Most of us have furry friends running around our homes, giving us love and affection without hesitation. Today, people are becoming more celebratory of their pets, mainly cats and dogs. In fact, there are now specific days to give praise to their animals and it is growing all over the internet. These a few fun days for your furry friends include Caturday, for cats, and Dog of the Day also known as International Dog Day.

Celebrating Caturday and Dog of the Day


While cat lovers are counting down the days until Caturday, don’t expect to find this on your calendar, as Caturday is not an official holiday. Caturday began usually occurring two Saturdays per month. Now it is seemingly every Saturday (or even daily, depending on who you ask). This unofficial holiday began in 2005 when cat lovers started the trend of posting pictures and videos of their cats across social media platforms using the hashtag “#Caturday”. The community following this trend will also share stories and facts about the cats that roam their homes and demand their attention!

Caturday has grown over recent years as more homeowners are choosing to own cats over dogs. This celebration originally started on a website that posted pictures and memes about cats. Since then, cat owners on the internet began to spread Caturday across other social media platforms. Twitter is now where most of the posts can be seen today. There is even an official website for Caturday where people can show off their furry companions.

Dog of the Day (#DogoftheDay)

Dogs are commonly known to be man’s best friend. Similar to Caturday, dog owners also look to celebrate these loving creatures. These loving animals have been pets for over 14,000 years and what better way than to celebrate your dog across the world with other pet owners! The idea of National Dog Day was to promote awareness about adopting your dog instead of buying from pet stores and breeders. National Dog Day also promotes owning a dog of any breed whether it’s purebred, a mutt, big or small.

When is National Dog Day?

Unlike Caturday, National Dog Day is celebrated on one day of the year, the 26th of August. It is a holiday that was created by Colleen Paige, who is a Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert and a loving Animal Advocate. August 26th was chosen as National Dog Day because it was the day that Colleen had adopted her first shelter dog.

Since then, she has promoted the love and care for these animals and the importance of adopting them. It is also a reminder of the contribution that dogs make to the communities. Not only are dogs great pets, but they can be seen helping police enforcement by tracking down bombs, drug dealers, and other criminals in order to keep us safe.

National Dog Day Impact

Since 2004, studies have estimated around one million dogs have been saved by adoption in the United States. In 2013, National Dog Day was put into the New York legislation. Today, National Dog Day can be seen on the NY State Senate’s website. Colleen has joined forces with other rescue centers across the world to carry her message of adoption and the avoidance of pet stores, breeders, and puppy mills. Colleen has been successful with her goals and continues to raise awareness.

National Dog Day is celebrated online between pet owners, where they share images, videos, and stories about their furry friends. It is celebrated across the different social media platforms and can also be seen on websites like

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