Extending The Life Of Your Custom T-Shirts

Keeping your custom t-shirts in tip top condition will not only make you look great, but will save you money as well. Although your custom designed t-shirts will inevitably show some wear and tear as the years go by there are some ways to extending the life of your custom t-shirts.

Extending The Life Of Your Custom T-Shirts

Screen printed custom t-shirts offer a lot more durability because the ink used is plastisol which literally has PVC particles in it making it a tougher ink. However some designs and effects cannot be replicated using this method. The ink rests on top of the fabric which also lends to more durability over time but screen printed apparel also requires basic care to lengthen the life of the print and the garment itself.

Wash custom t-shirts inside out

This will help colors stay vibrant longer and may also assist to keep abrasive surfaces like zippers and buttons from agitating against the surface of your design. This can also help to clean the inside of the tee more efficiently which is ideal since the inside is what makes contact with sweat and oils from skin.

Stick with cold water

Hot water is very harsh and typically unnecessary. By using cold water, you’ll be treating your tees to a gentler bath and preventing unnecessary strain. Plus, you’ll use less electricity, reducing your impact on the environment and lowering your utility bill.

Wash with like colors

Never wash blacks, reds or any dark colors with your white t-shirts. It is best to wash all the similar colors together, as the dye will slowly release out of the t-shirt over time through washing. Wash only whites together. Wash reds together. And wash your darks together.

Hang dry

Heat is your t-shirt’s worst enemy. In addition to avoiding hot water, keep your tee away from high-heat dryer settings. Instead, allow them to hang dry to prevent damage as well as shrinkage. If you simply don’t have the time or space, you could also dry your tees on low or remove them from the dryer halfway through the spin cycle.

Don’t wash after every use

Some of you are probably recoiling in disgust right now, but remember that every time you wash and dry your clothes, you’re speeding up the aging process. If your t-shirt is truly dirty (i.e., there is visible dirt, a stain, or a smell), wash it. If not, fold it back up and return it to your closet.

Never iron custom t-shirts

It seems like an unusual scenario for most but ironing over decorated apparel can cause sublimation of the dye used to colorize the fabric into the design itself plus it weakens the ink used to print the design.

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