Choosing the Right Color Omaha Custom T-Shirt

So you want to create an Omaha custom t-shirt? One of the best things about the internet is being able to create your own custom items exactly how you like them. In this case, that might mean making a custom funny t-shirt for a family member or friend, or it might mean making a cool custom unique t-shirt for yourself that you could never buy anywhere.

But with so much freedom can also come confusion. Or what psychologists like to call “options paralysis.” In short, how do you pick from limitless options? Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right color Omaha custom t-shirt.

Choosing the Right Color Omaha Custom T-Shirt

Skin Tone

Which colors look best on you? Or on the person you’re giving the item to? While some colors will make a person look washed out, others will flatter their complexion. Have a think about what works best.

The Image

As well as matching the person who will be wearing the item, you also need to think about matching the color to the image that’s going to be on the front of the item. Or of course, you might choose not to match and to instead aim to purposefully contrast the image. Whatever the case, it’s worth thinking about the interplay between these two elements and letting that guide your decision.

If it’s a big red logo, then you don’t want a blue background and you certainly don’t want a pink one!

The Use

What is this custom t-shirt going to be used for? Is it something that will be used in a professional setting? Does the person need to be seen from a long way away (if it’s for an event for instance)? Or is this t-shirt just for fun and relaxing.

Similarly, think about the ensemble. Will this be worn with jeans? Or black pants? This will again of course impact heavily on what will be the right color.

Color Psychology

Did you know that the colors you wear can influence not only the way you feel, but also the way that other people treat you? Pick a blue and you’ll have a calming effect on people around you. Pick red and studies suggest you’ll actually elevate their heart rates. Black is associated with professionalism and business, while the color pink might be more lighthearted and fun.

Think about what you want to say with the t-shirt and then ask which color will help to say that best.

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