custom ugly christmas sweaters Omaha shirts

Whenever you think of custom ugly Christmas sweaters, certain images will immediately pop to the top of your head: the most popular Christmas sweater designs are a big corny, over-the-top festive and generally speaking…a fashion nightmare! Today, they are very sought-after and people wouldn’t want to celebrate Christmas without their favorite ugly festive sweater on!

Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters Popularity

Ugly Christmas sweaters have indeed grown to become a surprisingly successful market niche – thousands upon thousands of ugly sweaters are sold every year: people go to great lengths to make sure to wow their friends with the most unique, the most quirky and the goofiest looking designs!

Even Google, the web’s largest search engine, reported that the search for the terms “Ugly Christmas Sweater” has gone up to 30% over the last year alone. The custom ugly Christmas sweater market is also extremely popular, with people giving away Christmas sweaters with custom graphics, sentences or greetings to friends and family as a fun holiday gift.

Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz

If you are planning a holiday sweater party celebrating the most awful pieces of knitting in town, we have got you covered.  Yes, we do sell the best (and worst) ugly Christmas sweaters anywhere, and we have you covered.

Sweater Design

Our Art Team will take your logos, text, colors, themes, ideas, etc. and will create one or more concepts that we will present to you for approval. Revisions can be made based on your comments and feedback.

Our “custom ugly Christmas sweaters” are actually designs that create a cool printed illusion of stitches on whatever type of shirt you want instead of the typical itchy stitched designs of yesteryear. So, you can put your design on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie or even a tank top if you’d like!