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When game day rolls around not only do you need the right snacks, but you also need the right gear. If you are thinking of what to wear to watch your favorite team, our fun game day t-shirts suggestions can help. You can show that you are their biggest fan with a funny t-shirt to show your sense of humor at the same time.

Fun Game Day Shirts

Most often you will see official gear when you visit the stadium, but there are plenty of creative people who show up in custom wear. Instead of just painting your skin in team colors or grabbing a shirt from the lobby, consider these fun game day t-shirts instead.

Referee Vision Check T-Shirt

If you want to annoy the referee and support your team at the same time a shirt like this is a great choice. You can have one made in team colors and use various fonts for the words. You can wear it to any event except baseball, though you can change the words to accommodate that if needed. While it may not be all that clever to tell the ref to check their eyes, it does show that you side with your team no matter what.

Michael Vick In the Doghouse

While this topic may be outdated, it surely will get the conversation started about football. The news about his treatment of animals enraged dog lovers and football fanatics all over the world. While this may not be completely funny, it is a great way to show support for your favorite team while also giving your stance on animal cruelty so that other players take note.

Good Game Bad Game

If you are just in the mood to be generic and annoy the opposing team at the same time, this simple t-shirt will do the trick. You can choose any base color or even use your team colors. In print, have a few lines saying “good game” while putting “you suck” in the middle. This may not be very revolutionary, but it is an easy way to get your point across without too much fanfare.

Banish The Quitness

Most sports fans love beer and if you are from Cleveland then you know all about Quitness and LeBron James. Instead of rooting for a team that leaves a bitter aftertaste root for the winners instead. The IPA beer itself had a bitter taste, but the teams in Cleveland will never let you down in the same way.

Lamar Got The Uggo

What notable t-shirt list is complete without one or even two of the Kardashians on the list? This family is known for making its rounds in the sports world, but you can support your team specifically the Lakers’ with the Odom Uggo shirt. This first was seen almost a decade ago during his game against the Celtics, but the facts remain true even today.

Yank Deez Tees

Being brash and crass is almost a given if you are a sports fan. If you plan to attend the game with adults, it’s okay to go a little nuts with this one. If you rooting for a team playing against the Yankees, a Yank Dees Tees shirt is a great way to stick it to the competition.

Hokey Hockey

If you ever went to the skate park or even had a camp outing, chances are you learned the hokey pokey song. This t-shirt is a fun twist on an innocent favorite. Instead of saying let’s do the hokey pokey, it says let’s do the Hockey written over two sticks with team colors. This fun t-shirt is great for kids and adults alike and is more fun and less crass than some of our other options.

Go, Team!

Go team may seem like an overplayed term but you can take this one up a notch. If you just love the game and are rooting for all of the players, a fun t-shirt like this makes a great choice. Go Play, Run Really Fast, and Score All The Points stenciled over your favorite team’s emblem is a great way to show your support in a completely positive manner. No matter what sport you like and who you root for, wearing a funny t-shirt is sure to take your experience to the next level.

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