DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. So, what are you going to do for your mom this year to show her your love and admiration? There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive gift when you can DIY mother’s day gifts that are affordable. Presenting your mom with a homemade mother’s day gift shows you took the time and effort to show her you care. That’s more valuable to moms than any high-priced gift. Here are 10 DIY mother’s Day gifts to consider.

10 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

#1 DIY Appreciation Coupon Book

Younger kids don’t have much disposable income. Fortunately, you don’t need money to make your mom’s heart melt in appreciation. A homemade coupon book with tickets for “free hugs,” “breakfast in bed,” or “a cup of coffee” goes a long way to show her you care and is an easy DIY homemade gift idea that kids of all ages can create.

#2 Custom T-Shirts

Why not print mom a custom T-shirt? You can design something on Microsoft Paint or have a graphic designer make you an image or slogan that your mom will love. When your design is ready, head to Omaha Shirts and pick it up! Use images like hearts and puppies and slogans, evoking feelings of love and respect.

#3 DIY Bath Bombs

What mom doesn’t love soaking in the bath after a long day? Make the mom in your life a gift from the heart and give her a DIY bath bomb using her favorite scents and colors. To make a bath bomb all you need is some dry flower petals, essential oils, Epsom salt, citric acid, cornflower, and baking soda. Whip it together, let it set, and give mom the spa day she deserves.

#4 String-Shape Art Gift

String art is a great way to show your mom you spent time making her something special. Outline a heart shape on a piece of whiteboard and drive a few nails into the outline. Use some colored string to fill the center and present it to mom in a frame.

#5 Pounded Flower Wall Art

Pick fresh flowers from the yard or grab wildflowers while driving the country roads or highways. Press the flowerheads in between parchment using books as weights. Give it a few days to dry, remove the petals, and sprinkle them on white or colored cardboard backing. Frame it up, and you have a beautiful gift mom can hang on her bedroom wall.

#6 Self-Decorated Journal

If your mom loves journalling, make her a special notebook for Mother’s Day. Get creative and use patterned stickers or washi tape to add color to the cover of a plain notebook. Add some scrapbooking elements to the cover, and mom will think of you every time she opens it up to write.

#7 Burned Wood Cutting Board

Use a soldering iron to make mom a custom-burned wood cutting board. Take a standard wood cutting board available from the store for a few bucks and turn it into a unique masterpiece. Draw quotes like “I love you, mom,” and trace images of hearts or other cool stuff onto the board, then burn them out.

#8 Dry-Eraser Message Board

Buy an affordable framed bulletin board and have a crafts store cut glass to fit the opening. Paint the back of the board the same color as the wall or a contrasting color that makes it pop, and give her a set of dry-erase markers.

#9 Inspiring Wall Art

Create unique artwork for mom using a foam-core board, frame, cardboard, and colored tissue paper. Think of a personalized message, cut out the letters from a magazine, and glue them onto the foam board. Frame it when the letters are dry.

#10 Cookbook Bookmark

Help mom keep track of recipes using a homemade slotted spoon bookmark. Laminate it, and you’ll protect it from food splatter!

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