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One of the most exciting parts of becoming a parent is planning what clothes, toys, and decorations you will be getting. The joy of having a baby is sure to overwhelm you to the point where it is hard to articulate your feelings in words. Most parents and their whole family look forward to celebrating with a gender reveal party. It would indeed be more exciting if everyone, including those helping organize the party, wear matching t-shirts. Having the same t-shirts with your loved ones will make the gender reveal party more exciting and memorable.

Gender Reveal T-Shirt Ideas

Here are some gender reveal t-shirt designs or ideas to help make your gender reveal party memorable.

Color Pink and Blue

It is very common to correlate the color blue if it is a boy and pink if it is a girl. You can have your loved ones wear pink or blue t-shirts to confuse everyone as to what gender the baby really is.

He or She

Another common phrase to add to a custom gender reveal t-shirt is the “He or She” phrase. You can get a plain black t-shirt and have the phrases printed onto the t-shirt to add more excitement to the baby gender reveal party. Additionally, you can also incorporate the colors blue and pink in the phrases.


A pink baby footprint and a blue footprint can be a cute design for a gender reveal.


Phrases with the word “Team” in it is a common gender reveal t-shirt wherein the people wear a t-shirt that pertains to which team or gender they are rooting for. Words like “Team Heels” and “Team Wheels” or “Team Lashes” and “Team ‘Staches” are some of the great examples. You can also have these words encoded into one t-shirt.

Boy or Girl?

A simple yet exciting phrase that can be used on the shirt is the “boy or girl?” This adds to the anticipation because it explicitly shows that you are keeping the gender of the baby a mystery before revealing if they are a boy or a girl.

Mommy and Daddy Loves You

This design is a sweet and simple message wherein it indicates that whether the baby is a girl or boy, mommy and daddy will always love him/her. Therefore, it is a simple yet meaningful design for a gender reveal t-shirt.


Another cute design for a gender reveal t-shirt is putting a text onto the t-shirt of what you think the gender of the baby may be. It can be written as “Mommy thinks it’s a boy” or “Daddy thinks it’s a girl,” making the family members or visitors of the party acknowledge what gender you are looking forward to.

Prince or Princess?

An elegant and cute way to showcase the gender reveal of your child is to have your t-shirts designed with princes or princess characters. You can also have the parents wear crowns that will represent them as either king or queen. This way, their baby’s gender will indicate whether their child will be born as a princess or prince.

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