Generation Z

It is time for Millennials to move over as the new generation has arrived. For the past 10 years, there has been much discussion about how to reach and understand Millennials. However, those born between the years 1995 and 2010 are the new focus. If you have a Gen Z person in your life, there are some really great ideas that you might want to consider for designing and purchasing custom T-shirts for them. Here are some fun Generation Z shirt ideas.

Generation Z Shirt Ideas

Generation Z is the first generation that cannot remember a time without mobile devices and the internet. This group is the true digital native, with most learning how to use an iPad before they could talk. This is also the first generation that grew up with smartphones. This connected generation has a lot to say and fortunately, most have a sense of humor about it.

Generation Z The Last Generation

Since Z is the last letter of the alphabet, it can be fun to make a play on the fact. A fun t-shirt for Gen Z might have the words Gen Z, The Last Generation, there are no letters after Z. Since this generation is very focused on climate change and other world problems, this can be a shirt that has a kind of dark humor to it as well.

Relax and Take a Selfie

Generation Z is often referred to by other names, one of those names is the selfie generation. This group of people does not remember a world without smartphones. They have grown up on camera and it shows. You can always find a reason to take a selfie and this generation has embraced this.


Simple t-shirts with popular slang that has come about from this generation can be fun for your Gen Z relative or friend. Here are some slang terms that you might want to consider putting on a shirt.

Basic: slang to describe a person that is unoriginal and follows the current mainstream trends. It can be used as an insult, but many people who know they are “basic” own it.

Cake: used to describe a big booty in a positive way. Typically, Gen Z uses the cake emoji, which would make a cute shirt design.

Chill: new version of cool from past generations as in he’s pretty chill.

Clown: This is a self-deprecating emoji that many of this generation like to use when talking about something they did that was just a bit foolish.

Extra: you know, for that person in your life that is just a little bit too much, they are “extra.”

Facts: Gen Z uses this when they agree to a point someone makes.

Glow-Up: term the generation uses to describe when a person transforms their appearance, typically going from unattractive to attractive.

Let’s Get This Bread: pep talk, nothing to do with bread, more like let’s do this.

Mood: relatable, summing up a person’s life.

For more slang terms teenagers are using today read here.

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