holiday shopping delays

Although holiday shopping Pre-Black Friday and Cyber Monday may seem strange, you might want to consider starting early this year. One indication as to why you might want to start shopping is that some of the big retailers are already promoting their Black Friday deals and holiday pricing specials. There is a major concern that there will be limited stock available for the holiday rush because of global supply chain issues and labor shortages. In this article, we will discuss ways in which you can avoid holiday shopping delays this year.

How to Avoid Holiday Shopping Delays

Covid Closures

Up at the North Pole, the elves are proving rather resilient and immune to the COVID-19 pandemic. Elsewhere, many manufacturers have had to shut down or temporarily suspend operations. This is just a glimpse into the COVID 19 pandemic’s effect on manufacturing.

Shipping Delays

Whilst Santa’s Workshop is doing its best to fulfill orders, it seems that delays will be experienced in shipping and sleighing because of COVID. There just simply aren’t enough hands on deck at the shipping container yards, and there aren’t enough reindeer, or truckers, to get the supply chain moving. The likes of the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS might also struggle to meet holiday shipping deadlines.

One per Customer

In an effort to spread Christmas cheer, some retailers will implement a policy that allows customers to buy only one of a particular item at a time. While this is a generous gesture on the part of retailers, it doesn’t guarantee that there will be enough of the trendy stuff to go around. This is all the more reason to kick off your holiday shopping season now.

Put your shopping skates on

Just remember it’s not just you and yours who want to avoid delays and disappointment. There are things that can be done straight away.

Order online

The best way to avoid holiday shopping delays is to shop early and take advantage of early Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. If retailers can’t meet your request on the actual days, you should be near the top of their list for backorders before Christmas.

Bargain hunt

If you usually wait until goods are being discounted just before Christmas, search for suppliers or retailers offering discounted prices now. Consider searching for holiday price match deals. This is a tactic employed by retailers to undercut the competition and it seems to start earlier and earlier each year.

Extra Wish list

Encourage your gift recipients to give you up to three gift ideas. This will increase the likelihood of finding at least one of them, and still bring a smile and Christmas cheer. The added benefit of this approach is that there is more chance of sticking to a budget. This will allow you to avoid the hyper-inflated prices of the more trendy items. Chances are these items will be cheaper after the holidays. Prices will also start going up as the limited supply of shipping will cost retailers more.

Festive Flexibility

Limited availability means choices on store shelves can be limited. This means model version, style and color choices may need to be flexible in line with what’s available. Brand preference may also have to get buried in the snow as might some specifications.

Shop outside the box

Try a combination of shopping tactics. Mix up online with in-store. Order for pick-up in store, or curbside pick-up, even at the mall. This will broaden your chances for success and save on delivery costs which Santa would appreciate.

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