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The better question might be, have sweatshirts ever gone out of style? Sweatshirts are not just timeless, they are season-less too. What makes sweatshirts appealing is their comfort and versatility. The versatility of sweatshirts allows for them to be dressed up or dressed down. They also pair wonderfully with a wide range of other garments and accessories. Today, many brands label sweatshirts as athleisure wear.

Are Sweatshirts in Style?

Sweatshirt Girls

Sweatshirts are yet another piece of clothing that girls have cheekily commandeered from men. Sweatshirts have most definitely become an indispensable part of any woman’s wardrobe. Truth be told, most girls would love to spend their day cozied up in a sweatshirt, pajamas, and socks. The wonderful thing about today’s sweatshirt styles is their versatility. Sweatshirts are great for pairing with jeans, leggings, sweatpants, and even shorts. They can be used to make a statement, with slogans, bright colors, and pictures, or be plain to emphasize your accessories like a necklace worn over the shirt.

Sweatshirt styles have evolved to now include different lengths, ranging from cropped, below waist, and waist-length. Some have wrist-length sleeves and others have long sleeves for rolling up or keeping hands warm. Sweatshirts are girl-friendly as they are kind to all body shapes.

Sweatshirt Boys

Actor Paul Newman set the trend for sweatshirts back in the 1950s and 60s, by wearing them with jeans and to red-carpet events. He had a natural sexiness and style which made wearing sweatshirts sexy. Don’t believe us? Just ask the girls about this blue-eyed heartthrob.

The reason sweatshirts work well for men, apart from being comfortable and stylish, is that they are forgiving to all body shapes. They can help any guy look at least a little athletic and casually chic. Sweatshirts look great on everyone. Hoodie sweatshirts look stylish with jeans and dress shoes or sneakers and also under a denim or leather jacket.

Up and Down

The advantage of sweatshirts, in addition to being a practical and great way to layer, is that they can be dressed up or down.

Up for the girls

For girls, plain sweatshirts, with the cuffs rolled back or sleeves pushed up, look good with three-quarter (cropped) plain and khaki pants, with plain or classic white sneakers. Consider accessorizing with a funky, chunky matching necklace and bracelet for a fun smart-casual look.

For a classier, more modest look, accessorize with a slender gold or silver necklace and bracelet. Print and tie-dye sweatshirts also work well as part of this pairing. Matching the sweatshirt and sneaker color with plain pants creates a neater and tidier look. This style is sure to give off an air of quiet confidence.

Up for the boys

The best way for boys to dress up a plain sweatshirt is to trade sneakers for leather shoes when wearing jeans. Consider rolling the sleeves up to expose a classy watch. For a smart-casual look, pair a printed sweatshirt with faded, but not ripped, jeans and plain colored sneakers. Another way men can dress up a sweatshirt is to add a leather waist-length jacket. Lastly, a plain sweatshirt worn with a sports coat, chinos, and dress shoes, creates a smart-casual look.

Golden Sweatshirt Rules

There are four golden rules for sweatshirts. Firstly, sweatshirts have crew necks, not V necks. Secondly, sweatshirts are never tucked into pants. Thirdly, a sweatshirt must be comfortable to wear. Fourthly, you must feel comfortable when wearing a sweatshirt. If it’s not you, it’s not you. When it comes to wearing sweatshirts there is no such thing as suffering at the hands of fashion. Be comfy and you will be happy, no sweat.

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