Common Screen-Printing Misconceptions

Professional screen-printing is an automated machine process with a few manual steps. The consistency of the machines translates to improved quality across the board, with fewer misprints. However, screen-printing does have its limits. Here are 6 common screen printing misconceptions you need to be aware of.

Common Screen-Printing Misconceptions

You Can Order Sample Prints

Do you want to see a sample of your print before you place your final order? That’s going to cost you a fortune. Setting up a screen printer has the same fixed costs whether you’re running one t-shirt or 500-tees. For this reason, manufacturers typically offer a minimum run that keeps their costs down. This strategy provides customers with the incentive to order more, and take advantage of economies of scale.

Easily De-Tag Garments

De-tagging depends on the type of garment you enter into the machine. You can’t remove tags from t-shirts with a double seam stitch under the collar.

No Placement Variance

Garments are typically placed on the printer manually. Therefore, you have to allow for a variation on placement for up to half an inch. Therefore, it’s vital that designers account for this variance when creating their design.

Printers Carry Stock On-Hand

Most printers don’t carry stock on hand. There are hundreds of colors and cuts in tees and tank tops. Therefore, most printers will place the order for your shirts after you’ve committed to their contract.

Printing Doesn’t Warp Geometric Designs

When the manufacturer stretches the garment over the screen, the threads separate slightly. This process means that your geometric designs may alter shape after coming off the press.

You Can’t Print the Same Design on Different Garments

Setting up the machine is the major part of the work in printing your t-shirt or tank. When the setup is complete, you can switch between garment styles without re-setting the machine.

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