team who wants to get into the promotional shirt game, create a unique logo or catchy slogan that fans of the league, team, or player will want to buy.

Can you come up with a slogan or logo that’s so good everyone will want to wear it? That’s the trick to a good shirt versus a great shirt. If you aren’t a creative genius yourself, hire someone. Marketplaces like Fiverr have many creators that can help you.

Giveaways and Page Promotion

Giveaways and social media promotions are a great way for leagues and esports teams to get their names out there – and of course, to sell more of their custom, branded shirts.

If you have a strong following on your social media accounts, launch a giveaway for a free t-shirt or any other branded promotional item. Competitions that require persons entering to like or tag friends can oftentimes lead to an even larger following.

Represent the Team

Always remember that shirts and other promotional items aren’t just for people in the league. Custom branded t-shirts are also great items to promote to people outside the league who want to show their support.

People wear branded merchandise because they want to show their support for teams, events, or tournaments. Even if you don’t play in the esports league or on the team, represent!

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