Westroads Mall (Located inside Retro Shirtz)
10000 California St. Omaha, NE 68114

  1. Business T-Shirt Marketing

    Many companies and organizations sell the same products or services to the point they are considered commodities. The best way they can differentiate themselves is through creating a powerful brand or image. This causes potential customers to think of the company or organization with the strongest image first when a particular product or service is…

  2. What Makes A Great Custom Shirt

    4 Tips To Creating A Great Custom Shirt: An abstract message. A creative way to express the message of the company without using a logo. Using logos are cool if they’re a part of the overall design that include other elements, but they shouldn’t be the main focus. How it fits and feels. A custom shirt that is light and…

  3. About Omaha Custom T-Shirts

    About Omaha Custom T-Shirts Omaha Shirts is a custom shirts and Canvas printing business opened in the Spring of 2013 by Omaha natives Andy Robinson and Brad Richling. The original location was situated on the corner of 84th and K Street. Starting out, we had a great reception. Plus, it was fun too! So within…

  4. Custom T-Shirts Printing Omaha

    Custom T-Shirts Printing Omaha We specialize in screen printing, and designing custom t-Shirts in Omaha Nebraska. You can usually have your very own made custom t-shirts today! The process of creating, printing, and designing custom t-shirts in Omaha typically takes under 15 minutes per print. Saying we print same day is an understatement. Our high end…

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